The power of Alliance

So Ahaz, a one time King of Judah, though did not have much regard for God, understood  the power of alliance/association

In the book of 2 kings Chapter 16:5-alliance11111111 9, he was besieged by the Kings of Syria and Israel.he quickly sent word to the King of Assyria asking for help.

So the King of Assyria hearkened to his plea and made a public spectacle of the enemies of Ahaz.

Key Lessons

  1. You will always have enemies who will try to take what belongs to you
  2. No one is an island. You cannot overcome every battle in life alone
  3. You will need to fall on the strength of your allies sometimes to deal with problems bigger than your capacity
  4. Form the right alliances in life – friends who can be there for you in your days of adversity
  5. Don’t be too proud/shy to ask for help. You will get destroyed if you attempt to fight some battles alone.
  6. There is power in alliance so use it!

God richly bless you



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