1. Empty your wardrobe- it is a new year, it is time for you  to let the redundant clothes go.


Anything you haven’t worn for the past six months is not worth going into 2016 with you. Bless someone with those old clothes and if they are useless, dump them! The psychological boost you will get from this exercise is incomparable. It will give you a sense of “being in control” and knowing exactly what you want.

2. Read at least one book a month.


Expand your horizon and tap into the wisdom and experience of others through the reading of their books. It will improve your life. Some recommended books should be on finances, leadership, goals, love etc. It is said that readers will become leaders( authorities in their area of endeavor)

3. Learn a new language – it will stimulate your creativity and give you competitive advantage
Give yourself a new challenge, you will never know the possibilities you will open yourself to just by learning a new international language.
4. Meet new people

Get new perspective; expand your horizon and your connection by meeting and making new friends. Easier ways to meet great new friends is via church, social clubs, schools etc. The more people you know and the more people know about you and your skills, the more successful you will become.

5. Learn to play a musical instrument

Children playing musical instruments at Sistema Scotland

It will serve as a stress reliever and stimulate your creative juices. Don’t allow your creativity to go to waste. Music is indeed food for the soul and it is fair for you to know how to “cook this food for the soul”

6. Increase your knowledge about money and finances – it is too important to remain ignorant.


At least understand what debit and credit mean, know how to read your financial statement, understand how investment works, be smart about managing your debts and learn how to let your money work for you. Don’t allow  so called “experts” to take advantage of you because of your ignorance




Let the long standing feuds go. After all life is too short to carry other people baggage. To err is human and to forgive is divine. Always remember that the closest people to you will hurt you the most. Forgive , forget and love them once again!


8. Exercise Regularly

Running at the fitness club
Young adults using running machine at the fitness club

Your body is your most priced asset. You need it to achieve your desires.The least you can do is to take good care of it through exercises. Exercise  also boosts your confidence and releases your feel good hormones. People who exercise are even sexier!


9. Eat and sleep well

Cut off the junk food, your body deserves better; after all you are nothing without your body. Be mindful what goes into your body and no matter how busy you are make time to eat right and have enough rest. You can never cheat nature; you will pay back one day for mishandling your body today. Besides you have dependants who look up to you. So take good care of yourself

10. Spend quality time with the most important people in your life


On your dying bed, what you will smile about will be the memories you created with friends and family. Never be too busy to make time for your family. After all they are the reason for all your hassling! Don’t allow social media and technology manage your key relationships. Spend them ,look them in their eyes and let them always know how much they mean to you.


11. Pursue a Mentor:

Portrait of senior business man sharing his experience with junior executives at office

Look for someone who inspires you and relentlessly pursue a healthy relationship with that person. It will accelerate your life progress! After all, there is nothing new under the sun. It is the same things which keep happening to the same people. learning from your experience or mistakes can be very costly in this 21st century since society hardly make room for mistakes! Be smart, get a mentor and pursue him/her with all your might!


12. Associate with the right people

best club soccer teams in the world3

Hang out with achievers, go getters, people with a sense of purpose, ambition and focus. It will be the single most important factor which will determine how far you go in life. You will achieve more in life by merely associating with the right people than your individual  skills and talents! As someone puts it” You cant play for FC Barcelona and not win trophies!


13. Enhance your spiritual life


A healthy body can never thrive without a healthy spirit and soul. What is within will eventually manifest as what is without. Your body is the hardware, your spirit and soul are the soft wares which gives relevance to the hardware. If they are corrupted or dysfunctional, your body will be of no use. Ensure you develop your spiritual muscles in 2016.

14. Find your source of inspiration


In these hard times, you need to remain inspired every single day, so find that which inspires you and never let it go. Inspirational sources could be books, messages and personalities.

15. Invest in Lands and real estate



Land is the only real investment which never depreciates. Investing in lands and building makes you disciplined, transitioning the pizza’s and outings into cement bags and blocks. It gives you a sense of control about your future  and accelerates your journey into riches. Don’t die poor or become a liability to your family in the future, Invest in real estates now!

16. Save consistently and Tithe Consistently

Cash is king and it will continue to be.It is said that money is not everything but the truth is that, everything is about money in today’s world. Remember that you can never have enough but you have to save some and invest some anyway.

Tithing depicts your faith in God. It attracts blessings and triggers the law of expectation in your life. You will receive what you expect!One thing I know is that tithers are never worse off than non tithers!










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