Ghanaians would easily rank among the top ten most religious people in the world.

We love God and  we are unapologetic about it. The name of the businesses and shops bear the name of God  eg. Enso Nyame Ye Ent ,Nyame Nnae Ent. etc. Names like Mawunyo, Mawusi, Eli are also common names especially among those from the Volta Region.

God is in our music, our stories and even in our greetings.Greet a Ghanaian and she will respond” By the grace of God I am doing well”

We also feature regularly and loudly in the courts of God as you will easily find some church service going on in some corner of  our streets at any point in time.

So  how come as a nation we have nothing to show for our development in serving a God who owns the heaven and the earth and all the riches thereof?

Is this rich God so mean that he will rather prefer to bless   our neighbors across the Atlantic , “akwesi broni” instead of those who seek him day and night?

I don’t want to believe that the Ghanaian God is  that mean. After all the psalmist says He is good and His mercies endures forever!

I am tempted to believe that the problem is not with the Ghanaian God because this God has emphatically declared that he is no respector of persons. The problem therefore is likely to be the Ghanaian mindset !

This mindset is what I  refer to as the “The Crumbs mentality”

The average Ghana man is not interested in the whole loaf but just the crumbs!

Check the wish list of the Ghanaian and in there somewhere is a desire to own a second  hand car from Yankee- These cars are normally victims of accidents and elements of the weather like  floods and typhoons. And yet the way we drive it with pride? So why  cant the average Ghana man desire a brand new car ?

You will also find on the Ghanaian’s wish list the desire for promotion in someone’s company. But  why will you ask a God for merely a promotion if He has the capacity to make you own that corporation?

Why will a Ghana man fast and pray for seven days in anticipation of getting money for his rent whilst the same God is capable of providing him his own house?


A friend recently remarked that of late it seems the  Ghanaian God has slowed down in answering prayers.Reflecting on that statement, it dawned on me that perhaps the reason why we might be experiencing delayed answers to our prayers is because our cousins the white men are declining in their prayer life.They are no longer asking for the full loaves as often as they should, hence  there are no crumbs available to be given to us!

My Spiritual father , Rev. Sammy Opoku Acheampong of the Living Sprints international Church always says that God wants to bless us not according to our size but according to His size.

Can we therefore stop wearing out God with our endless list of crumbs? I am sure that anytime He hears our cries at His courts he goes like “hah” not again, Angel Michael are they requesting for more crumbs or they want the loaves this time?

The Ghanaian God is willing to bless us far more exceedingly abundantly if only we will ask him.


Let’s be ambitious enough and ask God for the loaves instead of crumbs.Afterall He has expressed in His word that we should ask and it shall be given

We need to open our mouths wide now for God to fill it


Have a blessed day


From the desk of ROL









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