It is amazing how people can get away with murder in our part of the world, by simply laying the blame on the door steps of the devil.

Generally an act of irresponsibility will be accepted by the average Ghanaian if the culprit puts up a remorseful face and lay the blame on the devil.

We have managed to make the devil too powerful in our daily routines to the extent that he and his demons can comfortably take a one year vacation knowing that we, the self acclaimed PR agents of the devil will always find a way to rope him in regarding our gross irresponsible behaviors.

This “blame it on the devil syndrome” had very dire consequence on our development as a people.

blame iton the devil

We lack miserably when it comes to critical thinking and root cause problem solving as a people, because of how much we enjoy putting the blame on the devil. We are hit by the same recurring problems and never seem to find permanent solutions  simply because we  are in a hurry to pass the ball to the devils camp. Well the devil never protests our baseless accusations, he rather enjoys them because it exaggerates his power and influence over the accuser’s life.

critical thinking

So for instance a young guy doing some small business with a capital of GHs 30,000 cedis  finally meets the girl of his dreams and they decide to marry. This dude end up spending GHs 40,000 on his wedding and engagement to the admiration of those who attended.

One  month down the line, suppliers start coming for payments for the goods he had bought on credit. he suddenly realizes that he is running in deficit,not able to pay all his creditors. What this guy does next is shocking! He runs to a prophet to inform him of his current woes! The prophet makes a quick diagnostics, the cause of his financial misery is the work of the devil! Seriously??

The reason being that his wife’s’ family don’t like weddings. They hate the honor which comes with it and hence have conspired spiritually to create  holes in the hands of the gentleman, hence his financial misery. The solution was a week’s fasting and the drinking of a special  sachet water which costs GHs 500. What kind of foolishness is this?


You will be amazed to find similar incidents everyday everywhere in Ghana, and it is pathetic to note that some of the victims are very well educated rational beings who are supposed to shape the development of the motherland.

We need to sit up as a people and take responsibility for our actions. You don’t rape a woman and go scot free because you blamed the devil for it. You don’t steal Government money and blame it on the devil. You don’t fail your exams ,refusing to adequately prepare and blame it on the devil. You don’t spend more than what you earn and then when you run into financial difficulties you blame the devil! You don’t impregnate somebody’s daughter, abandon her for many decades and later show up that it was the devil who made you do it.

Lets take charge of our life, lets become more responsible and accountable  for our actions and stop entertaining this big goof of always blaming our bullshit on the devil.


If I need to remind you, God still went ahead and punished Adam and his wife despite the blame game they played- eventually laying the blame on the serpent. The key lesson being that you won’t be spared the consequences of your irresponsibilities because you laid the blame on the devil.

Let’s get real in 2016, be bold and take responsibility for your actions and inactions. If you err, admit it and ask for forgiveness and correct your mistake if it is possible.I wonder why many of us desire promotions and bigger responsibilities in life and yet we don’t want to take responsibility when we make mistakes.

I wont be surprised if on the judgement day, some are convicted for wrongful accusation of the devil for their own irresponsibilities.

Let’s be more responsible this year as a nation and we will be amazed at the speed at which our motherland will develop.

From the desk of ROL






  1. This is wat i call the Hard Truth…
    We always hear it but refuse to accept it…
    Its time we clean up our own mess…

    The dog image tho… lol say a lot…

    Awesome piece by the way


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