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My take on the on this:

This is the month of June, all of a sudden you realize that half of the year is almost gone, you are amazed at how fast time flies, you then ask yourself the million dollar question? Am I on track so far?

The answer is likely to be No!

So what happened to all the energy and optimism with which set those ambitious goals for the year in the month of January? You were determined to be a better student, a better spouse, effective worker, earn that promotion, embark on that travel, get out of debts, and the list goes on, but it appears things are rather going south.

Question, shrug, face.

What is really happening to you? The feeling is like being at the world cup finals, with s strategy to score early goals against the opponent in the first half and then defend in the second half. Unfortunately you are already down by three goals in the first half. Desperation is now setting in, your legs are tired, and the vision of lifting that trophy seems to be ever elusive. What are you going to do?

Well during the half time, you can sip some water, catch your breath, review your strategy and modify it to launch an overwhelming come back in the second half. The good thing is that you have picked a few tricks from your opponent in the first half. If you are diligent enough, you will be able to counter those tricks and overpower your opponent in the second half.

If you will be truthful to yourself, you will realize the following are the likely reasons why things are not going as you expected:




For example, you were eyeing for that promotion this year. You were determined to be in the favorable books of your boss this year. In your own estimation you felt if you come to work earlier and leave late, you will be seen as hardworking and that will get you there. You even did well by praying and fasting to assault all the demons of stagnation in your village, not forgetting to mention the covenant seed you sowed in your local church. After doing all these you felt strongly  that “this year will definitely be your year”

Unfortunately your line manager has different expectation or criteria for the one who wants to be promoted. Maybe you have always been overlooked not because you don’t work hard, but simply because you are not positive in your outlook of things, you are always dwelling on what could go wrong vs. what are the possibilities. Your lack of openness for feedback makes you a difficult character and energy sapping for those who work close with you.

What you should have done at the beginning of the year was to sit down with your boss and identify the gaps which hinders your promotion and then align on clear actions to improve on them.This would have changed your boss’s opinion about you and position you as someone who is hungry enough for growth and promotion, but you thought you had it covered and once again you will be overlooked.

Remember that if you don’t know how to get what you want in life, you will always end up getting what you don’t want in life.






You were clear at the beginning of the year on what you wanted and even researched extensively to know how to make it happen. For example you wanted lose 10kgs, and get back to “your former glory” of a good looking and confident person.

You knew you had to be committed to your exercise routines and stay away from those overdose of complex carbs, late eating and plenty meat.

But you couldn’t help it, as the old adage goes, “the spirit is willing but the body is weak”. The clarion call for you to indulge was irresistible; you did all what you were not supposed to and have rather end up piling up additional 7kgs. If you continue at this rate, you are rather likely to add at least 12kgs by the time the year ends.

Oh how easy is it for our resolutions to become mere wishful thinking because we were not prepared to pay the price.




How can you come out of alcohol addiction if all your close friends are servants of the bottle? How can you break that nicotine addiction, if you still keep company with friends who love to offer their “smoke sacrifice”?

I personally believe that the only way to break out of an addiction is to break the company of those who indulge in those addiction with you, I mean “your partners in crime”.

Imagine a married man who still hangs out with his friends who are “players”, always recounting their escapades; it is only a matter of time before this man falls back to his old ways.

Your friends have too much influence on you than you can ever imagine. So if you desire to be a better person this year, it is only prudent to break association with the circle of friends who feed your weakness and rather associate with the set of new friends who already emulate the kind of lifestyle you so desire. Nothing is more effective in becoming a better person than being in the right company of friends.

I am not sure all is lost though: There is still some six months to go. Let’s hear what Josephine has got to say on his matter:


Halfway into the year and the thrill of having entered into yet another year has begun to fade. The beginning of a new year is usually characterized by renewed hope of achieving set goals and the creation of resolutions to help us become the people we aspire to be.

But as the year grows old, reality sets in and most people give up on the ‘list’ they penned down and return to their old habits which may not help them achieve their goals. This seems to happen to almost everyone nearly every year. Why is that so?

Change is hard; it takes extra conscious effort and discipline to stick to a change of plans or habit. It is much easier to fall back into old habits because we are used to it and we think we can manipulate it to our benefit. But if they were that effective, we wouldn’t want a change in the first place, would we?

To be able to maintain the New Year attitude, we should see each day as a new day to do some new, productive, profitable. Today is not an extension of yesterday; not a space to carry over yesterday’s frustrations, setbacks and disappointments. We should make it a point to remind ourselves of the purpose of our resolutions daily. Resolutions are a process, not events. They will take time and a committed effort. The people you admire who seem to be making it are setting goals for themselves and committing themselves to make them happen.


Remember you’re in your own race. Make it an aim to be better than you were yesterday. Take it one step at a time, one day at a time and little by little, you will find yourself checking out your resolutions on the list.

If you are already behind on your list, it’s not too late. See every day as January 1 and start working on it. You’d be surprised how far you’d have come by the end of the year.


From the desk of ROL

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Guest Blogger’s Bio:

Josephine Amoako is an enthusiastic writer whose passion is to inspire the world with her pieces. She blogs at Joseyphina’s World (



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