Everyone  desires to  be great. The stories of extraodinary men and women are so inspiting and we all wish same for ourselves, but not many of us will become great in life. The following are the checklists of “ordinary people”  . If you identify   with any of them, it is  time to amend your ways.

1.You accept everything around you

We live in a dysfunctional world, where you wont get the right thing to be done without any effort.  There are a lot of problems surrounding us and we only find greatnes in our ability to solve these issues. So  if  nothing in your surroundings provokes you and you are too cool with everything around you, know that you are cut out to be ordinary.


2.You Over -Depend on the Validation of others to get going

It is said that, when the going gets tough, the tough gets going. You need a strong mental fortitude  in order to become extraordinary. This means your convictions should be far greater than the discouragements of those surrounding you. Dont allow anyone to talk you out of your destiny.

It is great when people endorse or encourage you, but most of the times, extrordinary feats only attracts disouragement. In such such moments you must learn to encourage yourself and find the energy required to keep going until you succeed.


3. You Don’t Want to offend Anyone

A football team cannot win without offending the opposition. One man’s joy will be the bane of sorrow for another. It is okay for people to get offended because of your success.

If your desire is to avoid offending the feelings of others, you will never achieve anything worthwhile in life.


4.You are afraid of Responsibility

Responsibility is a trait  that seperates you from the pile of the ordinary.

If you can’t step up and take both the praise and blame for your actions and inactions, you will always remain ordinary. If you love the milk, be prepared to take care of the cow.

So stop hiding behind others and step up today.


5. Your Ambitions are only based on your present circumstances

There is nothing as frustrating as coming across someone who can’t see beyond his nose. Our ability to take charge of  today and make the best of decisions soley depends on our ability to see the big picture in the  future. If you have lost the ability to dream and forsee a future bigger than your present circumstance, I will advise you to invest in good books, messages , mentors, seminars and a closer walk with God to get your groove back.Life is far bigger than “hand to mouth”.

Greatness is for those who can let go of their comfort today in order to secure a better future tomorrow.


6.You are Afraid of Change

It is said that the only constant thing in life is change. Growth and success are pinned to change. Change will require that sometimes you will lose control, be uncomfotable, experience uncertainty and vulnerability.

If you can’t adapt to change, you can’t let go of the ordinary in order to step into the realms of the extraordinary.



7.You Rebel Against Authority

Extraordinary men mostly have the privilege of standing on the shoulders of giants.There is no way you can climb to the shoulders of others if you cannot  submit to authority.Rebellion is only a sign of gross internal  weakness. If you want to be extraordinaty ,learn to respect the authorities in your life.


8. You are mostly at the Receiving End of things

Nobody is celebrated in this life for how much they received. It is always about how much they gave to society.The league of the extraordinary are primarily givers.

Can you review your prayer list and new year resolutions to focus on what you can give instead of that tall list of “receivables?”


9.You are lazy, especially with your mind

You are probably a hard worker by your own estimation. Proud of the number of energy and hours you put to your work, but you are not making the progress you desire. There could be one reason hindering you:Mental Laziness. Unfortunately it is far easier to come across hard workers than hard thinkers.

Always remember that hard thinkers will always rule over hard workers. Until you learn to use your mind, you will always be misused by others.

There is another category of people who neither work hard nor think hard. Such ones are doomed and a disgrace to society.


10. You think Someone is Responsible for your misfortunes

Many of us have relegated our destinies into the hands of others, in this part of the world,we believe the Government is responsible for our woes. Many Charismatic Christians nowadays spend hours praying to God to destroy their enemies. If God were to answer these prayers, many of them would be dead,becuase most at times, they are their own enemies.

Whilst the white mn is constantly finding lasting solutions to everyday challenges and diseases, most  Africans are quick to attribute everything to witchcraft. The blunt atribution to witchcraft allows the African to wallow in mental laziness, and provides psuedo immunity towards any form of responsibility.This is one of the key reasons why progress continues to elude the African continent

Your life will become way better if you take control and put your destiny into your own hands.


11. You give up too easily

Nothing  worthwhile in life can be  achieved without pain, sacrifice and sweat. A woman who gives up during labor whill lose both her life and the baby’s.The gym is not a happy place to be at all, but if you want to look good and build strength, you have to endure.


12. You are not reliable – there is always an excuse up your sleeves

If people cannot count on you, you will never be counted among the great. Never accept failure even if you have a so called genuine reason. Extraordinary people make things happen no matter the situation they find themselves in.


13. You have an Entitlement Mentality

Nobody owes you anything in this life. Not your father, mother, uncle, children or even your spouse. Those who have entitlement mentality are energy sappers. Nobody wants to be around them.Begin to see your life on this earth as a rent you have  to pay by making life  and your environment better. In so doing you will find fulfilment and joy unimaginable


If you desire an extraordinary life, you need to get rid of  all the  tendencies listed above.

Have a great week


From the desk of ROL

Published by Roland Ofori Larbi

Blogger,Engineer by training,Marketing Professional.Husband, father Gh , loyal, ambitious and a reading enthusiast.


  1. Great stuff Roland…and I think we need to find a way to run this through the younger generation before the fall into the pathetic fallacy that is eating today’s generation.


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