He stood in the dark alleys of the pub with one desire in mind:

To satisfy the strange desires of he has concealed for years

But something was breaking this determination,

He has been in this space before, only to give up at the last moment.

 But this night, it was different. He was too determined to let go.

He knew he had to shut down this inner adversary,

And call off the bluff at least for just once.


To him, he kept wondering, “why can’t I be like others?”

Why can’t I also have all the fun I deserve?

After all he has worked hard and earned the right to be happy

But the internal adversary enjoyed having the final say, always!

So he downed one glass of whisky, and then another, soon he realized this internal adversary was getting fainter with each single gulp.

Alas, he had figured out how to shut this loud taskmaster up

After the fifth glass, the internal adversary was totally numb


So with gait in his steps, he approached the most attractive girl at the pub,

After a period of talking and laughter between them, they left the pub with hands wrapped around each one.

Displaying the cheap form of love they have found in each other

He helped himself as much as he could, from the tainted cistern of his new found love.

That night was his best ever, according to his weak alcohol doused judgments


 Then he woke up in the morning, with the prized asset lying by his side.

Just then, his loud taskmaster, the internal adversary and bully had regained its voice,

It was so vicious in rebuking him for stooping so low into the embers of a loose life.

The taskmaster had taken over his short found joy, blocked his appetite and the desire to work

He knew what he had to do, and he also knew he didn’t have the strength to fight the taskmaster again.

So he gently sent away the cheap love he had found at the pub with some money meant to be seen as a token for her services.


He dragged himself to the shower, to wash away the stains and stench he suddenly felt.

He then fell on his knees, and by with the help of his taskmaster, asked God to forgive his foolishness

Soon, he felt a breeze of peace all over his body. He had discovered his joy again.

And from that moment he knew, that a war against his conscience, is never meant to be won.

The taskmaster, who is his conscience, will always will this war!


From the desk of ROL



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