I have the rare privilege of working on this topic with Josephine Amoako, a blogger I admire and respect so much for her exceptional writing prowess and depth. Hopefully this will be one of many collaboration between us. Join us now for this interesting discussion:


The Way Josephine Sees it


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The first time you read the caption, I’m sure you had a ready answer and even wondering why the question was asked in the first place. But before taking an entrenched position on it, pause and think about it for a minute. One is an inanimate object, the other a living being! How could one think of comparing their values? Ideally, we shouldn’t but when you take a critical look at how society works, you might begin to see how come the question came about in the first place.

In a society such as ours where one’s prestige and status is symbolized with some luxurious possessions like a beautiful mansion (in a popular location), a huge 4-wheel drive among other things, people tend to pay peculiar attention to their cars and make sure they are always in good condition despite the poor roads we have. Why, the car represents us in a way and our image is important to us.

But how much are women valued in our society? How are they treated by the majority of husbands and boyfriends? Are women viewed as reflections of their partners thus being a source of pride to be associated with and treasured as such? Or are they seen as objects to be used to the point of wear and tear and then dumped in search of another ‘fresh blood’?

People save enough money to buy their dream cars no matter how expensive they are because they believe they are a good investment and thus worth every penny. Then they spend more money in maintenance so their investment gives them its optimal output. What about women? Some men wouldn’t mind spending on their women as long as they achieve they succeed in having them all to themselves. But the amount of time and attention which they used to lavish on the women greatly diminishes with time and sometimes, totally vanishes. Why, the excitement was in the chase and now that they have the bone, what else is there to do?

They say behind every successful man is a woman (or should it be beside?) If society wants to experience the goodness of women and every gift planted in her, then they should be respected and treated right. They should be given equal opportunities as their male counterparts in all spheres and be given the benefit of doubt that they can deliver as excellently as men. If women can be entrusted to raise kids, they should be entrusted to manage the companies and nations.

If society can value cars that much, women should be valued much more.


The Way Roland Sees It


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Women have always been the centre of attraction for men since time immemorial. Most songs are about women. Men fight and die over women and a complete brute can easily be tamed by just one impeccable smile of a woman.

They are the goddesses who don’t struggle to find the abundant worship from their primary adorers, men!

I am however worried at how these beautiful species are treated in modern society. My expectation was that after all the advancement the world has made and our deeper understanding of human rights, tolerance and all the strides for which we receive plaudits; we would treat our women with the utmost respect.

But our actions speak otherwise, our dealings with women makes me wonder if we truly regard them as the wonderful indispensable companions we claim they are.

It appears that society values cars even more than women. The following reasons bare credence to my assertion.

Marriage Certificate versus Driving License?

Most of us are way too familiar with the process of trying to acquire the license to drive. You need to attend a driving school, go for medical and knowledge assessment, after that you go through practical driving lessons under the scrutiny of a tough instructor who won’t hesitate to disqualify you at the least mistake.

If you refuse to go through the clearly defined process, you will become the toast of the policemen who will harass, arrest and even lock you behind bars

It is not exactly so when it comes to marriage nowadays, people can still skip counseling and get married in a matter of days from their first encounter!

Many don’t even bother to marry at all, because if you have a decent room  you can get a woman to stay with you and even give birth for you without due diligence. Unfortunately society thinks it’s cool in the name of human rights for  a man to “acquire” a woman without following due process but same society will never accept that to be done to a car!


Just imagine how long and the effort it takes for a guy to get his first car. Getting a car might erode all the savings of the first couple of his working years. And when he is finally handed the keys to the car, he treats it with much respect, wash it, maintain it, fuel it and ensure it is always in the best of shape. Same cannot be said of getting a woman. Interestingly a guy who is unemployed and has no reliable source of income still believes he has the right to have a woman in his life but won’t even dare same for a car.

Many men who are eventually successful don’t even put half the effort in maintaining their cars to maintain their women.

Why do many guys feel they have the right to sleep with a woman they have just met at the roadside but won’t dare touching somebody’s car parked by the roadside?

Can we change our ways as a society and begin to treat our women with the respect and honor they deserve? They are not some trophies to be won, neither are they just some sexual objects but a key part of our lives, without them our very existence would come to abrupt halt.

From the desk of ROL


Guest Blogger’s Bio:

Josephine Amoako is an enthusiastic writer whose passion is to inspire the world with her pieces. She blogs at Joseyphina’s World (









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