I am always full of admiration for the personnel at the 37 military branch of  DVLA anytime I have dealings with them.

Today I needed to replace my expired license. It was a hectic and yet smooth process. I can count how many times I had to enter in and out of  rooms  – Not less than 14 times, but I was diligently served.

Anytime I go to this particular branch of DVLA, I get the hope that it is possible for our Government institutions to work effectively again.

I initially attained my driving license at the Weija branch of DVLA, but I was forced to abandon patronizing their services when after I had lost my ,license sometime go and needed to replace it, monies were extorted from me at broad day light by the Weija personnel. I went into shock when after I had paid an amount of GHs 7o,( which was the fees communicated to me to pay), I was only given receipts  less than half te amount I had paid.

When I insisted to be given my money back , everyone in that room  including other customers looked me with certain facial expression depicting ” Are you the only stranger in Jerusalem?

I was thrown into further shock when the dude who extorted monies from me had the guts to take my phone number with the hope of getting some free drinks from me because I work at  the beverage industry. Bless his soul he never called!!


Contrary to the absurd behavior of some of the Weija DVLA staff, nobody at the 37 Military hospital branch has ever asked me for a  cedi, in their line of duties, yet they accord me a good dose of courtesy comparable to the ones enjoyed in the Nigerian banks!

I paid he exact amount indicated on the receipt anytime I dealt with them.

When I was done with the license replacement, I discovered my car  battery had run out because the lights were left on – hence the car wont start.The drama that ensued for the subsequent two hours is something I will leave for a later discussion.

I want to encourage management and staff of the 37 Military branch of the DVLA  to continue the great work they are doing. Ghana must work again.




From the desk of ROL



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