Be your own boss! It is one phrase I cant stop falling in love with. Being  your own boss means you have control over your life which is a good thing.

The main cause of despair is when people lose or surrender their control to others, for example surrendering the need to take care of yourself to others or even the Government.

As much as having control is great, you can’t effectively exercise control if you are not under control yourself.

What we see happening nowadays is interesting. Nobody wants to be under submission, we are not willing to be humble and learn our trade to perfection. Hence our nation is full of half baked artisans and professionals with an unusual knack for greed and  shortsightedness.We all want to get rich now!No one wants to pay their dues for success.Afterall we think someone else will pay on our behalf!

The story is no different with the sacred profession of priesthood. We have “men of God”  springing up everywhere. It appears it is more difficult to attain a driver’s license in Ghana than to attain the title “man of God”

There are churches  everywhere, our radio stations are constantly beaming with announcements from these men and women of God who claim to have solution to everything, from women menstrual cramps to poverty and Visas.

Many of these preachers are breakaway mentees who chose not to pay the price  of apprenticeship to be equipped with the skill and discipline  of the calling of “men of God”. In their estimation, why should the senior pastor alone look good and drive the latest cars, whilst all they get is the leftover crumbs from the tables of the senior pastors?

So they seek to start their own churches, mostly after spreading false rumors about the men they call their spiritual fathers. Once they have succeeded in causing confusion in the church they are suppose to serve, they are guaranteed a handful of  simple minded  church members to follow him to start a new church. It is interesting to note their obsession with the word “international”. So whatever name they will come up with will contain International.

Once they break  away, their focus is to attract at least 200 members, whose tithes and special offerings will guarantee that these spiritual entrepreneurs can afford a lifestyle higher than that of  the  average middle class in Ghana.

As the Bibles says, by their fruits you will know them. These spiritual entrepreneurs  continuously taint the office of priesthood with their unruly conduct, wayward behavior and unguarded speech. They sleep around with church members as if no woman can go to the Father except through their pants. Their greed for money and materialism is despicable and they end up wrecking their lives and those who trusted the watching of their souls to their sleeping eyes.

These false prophets succeed by creating an over dependency syndrome of their members on them. They feed their members on fear and make them to think they cant have any relationship with God on their own. They manage to sell to them strange concoctions, oils, water etc., which they claim have potent powers for keeping their members from evil.These items they sell provide a source of additional cheap income to fund their waywardness



This cycle will not stop anytime soon, because of its attractive returns. Also our itching ears craves for the crap and junk from these “men of God”. We love to be told things we want to hear, and these false prophets do exactly that.

My only fear is that we are successfully breeding the next generation of atheists who will have no regard for God and his men because they grew to observe the charlatans who called themselves men of God ,but whose behavior had no semblance to the God they claim commissioned them into ministry.

We must be circumspect in our dealings with men of  God and apply common sense  in our interactions with them least we be led astray.


Have a blessed day


From the desk of ROL





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