Dedicated to my dearest Mum, Florence Amponsah.


Today is mother’s Day. I just felt it was prudent to reflect on some of the things my mother drummed into my ears whiles growing up.

  1. Be careful the kind of woman you marry because it will impact how far you will go in this life and has eternal consequences.
  2. As a man, learn how to cook , do laundry and keep your home. You should not decideย  to marry because of these things
  3. Avoid telling lies because every liar is also a thief
  4. Humility and the ย fear of God will take you to places you never imagined
  5. Bad friends will ruin your life
  6. Never beat your wife .It is a sign of internal defeat
  7. When you get married and your spouse offends you, always consider the future of yourย  children before you take any action.
  8. Love covers multitudes of sins
  9. If you talk too much, you develop the tendency to become a liar
  10. Never allow a third person into your marriage, aside Jesus Christ

I hope you were blessed by these. You can also share with me what your Mother taught you



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