I have decided going forward to live my life life like a football player

Knowing that I have to give out my best anytime l am on the field of play.

Aware of the fact that the fans watching me are not there to remember my past successes, but to see how good I still am.

I will not postpone giving my best to a later date, knowing that there also players warming up the bench eagerly waiting to take my place in case I don’t perform.

I will not despise other players or coaches from other struggling team, knowing that at the turn of events, I can end up playing for that same team.

I will not look down  on younger talents, knowing that they will one day take over. For no matter how good I am today, I will not last forever. 

I will not get carried away by the praises of my fans, knowing that I am just a tool for their amusement. When I flop, they will easily find another one.

I will not be hurt by the negativity of naysayers, knowing that hatred is a mere occupational hazard of becoming successful.

I won’t run around on loose living, knowing that though I can afford it, the same lifestyle will  hurt  and ruin me.

I won’t eat anyhow, drink anyhow, knowing that my health is my wealth.

I will plan for my future, knowing that my legs can’t kick the ball forever, and after a while my mind must do the kicking.

I will build the right kind of relationships and ensure I am relevant both off and on the pitch.

I will be an example and inspiration to the young. I will be a reference of those who dare to dream,who dare to make a difference and who dare to change the world.

Because, it was never about me, no, never about me, but a cause so big all I could was to do my best and make it count whilst the spotlight remains on me.

Dedicated to Tirzah, my sweet little princess




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