Dedicated to the love of my life, AJ

I choose to openly praise instead of secretly  admire, because it can be the difference between someone not giving up,  not losing hope or even dying.

I choose to delay criticising others, because most of the times , I have discovered it wasn’t even necessary to criticize in the first place.

I choose to love instead of hatred, because love gives me freedom and enlarges me whilst hatred imprisons and belittles me.

I choose to be rich instead of poverty, because I can affect and make the world a better place with my wealth than being poor.

I choose to live and not die no matter what, for a living dog is more useful than a dead lion.Hope is the currency only  for those who choose to live.

I choose to be resilient instead of cowardice ,because I will always come out stronger and better after each tribulation. 

I choose to freely give instead of hoarding, because givers tend to always have more than enough whilst those who keep back never seem to have enough.

I choose to be myself  instead of trying to be like others, because there is only one slot for an original on this planet.

I choose to be extraordinary instead of mediocrity, because it only takes a little extra to be great.

I choose to be sober instead of a wild lifestyle, because I don’t want to miss the best moments of my life.

For who I am today is a result of my choices yesterday. I have control over my future, to make it as good as it can be.

And it all depends on what I choose to do today.


Image credit: http://favim.com


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