254ce208f1ae1d43ee795511a35445cf.jpgWe are surrounded and bombarded by a barrage of bad news everyday. This is because our media believes in the cliché ” bad news sells”.

But whilst our media exploit our senses for their commercial gains, they have ended up churning society into a bunch of fearful beings. Bad news has a way of crippling your urge, sense of adventure, creativity and desire. Life without these thins is bland and meaningless.

In the past week, we have heard terrible news of a legislator being stabbed to death in his own bedroom( this guy even had a security so how much more those of us who don’t  have walls ??)

We hear of clashes, and pockets of violence across the nation which increases our blood pressure.

Even now  in our Election year, these levels of agitation, intolerance and cold blood murders is a major source of worry. I am sure you keep asking yourself “how worse can these get?”

We are not particularly amused with how our security  forces deal with these pockets of issues, an example is the Agogo- Fulani  herdsmen wahala which keeps recurring whilst they look on helplessly.

You hear people say that in our part of the world, if God does not protect you, then forget it, because our policemen don’t have our backs!

Come to think of it, I believe it is a true statement, that if God does not protect you, man’s efforts are useless. Even in the developed world where they have reliable police force and state of the art gadgets to combat crimes they are still faced with disasters like typhoons, earth quakes and floods, which they have no control over.

So the question then remains? How do you stay positive in the midst of bad news?

By putting your trust in God. Bible tells us in Psalm 112:7 that those who puts their trust in God will not be afraid of bad news.

We cant stop bad news from happening, but the assurance we have from the father is that none of these evil happenings will come near us.


God knows those who are His and He has promised that He will never leave nor forsake us in all that we do.

Bad news wont ever stop hitting us, but we must also bear in mind that there are even more god things happening which our media will continue to ignore.  When Elijah thought he was the only true prophet left, God made him understand that he had 7,000 more prophets at his service.

Don’t ever think that it is all gloomy and hence you want to give up! Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding, because your understanding is always very limited and does not reflect the true picture of what is happening.

Give your life to Jesus if you haven’t already, serve Him with all your heart and  trust that faithful is he who has promised and he will surely not renege on his word – that though you walk through the valley of the shadow of death, He will be with you, till the very end.


From the desk of ROL



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