Humanity today is like a desperate teenager trying to prove  to his parents that he can do it all without them.We have gone at lengths  to defy everything godly  and reason.

We continue to sink into the abyss of worthlessness, all in the bid to avoid any instruction from our maker, God.

We have rejected the solace of marriage between man and woman, and instead gone at lengths to legalize same sex marriage.

We have rejected relating to one another and rather taken comfort in our cell phones and virtual communities. We have become so selfish that we will kill one another to have it all, even if we don’t have use for it.

Yet when those typhoons, earthquakes and storms hit us, we find out that we do not have the control we so much proclaim we have,and that we need to turn to our Father, who has the whole world in His hands.

We are consoled, assured by our ever loving Father that He will never leave nor forsake us, and when the debris is cleared, the corpses buried and the tides settle,we start our rebellion all over again to prove that we do not need God.

Haven’t we gone too far as a people? Can’t we see that we are only chasing the wind?Don’t we feel we are losing our  very sense of humanity?Is this the kind of world we want to leave for our posterity? A world that has no value for human lives and no regard for the sacredness of a woman’s body?

Who gave us the rights to determine who should live and die? With the flimsiest of excuses, mothers happily abort the gift of life in their womb. We seem to be ever ready for the fun side  of life but never ready for the fights which come our way.

How do we justify that money ( made out of trees) is far superior to human lives? No, we never say it with our lips, but our actions overwhelmingly endorses this fact.

The world is almost choked with the obesity of man’s greed.Our environment stinks with the  defiant laurels of pollution we have brought on ourselves.Soon, human lives won’t matter more than animals.


But we have an opportunity to turn back to our Father once more, and like the prodigal son  confess that we have sinned against Him, ask for His forgiveness and yield our souls and will to Him.

For He knows us more than we know ourselves. He will guide us, restore us and bring meaning to our humanity.

From the desk of ROL







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