sarkodie-hand to mouth 2

I am not the greatest fan of hip life and hip pop, but I must admit that I couldn’t help but to exclaim “Haaaah!!!”  when I heard one of Sarkodie’s  latest tracks  titled “Hand to mouth”

The lyrics are so on point that I believe university students should be made to study it before they graduate! It will make a lot of difference to their lives

Sarkodie is  simply a Legend ! The song will pass as one of the best “sermons” I heard in 2015!

“Hand to mouth” in summary encourages young guys who are starting life to live in moderation and rather focus on investing in assets – lands, real estate etc.

sarkodie -hand to mouth

Building early makes you disciplined, you think twice before throwing wild parties, popping the champagnes and spreading the ‘sisters”. When you start building you all of a sudden ‘see cement bags’ in the pizzas, dinner treats and the casual outings. it makes you stick with the most important people you want to spend your resources wisely on.


Investing in lands and real estates helps you make moderate choices, you don’t rent a bigger apartment than you need. You don’t seek to live in prime locations, wear the most expensive labels, buy the latest cars and try to impress anybody! The joy of investing into something substantial like real estates is enough to fuel your ego and self confidence.

land for sale

Once you are done with building one, your appetite to invest in the next one grows, before you realize you have enough properties to provide you with residual income for the rest of your life by the age of 40!

As a young guy don’t be deceived that Life begins at 40!NEVER! It begins the moment you are living on your own and making some money. it could even be as early as 22 years!


Gone were the days when people only started building when they went on pension. Most of them barely finished before the shocking reality sent them to their graves.

Big ups to Sarkodie for putting such thought provoking song out there.

So guys , do something about this  song  and make your life count. If you  won’t take proper care of your future today, you’ve got your self to blame .

From the desk of ROL









  1. Wow… This is a beautiful piece..
    I haven’t heard d song before but wit dis review i can imagine hoe insightful it will…

    love the direction of the piece…. it appreciates lyrical content…
    something our Music industry lacks…


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