I personally think the concept of retirement is one of the dumbest inventions of man. You will ask me ” What is wrong with retirement and I will say there is everything wrong with it.

Man was never wired to retire, to ever stop using the talents his maker has invested in him till his dying day.

It is such a shame that one will spend most of his lifetime to accumulate a wealth of wisdom, experience and skills and when such a person is about sixty years, he is expected to retire, go home and play dumb for the rest of his life until his creator finds a slot for him up there to come back home.

We are on this earth for a particular purpose. To solve  a particular problems in order to guarantee the effective running of this habitat called earth.

The earth has become dysfunction because many of us are not doing what we are supposed to do.   It may be no fault of ours, we may be subjected to flawed systems man has put in place with his limited wisdom  to ensure a supposed illusive equal opportunity for all.

Lets now examine the logic behind retirement:

Logic 1

That at sixty years , a person diminishes in his physical ability and  his mental faculties are no longer sharp .

My Answer:

This is absolutely nonsense. Who said if you take good care of yourself you wont be fit after sixty years? In the Bible we encounter characters likes Caleb and Moses, who were waging battles and leading millions of people when they were over eighty years!

Have you ever wondered why God had to wait till John, Jesus’s disciple was an old man before he instructed him to write the book of Revelation?  If  that old man John was dimwitted, why would God entrust him with one of the most important messages to the world. The book of Revelation is a precise vivid description about Christ and the things to come. Putting such stuff together requires maximum mental sharpness , which the old man had in abundance!

Logic 2

Retirement is to ensure the employment pipeline is not choked, in order to give opportunities to young people as well

My Answer:

The whole structure of corporations is flawed. Employers go at great lengths to get the best of talent only to stifle their creativity with absurd and energy sapping processes which in the long run renders employees next to dummies. This system only provide jobs and not work. 

Your job is not work. It is something you do in the mean time till you have gathered enough courage and faith to pursue what God wired and assigned you to do on this earth.

The truth is that many of us never have the courage and faith to see beyond our jobs. We are stuck with it because it guarantees just enough to keep body and soul, leaving most of us empty, un-accomplished, without joy and connection to the bigger purpose of  God by the time we leave this earth.

So  I will tell you this. You are unique, nobody can do the work you have been assigned on this earth to do. Once you discover your purpose, you wont even notice competition and nobody will be on the touch-line waiting to take over from you because your work is part of your being.


Logic 3

When you are beyond sixty years, you can’t cope with  hard work!


My Answer

Hard work is the preserve of animals like Oxen and machines. Man is not wired to be involved with routine muscle wrenching jobs. It is called slavery.

Look around you, can’t you see that the most hardworking people are mostly the poorest? Consider the truck pushers and load carriers (kayayei), construction workers etc. They have nothing to show for their toil except the scars on the body and ill-health in the long run.

God’s expectation of us is to be hard thinkers instead of “hard workers”. It is clearly stated in the Bible that ” As a man thinketh” and not “As a man worketh”

A lazy person isn’t someone who avoid toiling in the sun, but rather someone who avoids stretching his mind and imagination to tap into the innumerable wealth and resources available to change his life for the better.

The irony of life is that it is far easier to work hard than to think hard. No wonder it is common to find hard workers but not hard thinkers.

So this is the clue. If you are currently involved with any thing that you call work , which you can’t do when you are old, think twice!


Now think about this:

Is God in retirement? The answer is No! We are told he rested on the 7th day, he didn’t retire so why do you want to retire???

You will argue that after working for a long time( mostly over 30 yrs) you need to rest, but this is the reality:

  • By the time you are sixty years, you would have already slept 20 years of your life. That is over 30% of your life already. If you own a machine that has to work less than 70% of the time, will you be excited?
  • Secondly most of us work 5 days in a week and rest 2 days. That is close to another 30% of your life dedicated to rest and leisure. So which additional rest do you need?
  • God sanctioned a one day rest in a week (14%). We decided to double it. That is already more than enough!

So if the God who created you in his image and likeness is still working, why do you want to retire?

When you hit the sweet sixty mark, it is time for you to dream, it is time for you to use your refined mental faculties to help solve the world’s problems, to make the lives of others better and to ensure you fulfil your God-given assignment on this earth.

Never retire to a wheel chair when you are sixty, and be condemned to reading newspapers and listening to useless talk shows. There is still a lot of juice in you. Make God proud by putting every talent, wisdom and skill to use.


God bless you


From the desk of ROL





  1. Can’t agree with you more ROL. MAN IS WIRED FOR WORK!!!! a favorite quote from a favorite speaker. Professional sportsmen and women retire from active sports in their twenties and thirties and it does not prevent them from pursuing other careers and interests. instead of retiring your mind and your body, keep going and do what you love to do best with body, soul and spirit…that’s the recipe for longevity.


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