I don’t intend to be controversial or offend anyone with this article. It is a  genuinely dispassionate blunt discussion which we should all reflect on.


1 Corinthians 5:17 “Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new”


Recently I found myself among a group of young women who were discussing  their virginity. I found it quite encouraging to know that there were still a couple of women in this 21st century  who are pursuing chastity in their mid twenties! They are reserving that special cherry for the man of their dreams, who will walk them to the altar in all godliness, and after he has done due diligence and fulfilled all righteousness, that cherry can be  popped!


pop the cherry


I was however taken aback when in the middle of their conversation( which I was eavesdropping) one of them  clarified that they were actually “born again virgins”. She explained that there were two types of virgins: the natural virgins and the born again virgins. The natural virgins are those who have  never had sex all their lives, the born again virgins however are those who have had their own  escapades and by virtue of them giving their lives to Christ, they have become virgins again.

After all the good book says that when one is in Christ all things become new! isn’t it?

My question is that is there really anything like a born again virgin? Does your height or skin color change when you become born again? The answer is obviously NO! Salvation is the instant renewal of your spirit,  the gradual renewal of your soul, but our body remains the same until the return of Christ.

If so, then the whole fuss about born again virgins does not hold water!

I believe personally that everyone has a past., things they have done and not proud of, but the past is the past and far gone. Nevertheless we should never live in denial of our past.

Whether you  are  a virgin today or not does not make you less of a woman. You are still God’s best creation with the world at your feet. There is no point claiming you are a virgin when you are not.  What matters now is what you would want to do with your life going forward.

You may still get a great man to marry you( if you want) and live the life of your dreams. Don’t go about creating terminologies which may imply you are a virgin of a sort but you know its false  deep down in you.

Stop the fuss about this born again virgin lie and enjoy your life.

God bless you.

From the desk of ROL





  1. “Born Again Virgins”??..Hahaha,never heard of that…Virginity is one important asset of a person’s life where when it is broken,it can never be mended,Being born again deals with the rising of the dead spirit inside a person and replenishing his/her soul.Being born again does not have an effect on the body at all…Youth of today do not cherish their virginity anymore and do not feel reluctant breaking it.It has even become a contest between peers who might even make you the laughing stock whenever they gather because they have broken their virginity and would share their various sex experiences.You on the other hand would not get anything to say and this conversations might compelle one to have sex so that he or she gets something to say when they meet or gather around.


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