Yours truly, #rolandoforispeaks on Giving:


#1 Never wait till you have enough before you give because that might never happen.

#2 When you give to someone richer than you are merely tapping into his wealth. It is like adding dollar to a hundred and sharing the total equally

#3 Anytime you give to a poorer person, you are tapping into God’s infinite riches- you can never be poor as a result.

#4 Giving is not a physical exercise; it is a spiritual investment with eternal dividends for your generations to come.  After all God is still reaping the investment of souls after giving out His only son.

#5 Anytime you give to poorer person, you are insuring yourself against that poverty level. You will never decline to that level


#6 If you give to a richer person, you are guaranteeing that level of riches in your life- that is the least level of success you will attain in life.

#7 What you have might not be enough for your needs, but is enough to meet the needs of someone else.

#8 You are as wealthy as what you give to others and not what you accumulate for yourself.

#9 Apart from the fulfillment and satisfaction you will derive from giving, it has also proven to be a potent force in curing SELFISHNESS and FAITHLESSNESS. You will need to rid these two cankers in other to succeed in life.

#10 Giving will boost your antenna of expectation; it gives you the right to tap into the infinite resources of Mother Nature.


#11 Giving is never pleasant, comfortable nor easy but it is always worth it.

#12 God loves the cheerful giver, but he rewards both the cheerful and uncheerful giver.

#13 You can never lack what you give to others, whether money or love.

#14 Whatever you desire in life, give it to other and see it come back to you in multiples.

#15 You can never be worse off what you give to others.

#16 NEVER EVER delay when you feel the urge to give to someone. It is an emergency call divinity has found you worthy to place at your doorsteps. Your quick response might be the difference between life and death

So go on now, and Give today.

From the desk of ROL




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