Christmas is all about love. It is the celebration of Gods ultimate expression of love.

Christmas is significant because it marks the period where God chose to come and spent time with man in flesh!

This period lasted over 33 years and after that its impact has changed the course of history for ever.

The key lesson for me is that we need to spend time with what we love. You can never love something fully until you spend quality time with that thing.

God had been with the Israelites for several centuries from the days of Abraham and He had occasionally visited them, led them to may victories and had blessed them immensely with unimaginable wealth.

Nevertheless, God knew that  the   full expression of his love for man will only be complete when He comes down to live with man.

So the word became flesh in the person of Jesus and dwelt among men for over three decades, giving man an idea of the life of dominion God expects of him.

The key lesson for the story of Christmas is that  your love for someone can NEVER be complete until you spend time with that person.

So this Xmas ask yourself :who are the most important persons in your life? Don’t just call or lavish them with money and gifts, but also spend quality time with them.


Going into 2016 also, make time for the things you love, be it family, children & friends and remember that you have not loved fully until you spend your time  with that which you claim to  love.

Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year.



Published by Roland Ofori Larbi

Blogger,Engineer by training,Marketing Professional.Husband, father Gh , loyal, ambitious and a reading enthusiast.

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