This article is dedicated to Beryl Adwoa Agyekum and Bright Von Ayaaba as they prepare to tie the knot – You will definitely go places.
It is amazing where you can easily learn life lessons. There is something to learn from all that surrounds us, if we look hard enough. My recent encounter with life’s valuable lessons came from observing an ten month old adorable toddler going about her duties innocently.
I felt that if I could demonstrate these traits in the toddler, my life will be much better . Find sometime and enjoy these key lessons as I share them with them
# 1 People matter more than things
I observed people mattered to this toddler than anything else. Anytime she woke from sleep, she looks around to catch a glimpse of people around. If she cannot see anyone, she begins to cry till someone shows up.
Life is short  and quite complex. You don’t need to be alone. Cultivate the right relationships and keep great people around you. That way you are assured that your tomorrow will be better than your today.

#2 It doesn’t take much to impress those who truly love you

A couple of times where this toddler received new toys, she ended up playing more with the cardboard containers than the  expensive toys.

Key lesson here is that it does not take much to make others happy. Instead of thinking hard about acquiring something expensive to impress your loved ones, all they may require is a phone call, smile, hug, a pat on the back, etc.

Decide to put a smile on the face of the ones you love by your little acts of kindness and love.



#3 Know what you want in life
This kid knows what she wants  and goes for it unapologetically. When she wants to play and have fun, her dad is her best pal, but when she is hungry, she prefers the company of her mother because she intuitively know that she’s got the breast milk and no one else.
Isn’t it interesting that most of the times, we adults who should know better expect the wrong things from the right people? lets learn from our toddlers.
#4 Learn to trust God and your close ones
A toddler will gleefully smile and chuckle when you throw her into the skies, knowing without doubt that you wont leave her to fall.
She will put everything you give her straight into her mouth without doubting whether it is safe to eat or not. This is a demonstration of faith and trust.
I wish many of us could still exhibit such faith towards God and trust one another more. We are full of suspicion for one another and it has become increasingly difficult to decipher the motives for which people do good or smile at us. But I believe that nevertheless there is something we can learn from the toddler.
#5 Forgive Easily, Accept Correction
A toddler forgives and forgets easily. Many a times after you have rebuked her for being naughty, she will burst into crying and in the next minute, she is running into your arms again. If we can relate to God on similar basis, I am sure our walk with Him will be enriched and we will become better people.
Many of us can’t handle it when we are corrected even by the Lord. Great relationships have been ruined because the mentee many at times was not prepared to accept rebuke and correction from the mentor.
My son, do not reject the discipline of the LORD Or loathe His reproof, 12For whom the LORD loves He reproves, Even as a father corrects the son in whom he delights.- Proverbs 3:11-12
#6 Cry, Laugh , be human
It has become increasingly difficult to be real in the world we live in. We are forced to put up faces, hide our emotions  in order not to come across as weak, needy or over exuberant.
I believe that  our ability to express our emotions via laughing, hugging, crying etc. is a rare gift God has given humans even to the envy of angels. lets enjoy this divine gift without any inhibition.
Our toddler will cry when she is in pain, or not getting the necessary attention, she will laugh when she is excited and that is the essence of life.
#7 Learn to Move on
Our toddlers are experts on moving on. They will easily make friends with new toddlers if you move to different environments. If you deny her from playing with a book or gadget because it is fragile or dangerous, she will easily find something else to play with in the next minute.
Unfortunately many o us are stuck in our old ways and thinking, and we spend all the time we have to lament on what things could have been, instead of making the best out of what we have now. It is true we all make mistakes, what matters is our ability to move on and learn from them instead of living a life of perpetual regret because of our past decisions or actions.

#8 Be happy, life is short

There is nothing as adorable as watching our toddler playing with  lots of excitement.The little finer things of life easily excites her.Many at times you will find her playing all by herself gleefully. She doesn’t need sophisticated toys to bring her happiness. For her, happiness can be found all over. It is unfortunate that as adults many of us have tied happiness to things- cars, jobs, houses, money ,relationships, promotions etc. As a result, happiness continues to be elusive and short lived when we barely find it.

To borrow the popular words “Don’t worry, be happy”



#9 Don’t be afraid to try new things

Our toddler carries in her an unapologetic sense of adventure. She will try anything new – hold it, taste it with her mouth, hit it with her hands to observe the sound it will make, etc. You can observe a keen sense of curiosity when she is in her elements , discovering how things work in her own terms.

Many of us have lost our sense of adventure, we have not tried anything new apart from our daily routines.

We are not robots! We have a life! we are dynamic and must fuel our sense of adventure to discover this beautiful earth God has given to us.

Learn some new language, make some new friends, learn some new skill, read a book outside your field and you will be amazed how good you will feel about yourself.


#10 Never Ever Give Up
Our toddler never gives up. Telling her No!. Stop It! Don’t go there! wont stop her from going anyway. She exudes what I call a sense of sweet stubbornness, with the singular determination of understanding what you are prohibiting her from touching.
Our toddler does not accept No! for an answer. Strangely  as adults, many of us give up before trying anything new. The few of us who have the courage to try something easily give up at the least opposition or challenge.
The world need men and women of conviction and not convenience. If you and I want to make this world and our personal lives better , then we need to muster courage and learn the art of Never Giving Up.
Persistence always pays handsome dividends to its owner.
Reflect on these lessons from our beloved toddler and transform your life and those around you  by practicing them today.
From the desk of ROL

 NB: All images credit to Google images



  1. Interesting. ..Nyameye has been very instrumental in this piece.We bless God for her life.Our prayer is that…she will be a blessing to her generation just as her dad.

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