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Reading is the easiest way to acquire wisdom, life experiences and insights for victorious living. It has no substitute. It is a proven way from time immemorial and it wont change.

The art of reading is a habit you must cultivate if you want to be a champion, if you want to have dominion, acquire mastery over your field and influence lives.

Most of the world’s problems are ignorant problems – which can easily be addressed through reading.

If there is one habit you will desire , it should be the habit of reading. If there is any investment you have to make in the lives of your children, it should be cultivating a reading habit in them.

You can literally read your way out of poverty. It would change your life.

I cannot guarantee that you will succeed in life if you work hard -because most of the poorest in this world are also the hardest of workers.  What pays the most is working smart, stretching your mind and imaginations based on the information you have been exposed to over the years. Your brain power can only be enriched through reading!!

I can easily predict the future of a young man or woman by visiting their homes. The more books they have the more their chances of success.

Zig Ziglar once said ” Rich people have small TVs and big libraries, and poor people have small libraries and big TVs”


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The reason why in Africa many people are even poorer than poor is because they have TVs and no libraries at all.

Day after day, I see street hawkers selling life transforming books to others, what they don’t realize is that same book has the power to take them off the streets into prominence if only they would read it.

If you doubt the importance of reading, ask yourself; why  did God give Christians the Bible? Even all his blessings and promises are tied to His followers committing to the reading and meditation of His word.

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Likewise other religions have their sacred books which they commit to studying and understanding.

“A well read life is a well led life.”

I believe that every answer you require in life is hidden in a book somewhere, which you must find and read.

There are great men and women of wisdom like Zig Ziglar, Ps. Mensah Otabil, Brian Tracy, Anthony Robbins, Jack Welch etc..  who we all would have  loved to meet and seek their counsel, unfortunately many of us can’t afford an appointment with them, but at least you can afford their books.

The truth is that  what they would have shared with you for a big fee on a face to face basis has been congealed into books which you can easily access.

You will be amazed how your life will be transformed if you cultivate the singular habit of reading.

Even today with the advent of the internet, there are countless books you can get for free in any field of endeavor you desire mastery.

The trick is that if you for example desire to experience financial freedom, you can read your way into financial freedom. Same apply to desiring to be a better spouse, parent, improving your health, looking good etc.

In fact I believe you have not yet earned the right to become rich until you start reading on finances and how money works.


There is no bliss or humor in ignorance, don’t let your self down in this journey of life, read your way to the top and become the person you were born to be.

Have a blessed reading day.

From the desk of ROL




10 thoughts on “THE POWER OF READING

  1. Great piece. Cultivating that habit is really hard in our part of the world. Our education system is killing it too.
    By the way, have you got some books I could borrow and read? I’ve exhausted my small growing library for now. I wanted to start a ‘Readers Society’ but its delayed. Any help on that too?

    Ok. I’m weaving my web.


    1. Hi Kweku, thanks for the compliments. I find it quite encouraging. I am currently reading a book entitled “The Jewish Phenomenon” by Steven Silbiger. Try and get a copy for yourself.
      Unfortunately I don’t share my books because I hardly get them back. I will encourage you to get some.



      1. Ok. Well noted. Whta if am the exception who will return them? I learnt that from a man who taught me to be very reliable whem it came to people’s books.
        By the way I will find ask for leads as to where to find some any time am in Accra.

        Ok. I’m weaving my web.


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