Yours truly, #rolandoforispeaks brings you the final part of the series we have been discussing on my blog for some days now – The 7 Highly Ineffective Habits of the Average Ghanaian. No long talks, lets get straight to the issues:



Our indiscipline as Ghanaians is beyond comprehension. It shows up in our attitude towards time. We don’t value time, no wonder most of us are very poor.

Time  is the father of a  pretty girl called money , he only gives his daughter to those who respect him.

Arrange an appointment with a Ghanaian, and you are like to be told ” let meet around 3pm-5pm there. The meeting will end up happening at 7pm!

Our leaders don’t show good examples when it comes to time keeping. It appears that the more important you are, the more you  delay  in attending a function. You can wait for hours at a ceremony that is  supposed to last only 30 minutes because a “big man” has not showed up yet.

Our indiscipline is also evident in how we treat rubbish and waste. How can you build a compound house  in the 21st century without making provision for toilet facilities. We throw rubbish anywhere and defecate anyhow.

A nation that cant take care of its waste will end up becoming one.

Why will you throw rubber bags from your air-conditioned car unto the highway? You must be dumb and undisciplined.

I am also amazed at the ease with which a Ghana man will pull his manhood and start pissing even at public places. The few times I have seen some women indulged in such acts, my heart was broken. What happened to our sense of decency as human beings?




It is generally believed that at international conferences, Ghanaians are mostly noted for proposing brilliant solutions to issues being discussed. But we are also noted for not acting on any of the things we suggested. Perhaps our sister countries love to invite us to conferences, not because they know it will better our lots as a people, but simply because, they know we will cough out the best of solutions  for them to go and implement.

The average Ghanaian knows the solution to his problems but wont do anything about it.

You will easily come across a Ghana man who bitterly complains about how fast his belly has grown big, even faster than the Chinese economy and yet this same man is not willing to give up certain habits like eating heavy meals at nights and frequenting all the popular pork joints you can think of.

Oh we love to share our plans and new year resolutions with others, but by the time the year ends, there is little to show.

Our “To do” lists end up becoming  “To talk “lists year after year.

Engage a politician who is being paid with your taxes on issues confronting you, and you will be surprised he will rather end up lamenting about the challenges he has been appointed to solve.

Everything is in the pipeline and never sees the  light of day. I bet that even if Ghana’s solution pipeline is long enough to go round the world a 1000 times, we should still have progressed than we have presently.

Our brilliant academicians and professors sacrifice a lifetime to study our problems and propose solutions which are presented to the powers that be, at best they remain on the shelves, till some mouse feast on it as dessert.


Can we start appointing leaders who have done something rather than those who talk the loudest? We cant keep on being commentators as the rest of the world develop at a very fast pace.

I am only writing this article because I know you will reflect on it and do something about it going forward. I believe that there is nothing wrong with us which cannot be corrected by something right about us.

God bless our homeland Ghana and make our nation great and strong as we change from these negative tendencies

Thanks for reading


From the desk of ROL


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