Cruising at an altitude of 54,000 ft. over the airspace of Europe with an additional 9 hours left for me to touch JFK, I realized the grand sleeping expedition I had in mind for this trip wont hold water.

So after watching a couple of movies , sleeping and treating myself to some good Emirates cuisine, I finally had to give up and pull out my laptop from the overhead compartment to put together this blog.

I want us to talk about dealing with SHIT.

We all get shit thrown at us at different points in our lives. It is part of  being  human .

However many of us are left devastated and bitter anytime shit is thrown at us.

The reason why we find shit disgusting is the literal unpleasant smell of the shit we are confronted with. But if we go beyond the surface, we will appreciate the fact that in every shit lies within manure, which is essential for the sustenance of life of plants. So after all shit is not such a bad thing.

After all, the shit you despise now was the same food you loved so much yesterday.

There are known stories of great men like Joseph, who was thrown into some shit called slavery, yet he never gave up and lived a very fulfilled life even as a slave in the house of Potiphar and in prisons.He eventually became the prime minister of Egypt, influencing and directing the affairs of one of the most powerful nations at his time.

He eventually turned the shit his brothers threw at him into a life saving manure which ensured that his family were not wiped off by famine .

They were even prepared to pay a fortune for the manure(maize) Joseph was now selling

So then what is the answer to dealing with the shit people throw at you?

When shit is thrown at you, convert it to manure and sell it back to those who threw it at you at a premium!

So like Joseph, there are things you must do during the shit to manure conversion process:

1.      Maintain a positive attitude

2.      Avoid being bitter, murmuring and playing the blame game

3.      Perfect your skills, ensure you become the best at what you do

4.      Help others with your talents and gifts

5.      Build the right network –let everyone know the skills you’ve got

6.      Strengthen your relationship with God

7.      Listen to your inner voice

8.      Believe in yourself

9.      Above all, when a half chance pops up, take it with all your might


I can promise you that if you don’t give up and remain focused  you will come out a better and stronger person in the long run.


Have a blessed day.


From the desk of ROL




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