As i drove around town some few days back it just dawned on me that almost every guy i saw carried some pot belly-some as big as a 9 month twin carrying expecting mother!

What’s wrong with us men?Is pot belly the new cool for the average middle class Ghanaian man or it is indiscipline?

I carry some pot belly myself, comparable to a 3 month pregnant woman and I had the rude awakening to do something about it when after my wife gave birth  and she was still carrying afterbirth pot belly ,i seemed not to be happy about it!

As i encouraged her to return to her sexy shape ASAP, i felt i also needed to look good for my woman as well. Afterall what is good for the geese is also good for the gander! what ya say??

Some  of the guys attribute it to stress- hmmm stress  paa? I see it as more of a lifestyle, the few times I meet with boys boys its always over some drinks and food, chat and then we disperse.

I sit for the most part of my job, drive  almost all of the time and aside the irregular jogging routines, my life is quite sedentary.

I attribute pot bellies to indiscipline, where brothers don’t seem to care less about their primary asset, which is their body.

So before you pounce on me for saying it as it is, ask yourself the following:

  1. If your woman, carried such pot belly( and is not pregnant) will you be cool with it?
  2. If your business was getting out of shape like your pot belly, could you just accept it?
A friend told me that he wasn’t  willing to trust his business into the hands of a man who cant control the shape of his own body! I felt that was quite extreme but still makes a lot of sense-after all the good book(Bible)  encourages that leadership roles in the church should not be given to men who cant take care of their own homes!
Going forward, I think guys need to adopt a more active lifestyle:
  • Take a daily walk
  • Exercise regularly
  • Engage in active recreation like beach soccer instead of meeting the boys over drinks and “domedo”
  • Get yourself a bicycle- ride at least once a week  around your neighborhood
  • Join a gym but be mindful of fitness clubs, -most fitness clubs meet to exercise for an hour and spend three hours indulging in beer,meat and complex carbohydrates, thereby packing more calories than they burnt –  a classic scenario of one step forward, two steps backwards!!
Remember that as bread winners we need to stay strong and healthy for our families, early death wont benefit anyone. Except that another brother might take over your priced asset( your beautiful wife) and reap what he has not sown much after your demise.
Have a nice day.

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