As children we all had the aspirations of a wonderful career. We had the desire to be the top dog in whatever profession we had in mind. As we grew, life had different ideas regarding our ambitions. Fast track today, I am sure many of you reading this blog will admit that you are likely not in the job you desired. This is not the real thing you wanted to do with your life. You feel stuck and frustrated, so what should you do?

You are the exact reason why I wrote this blog. I have been in that same shoes before and I feel these tips will help you.



There is some wisdom in the good book which admonishes us that whatever we find doing with our hands, we should do it with all our might. You never wait till you land your best job before you give out your best. Make sure you distinguish yourself functionally and leadership wise and make a mark as long as you are still in that bad job. There is the popular story of Joseph, the Hebrew boy who found himself in prison after being falsely accused, yet he remained diligent and won the admiration of his supervisor.

Remember that the true sign of a best performer is their ability to remain effective even in the environments they dislike. So step up and stand out in that “prison you find yourself”



If you don’t like your job, there is the likelihood that a couple more of your colleagues are also frustrated as you are. Therefore you have no business venting your anger and frustration on one another.

You rather need to reach out to the other colleagues and give them help with their jobs if you can. This will increase your value and respect among them. Very soon you will start enjoying the goodwill and love among your colleagues by this singular act of helping others. This will translate into a bit more fulfilment and joy outside your core job.

Joseph whilst in prison, reached out to others with his specialty regarding interpretation of dreams. He helped the butler and baker with the interpretation of their dreams. The butler later was the one who recommend his special gifts to King Pharaoh, during a critical period. The rest is history.

Assuming Joseph had kept his best gifts to himself because he was in the wrong place or job? He might have remained there and die as an ordinary prisoner.



Sometimes when you stay in a bad job for too long, you lose all your hope and settle for what you think is “reality” The adverse effect is that you lose your urge and the desire to be the best at what you do. You stop investing in yourself and when out of the blue, a big chance comes your way, you discover that you have become too rusty and ordinary and not fit for the job!

Don’t ever allow yourself to be in that space! Be on top of your game at any point in time. Be abreast with relevant issues in the industry you desire to work. Know the challenges and the trend setters at the back of your palm. Subscribe to magazines, programmes and blogs which address issues in your field. Invest in books and seminars to the point that when that big door opens and you have to leave your bad job, your employers will even acknowledge that you were too good to be kept there.

I believe the Hebrew boy Joseph had his eyes on the big chance. He didn’t know when, but he believed it will happen one day, hence his request to the butler and baker to remember him when they were set free.

Truly, when that chance came, he dressed for the occasion, looked his best and was able to handle the demands of his prospective employer, Pharaoh, to the point that he received a promotion way bigger than he could ever envisage.


So that said, I will challenge you that continue to remain positive, reach out to your other frustrated colleagues and keep on perfecting your game, for that big door will open for you sooner than you anticipated.


From the desk of ROL





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