I was hanging out in a very high end outlet with some dignitaries and something interesting caught my attention.

The venue was full of very attractive women, such women you only see in music videos. Interestingly they were all in the company of older men – from the look of things these men were movers and shakers of that particular country, such men whose hourly income will be far bigger than my entire annual salary, busily puffing their cigars, with smokes which had the semblance of the old testament priestly sacrifices, appreciating their maker for how far He has brought them.
I had the impression that most of these very attractive ladies, whose ages range from the mid twenties to early thirties had one major problem –i.e they were too beautiful!

They were too beautiful to settle with someone their age, which does not have the wherewithal to finance their opulent lifestyles but has a promising future. They were too beautiful for one man alone to share. After all, we are in a capital economy, it is all about demand and supply, and you always want to focus on the highest bidder!

The challenge is that these women would love to marry and settle down at a point in their lives, now the question is when?? Is it when they are in their late thirties to forties with the oracle of menopause staring them in the face? Is it when all that is left is crumbs and the towers that once proudly stood begin to bow to the pressure of age and overuse?

When they are eventually ready to settle down, they discover that all the young promising guys they broke their hearts have already settled and there is none left. They are forced to play the roles of concubines and “don’t mind your wife services”

Meanwhile their contemporaries with average beauty would have settled down long ago with the love of their lives and would have started their families.

Many at times you come across someone who God has blessed with phenomenal gifts like academic prowess, sports or speech and instead of such a one to use those gifts to be a blessing to others and lift the souls of the many who look up to him, he is rather given to pride and reckless living, a sure passport to their early grave.

It is easy to come across a lot of ordinary men who are very good, God fearing and have love and respect for humanity, but let the same person be exposed to some power; advantage or money and they immediately turn into beasts.

I believe the dilemma of most wives is whether it is even worth it for them to pray for their husbands to become prosperous; Well we see time and again what happens when their husbands eventually become prosperous after many years of hardships. Other women jump on board to “share the spoils of war”. Even in some cases, theses wives are completely booted out for their finer competititors to take over.

I challenge you today that never become a victim of the blessings which come your way. Grow up and utilize the blessings into becoming a better person.

So anytime you are blessed, elevated or promoted, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Am I becoming proud because of this blessing?
  • Am I becoming reckless and wayward because of this blessing?
  • Am I undermining the things of God because of this blessing?
  • Is my relationship with family deteriorating because of this blessing?


If your answer is YES to any of the questions above, know that you are becoming a victim to your own blessings.

Reflect, pray about and amend your ways, before it becomes too late.



From the desk of ROL


Published by Roland Ofori Larbi

Blogger,Engineer by training,Marketing Professional.Husband, father Gh , loyal, ambitious and a reading enthusiast.


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