Yours truly #rolandoforispeaks  continues with the series on the 7 HIGHLY INEFFECTIVE HABITS OF THE AVERAGE GHANAIAN. Today we look as two habits which our politicians enjoy taking advantage of.





The greatest weapon our politicians use against us is our short memory as Ghanaians. It is ironic that we never forget one success we chalk in decades but we are too quick to forget the consistent misbehavior of our leaders if  three months to elections they start behaving well.

The member of parliament who never visited his constituents for years because of “busy schedules”, suddenly is in the hood every weekend, bonding and fraternizing with his people and listening to their concerns and needs all over again.

The roads leading to our homes are infested with what you can only describe as man-holes, basic amenities like water and electricity are still lacking  in places you wont believe, then all of a sudden, you find road constructions and sighting of electric poles some few weeks to elections.

Disrespectful politicians who talk a lot of shit with impudence instantly adopt the use of meek words of “please” in addressing their people.

The complaints quickly change to praises, with Ghanaians  choosing to ignore the glaring motive of vote buying and just after the elections, the “development” cease till the next election is due.

Our politicians continue to play this trick on us over and over again with impunity, knowing that their people will fall for it due to their priceless virtue of short memory.

Can we put an end to this nonsense as a people?



What happened to the mark of a Ghanaian as a visionary? Someone who sees the bigger picture and is prepared to delay instant gratification  for the greater good of the future.


I grew up reading the stories of our fathers like Kwame Nkrumah, the big six and as the days passes by I am ever temped to think those heroic stories were mere fiction, because when I look around me( even with my four eyes) I cannot see those traits among us.

The average Ghanaian does not care about the future, he wants his cut now! This breeds corruption and waywardness. The sakawa boy doesn’t see the need to spend years in school to develop a profession. He will rather dupe people and buy a second hand corolla and move around town with his four girlfriends.

The politician doesn’t see the need to invest the borrowed funds from “Obroni” for its intended purpose. He will rather stuff his ever growing big tummy with the money, buy cars and houses he might never use, chase our future wives on our university campuses and dole out the crumbs to his followers. Unfortunately we still have to pay back Kwesi Broni despite the fact that our big men mismanaged the money.

The civil servant is stealing and taking bribes, awarding contracts to the best payer and not the best bidder. Everyone wants to own a V8, even if their home is a walking distance to their office.

We all want to become our own bosses, without taking the pains to learn and develop our crafts.

Some miscreants who  also label themselves as men of God(because of free speech), are taking advantage of our shortsighted population, promising them instant change in their fortunes when they visit them- they end up extorting them and abusing especially the women, thereby dragging the noble profession of pastors into disrepute.

Do our leaders have the balls to ban certain products to enable sectors like Textile, Manufacturing and Agriculture to be developed? The answer is NO! If they dare mess with our taste and indulgences, they will be booted out of power.

As a nation we continue to borrow huge amounts of money for temporary quick fixes only for the same issues to knock on our doors again !


We love to eat our seeds as a country  and still expect to harvest the  fruits of the seeds we never sown.

Can we start thinking about our future as a people? Can we at least care for the future of the next generation? What do you we want to be remembered for? Would our children be proud of us if they learn about our deeds?

As long as we refuse to change our ways as a people, we will continue to put our destinies into the hands of wrong people. These people know that with a little bit of “spreading” -coupled with our strange knack of not seeing beyond our noses, they can easily have their way with us.

Think about it.

From he desk of ROL.







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