Today , yours truly #rolandoforispeaks continues  the discussion on the 7 highly ineffective habits of the average Ghanaian. It is a bitter pill we all have to swallow, amend our ways and become better as individuals and as a people.  We will consider the 2nd and 3rd habit in this series:




Normally a singular success will be the Ghanaian’s undoing! We are not hungry enough for more. Since how long were we crowned African Football Champions? Over 35 years I guess, but yet we don’t hesitate to let the whole world know that we are four times African champions!

Its been three and half decades already, can we move on??  We are behaving like the “type writer expert” who is refusing to face the reality that there is no longer a place in the modern world for his skill so he has to move on and learn some new skills of using computers if he still wants to make a living.

After Kwame Nkrumah put us on the map as a beacon of Africa God knows how many decades ago, all we do is to live off that dividend, without entrenching our position as a strategic nation in Africa. Today, all the nations who looked up to us are overtaking us in developments.

How many years since the Akosombo Dam and the Tema motorway were built? Our population has quadrupled since and we are barely struggling to  have enough power for our  daily activities. Where are all the industries which were built to make Ghana a self sufficient nation? Today we even import tooth picks and cotton buds. I guess soon we will even start importing  waakye leaves!

Anytime you query our politicians on our snail paced development, they are quick to remind everyone how better we are than our war torn neighbors! You will hear clichés like “obi enya wo aye” literally translating ” someone desires to be like you”.



Let a Ghana man make GHs 100,000 cedi’s and see how he will make everyone feel he has arrived. He will be flaunting his “wealth” at funerals ,riding the latest( mostly second hand) cars, and all of a sudden every slim girl in his hood is under serious threat of his sampling ambitions. He might even be made “Nkosuor hene “-i.e. Chief of development in his village.

Can we be more demanding of life as Ghanaians. Why should we settle for a thousand f there is a billion for grasp simply because our neighbor has only a hundred? Why settle for a first degree because no one in your village ever went pass JHS?

We should aim for best no matter what surrounds us as a people. The days of the partial blind man  ruling among the population of blind men is far gone.




Listen to a radio call in programme and you cannot help but marvel at the average Ghana man’s shallowness. You can bet that 90% of the callers won’t add  any value to the discussion at hand. If the first caller makes some half baked meaningful contribution, the rest of the callers will call to either  affirm or disagree  with what the previous caller said. let the radio presenter make the mistake of further probing what aspects of the previous caller’s submission do they agree or disagree and you are likely to hear the answer” I agree  or disagree with everything he said” You hear generic complaints like things are not going well often , but probe further and you wont get anything meaningful to back the claims.

Why do we like to generalize everything and wont make any effort to probe further and understand the facts behind what we are dealing with? Is it as a result of the deep seated culture of leaving everything to God “Fa ma Nyame’ or blaming the devil and the witches in our family for everything which happens to us? Is it crippling our faculties to be able to objectively look at issues and analyze it based on facts.

It is no wonder the most popular radio call in programmes are the ones where the callers gets the opportunity to give shout outs to their homies and request songs for their loved ones


Our shallowness is portrayed again by the type of political campaigns we see all around. No one is interested in the politician who has well researched and fact based  solutions to our problems. The masses  rather love the politician who can stir up sentiments and controversy. The politician who smears his counterpart is our hero. We are happy  to be subjected to the elements of the weather for over 5 hours during political rallies listening to our politicians bash their counterparts without clearly stipulating what they will do about the challenges we face. We will then match to the polls on election day and vote them confidently into power and strangely expect them to solve our problems?

At best they will turn the bashing on us and make us live in regret for our poor choices for four years.

Before you take a swipe at me for my assertions, ask yourself when was the last time you spent some good money on a book or a seminar to improve your skill or knowledge?

Apart from the trainings your company sponsors and the wisdom shared from some pulpits on Sunday mornings, all we do is to spend our monies fattening our bellies, wearing expensive labels and other indulgences I wont even start mentioning.


Endeavor to yearn for more going forward,  and never get tired of learning, for that it the only way to remain relevant and competitive in today’s world.

Have a blessed day

Part III loading very soon…..


From the desk of ROL



  1. Great stuff you’ve put out here. But should I not add that our upbringing is the number one cause of our ineffectiveness in the areas highlighted. We will need to consciously unlearn these habits if we are to be successful


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