Dedicated to the late Nathaniel Ansong Manu, a brother, a friend and a colleague. RIP


Life is short. This saying has never hit me till recent events. The catastrophic plane crash of one of Fly Dubai’s aircraft when it attempted to land in Russia with a death toll of 62 souls and the bizarre death of a work colleague all within 24 hours.

This got me asking myself some serious questions. Am I doing what I am supposed to do? Are my priorities worth my time? If I knew I would die in some few weeks, will I still devote my time and energy to the things I am currently doing?

Obviously no. There are some few choices I would have to make. So the big question is, why am I not focusing on these key things?

Perhaps it is because I think I have more time! I have more time to mess around and have a taste of the junk life has to offer before I focus on the healthy choices.

Have you wondered why you prefer to spend more time with friends (mostly fair weather ones) than your family? How many times do you call your friends who fuel your weakness versus checking on your parents?

When was the last time you visited your family and spent time with your grand parents, who have adored you since you were a toddler?

We find all sorts of excuses to doing the most important things in life. We never have time for church or fellowship but we are still able to make it to the bars and clubs.

We miss our children speech and prize Giving Day and are strangers to our own wife and children.

Our New Year resolutions never get off the ground. You might have promised yourself to further your education, pursue that professional course and better your life, or even put an end to that bad habit or addiction but none of these has happened. Why? Because you believed you have more time!

The truth is that we don’t have the time we think we have. It is only an illusion which the simple minded always fall victim to.

So I challenge you to sit up and focus on the things which matter most, because you have no time, your friends and family will not always be there, you will not be forever young, the opportunities won’t be always sitting at your door steps waiting for you.

Ask yourself, what is my purpose on this earth? What are the most important things I need to focus my energies, talent and attention to now?

Once you are clear on these things, be like Jesus who said “I must work the works of him that sent me, while it is day. The night cometh, when no man can work”




From the desk of ROL , somewhere 35,000ft in the airspaces of Africa.


6 thoughts on “DOING WHAT WE’VE GOT TO DO

  1. Thought provoking piece. It’s key we identify our purpose in this life and start living that purpose ; everyone has a purpose and a reason for being here – living that purpose will make this world a better place to live and also progress Gods agenda. Your purpose is most likely the things that are dear to you and brings out the genius in you. We are all part of a big puzzle ; try identifying your piece. Cheers


  2. Finally when everything becomes dark….. wait! You open your eyes once again and what you see is your life as it should have been, played before you in a blink…..wait! You can’t go back! Its over! Hope you made the right choices and lived well.

    Thanks Ro, for the wake up call.


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