The love and approval of a parent will save a child from most of the battles she would have to fight in her later  life.

A fathers instruction and good discipline will insulate a son from future troubles.

The people who really matters in our lives are mostly not seen, because they fit so perfectly.Never take them for granted , recognize  and honor them.

The most important things in life usually  cost almost nothing. A good wine may cost you a fortune, but a  good water costs nothing, Though water is by far superior to wine.

The best friends and family won’t cost you anything, they rather add to you.

There is no need to pretend, keep up appearance or impress others.Just be yourself, enjoy the gift of live each passing day

Give freely without holding back,forgive quickly and love completely.

Make thosewho surround you feel important, feel so wanted like you could not live a single day without them.

We all need somebody in our lives. We are only complete in the sum of  the  diversity  of each other

Even those who claim they have no need of others, still needs others around to prove to them that they have no need of them.

So in essence, we still need each other.

Guard your conscience, dont allow circumstances  to shut it up. Be Human, laugh, cry and live life to the fullest.

Guilt is only a sign that you can become better than you are today, not that you are good for nothing.

Failure is an indication that you have settled for far too less than your potential, and not that you are not good enough.

So buckle up and make your life here count.

And always remember that the things which truly matters most in life are already given to you.

And though they are priceless, it costs you nothing.




Image credit:www.farmlib.com



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