You wont know how bad Ghana’s economy has become until you receive a hamper this xmas ( if you are even lucky to receive any)!

A friend of mine just called to informed me that he received a huge  xmas hamper and to his utter surprise, it contained two 1.5ltr bottles of coke, a large size butter bread and a box of Piccadilly biscuits! The sender of the hamper was kind enough to add a card which reads, “lets hope say 2016 go be!

You will ask yourself how Xmas hampers are related to the economy?

Of course hampers have everything to do with the state of the economy. A hamper can give you an idea of the financial status of the giver. You can easily know if your neighbor is doing well in life by the nature of hampers he/she gives to you during festive occasions like xmas.

Compared to a year ago many will realize the following:

  1. That you did not receive any hampers at all
  2. That the hamper you received has either reduced in size or quality!
Before you judge the sender do well to remember that probably you have not given out a single hamper yourself this xmas season!
This x ‘mas, boys and girls  wor kurom nanso sika nni kurom!
So lets pray for a better 2016 and believe God that a year by this time we will be able to give out heavy hampers and hopefully receive same.
Merry Xmas and a prosperous New Year.
From the desk of ROL.


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