This Xmas will come with a lot of spending. I went to shop for a brand new state of the art laptop which will last me the next five years. After window shopping for 4 hours. I settled on the sleek stylish ASUS Zen book UX305F.This was after I had tried in vain to secure MacBook air 13″. The least price I could get was GHs 5,600! after a GHs 600 discount! I keep wondering what there is in a MacBook apart from the brand name? Some shops were quoting as much as GHs 7000!!

My budget was just around GHs 2200! Reality dawned on me that with that amount I could only walk out of Osu with a bulky non attractive core i3-core i5( if I am lucky) laptop. I needed to find extra money to secure the object of my interest.

I decided to settle for a n ASUS Zen book  at Kwatsons electricals adjacent the Frankies building.

The price tag was a whopping GHs 3750! Really? that is like 2 months net  salary of the average middle class worker.

So I switched into discount mode and began some hard bargaining. Finally I managed to reduce it by GHs 250. Final price was GHs 3500. I was then told by the sales girl that I wont be entitled to the promotion they were running simply because of the discount given me.

I wasn’t going to accept that. Who wont like to have a free  printer!. After a lengthy argument I insisted to have a word with the manager. He was more than happy to give me the printer also.

In the long run I saved GHs 400 cedis. That is enough to buy some good xmas presents for my parents in the village.

As the saying goes, s3 wankasa wo tiri ho a y3yi wo 3yi bone!

It is not a matter of you coming across as cheap  or adofool3 to the fine sales girls, but ensuring value for money.


Have a merry xmas!



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