Many of us desire to look and feel good. The reason is simple; man is programmed to look at the outward appearance though God is more concerned with our inward appearance.

Of late, the consciousness of Health and Fitness keeps growing. A lot more people are hitting the gyms and being discretionary in their dieting, just to look good.

Of course research confirms that looking good enhances your career, marriage and social status. Even nice looking politicians get to benefit from their looks. It is human nature!

Someone once jokingly remarked that most of the world’s dictators were very ugly looking; maybe they took over power through the back door knowing very well that they might not stand a chance at an election because of their looks.

It is good to devote a lot of attention and effort to ensure we look our best physically, but we need not to forget that we are spirit beings, having a soul and temporarily living in bodies.

The complete man must ensure that all these other components are well kept in shape!


As earlier mentioned, regular exercise of your muscles with a good blend of healthy eating will ensure you are in the best of shape.

The best and healthiest foods are not always the tastiest. If we had our own ways, we would just stay with the junk, fatty and sugary foods. But we know it won’t end well, so we try to have some of the green stuff in our diets and embrace the pain of jogging, going to the gym etc.



Our spiritual being needs to be taken care of equally as well. The world we live in is a very intricate spiritual realm with a limited manifestation in the physical realm. All we see is not all thereof. As you grow up, you will discover that you don’t have answers to most of the things that happen around you. You will have t dig deeper into your inner being to find the peace, comfort and confidence to brace up world’s challenges. Otherwise you will become despondent, bitter and lose hope.

You won’t be able to become who God wants you to be without a strong spiritual connection. So dig deep and ensure you are not spiritually out of shape.

Ensure that prayer, meditation and fellowship is part your daily life to guarantee effective spirituality.


The mind is the operating manual for man’s life. Interestingly this manual is blank and needs to be continually filled and updated with the right knowledge to ensure man is able to operate at his optimum.

Organizations like schools are aimed to structure intellectual acquisition and developments. The main aims of schools are to equip us with the desire and skills for continuous seeking of knowledge.

Hence intellectual growth never ends, even after we graduate from college. It is a continuous journey which only ends when we are dead.

Nobody can be successful on his own; we are wired in such a way that our various strengths complement each other. Most of the challenges you will encounter in life has already been encountered by others and have mostly put them in books. By your association with people who have already gone ahead of you personally or via their books, you will be able to glean the requisite knowledge and expertise to become more effective and avoid unnecessary pitfalls.

Your ability to do this will ensure that you are not out of shape.


I am a firm believer in writing. I personally believe that you don’t start the journey of self discovery until you begin to write. Writing serves as an outlet for full expression of your emotions, thoughts, believes aspirations, values and everything that makes you who you are.

It also channels your creative powers in ways unimaginable. Writing triggers your sub conscious and opens dark and dormant doors in your mind in a way you never imagined.

There is so much to the thoughts which comes to your mind, and you are able to discover the full picture of those thoughts when you put ink on paper.

God led by example and wrote his thoughts and instructions into the Bible. We are able to enjoy the wisdom of great minds like Jim Rohm, Dale Carnegie, Zig Ziglar, Napoleon Hill, King Solomon etc. through the books they left with us

So arouse your creativity and start writing today. Never leave this earth without putting your thoughts into a book.


A complete man or woman is one who has consciously developed his spiritual, intellectual, physical and creative prowess. Don’t leave any of these out and you will be amazed the joy, fulfillment you will personally experience and the impact you will make in the lives of those who surround you.

Don’t be out of shape.


From the desk of ROL

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