Ato Kwamena was slowly dying. He had battled with diabetes, cancer and hypertension for a long time and had finally come to the point where the damages in his body wouldn’t permit it to continually host his fragile soul for long.

As he fell asleep that fateful Saturday night, something phenomenal happened before he finally passed on: a conversation between his brains and his stomach.

His malnourished brains reached out first to his over-sized stomach in a very weak tone, “ Mr. Stomach, for once I can have your attention, you have always been the busiest among the organs of master Ato!”

The stomach replied, you can’t blame me, can you? I always had to overwork to be able to deal with the incessant amount of food, mostly junk and alcohol that kept being dumped in me.

There wasn’t a single day that I didn’t have to work. Even in the nights when I expected that I could get some rest, properly process the foods I have received earlier and do some maintenance, they were mostly interfered with because master Ato kept adding more food and alcohol into my already choked system. At a point I couldn’t process anymore, my digestive juices were overwhelmed and I started growing bigger and fatter and more inefficient.


The brain responded, my experience was directly opposite yours.  I have been frustrated all my life because master Ato underutilized me. I was built to be stretched and challenged, that way I become stronger, productive and more effective. Unfortunately master Ato hardly engaged me in all his routines and chose the easier way out always

He never gave me the opportunity to come out with a solution to any problem he faced. He would rather complain or avoid it. He never felt the need to reflect and meditate on how things weren’t working the way he wanted. He believed he was always the victim of either the Government, witches or as he popularly calls “the system” Ato always felt one day a big miracle would come his way instead of meticulously engaging me to come out with a plan for a better life which he would commit to until he is successful. Ato refused to fuel my activities with books, good messages and the right associations.

I repeatedly observed our master go through difficult times and struggles and yet would not challenge me to do what I do best; analyse and come out with a solution. It was such a pity.

In some few hours, he said to stomach, our existence would come to an end as our master Ato would soon die, but I wonder why he got it entirely wrong, by over-feeding you and under feeding me.

On the average, Ato feeds you 4 times a day, that in a month is 120 times and over 1400 times a year. I hardly got fed through books and constructive materials less than once a month.

Anyway, how is your cousin, kidney? It’s been a long time since I heard from him, the brain asked.

Well, replied the stomach feebly, he is also completely broken down and has been out of service for some weeks now. Kidney could no longer cope with the toxins he had to process on a daily basis, the last time I spoke to him, he expressed shock that our master Ato would willingly destroy the very organs which supports his life.

Stomach continued, I blame it all on our brother, Mr. Mouth, who should have exercised discretion in what he allowed Ato to pass through him, Mr. Stomach sighed.

Mr. Brains interrupted, I don’t think there is any need to start a blame game now, the damage has already been caused and let’s relish the last moments before we soon perish.

Anyway on my way to your place, I chanced on Mr. Lungs, who carries the very breath of us all. I couldn’t recognize him at first when he greeted me; he was completely charred by the continuous tobacco smoking of master Ato. His sacks had lots of holes and was desperately working closely with Mr. Heart to extend our stay, I could see from his face that it won’t be long before it is all over.

Just then, the organs heard an announcement from their leader, Mr. Heart that it was all over, he couldn’t continue his work, all his engines have failed, and crash was inevitable.

All the organs expressed their appreciation to Mr. Heart for overworking to keep them together despite the very challenging conditions, created by their master, Ato Kwamena.

Everything then went blank and in some few minutes, the icy cold hands of death had engulfed all the organs, they were gone forever, to be no more.


I would encourage young people to think about their hardworking organs before they indulge in wild lifestyles. #LiveHealthy

God bless you


From the desk of ROL



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