We are in dangerous times, very difficult times, where our sense of humanity is almost eroded.

We are in times  where those you  label as friends are too busy to visit you when you are sick, but yet can take days off to attend your funeral.

We hardly greet our next door neighbors and yet have all the time to chat with strangers on social media.

We ridicule the fear of God and tag it as outdated and yet we edify and fear the devil and his handiwork a like sickness and wars.

We hardly compliment our colleagues  who are right next to us ,but are very quick to like what strangers post on Facebook.

We vilify the living and celebrate the dead. When you are alive, you are seen as a fraud , no good,but  when you die,you become an instant Saint 

We have no respect for authorities,no honor for parents and yet  foolishly worship celebrities.

We drink too much, eat too much and then contract therapists to help us keep shape.

We have no self control anymore and do whatever we like. We have deteriorated to the point where animals even question our superiority.

We have lost it, completely lost it and are slowly losing our legitimacy to occupy this beautiful place called earth.

Role models are hard to come by nowadays. People don’t care what they do in secret as long as put up a fake face. 

We preach one thing in public and practice something else in private.

If you can’t compliment me and tell me how beautiful l am whilst alive, there is no need to use my picture as your dp when I am dead.

If you can’t pay me a visit when I am in a hospital 1km from your house, then there is no need for you  to travel 10km for my funeral.

God help us , else we perish.If you go on your knees say a prayer for this generation.

From the desk Of ROL



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