As absurd as it may sound, the Bible is emphatic on the superiority of faith over money according to 1Peter 1:7.

So the question is why this truth continues to elude us? Personally I have struggled to come to terms with this statement if I consider that I spend most of my time chasing money.

Society judges your level of success in this life mainly by how much money you have accumulated and not the level of faith you have. We all have that innate desire to feel relevant hence we will do all it takes to have some money to show our worth.

Are we then focusing on the wrong things? I am sure we definitely are. Here are some of the reasons why we need to rather prioritize investing in building our faith rather than chasing money:



Money in itself has no value to us. We can’t, eat, wear or drive money. What it does is to serve as mediums of exchange to enable us get what we want. So the more we have it, the more we are able to get what we want in life. The truth is that there is a huge limitation to what money can acquire for us.

Money can only get us material possessions. Unfortunately apart from the fact that there is a limit to how much money you can get (knowing for a fact that many of us never have enough of money), our needs as humans far transcends the physical.

Man is a spirit, with a soul living in a body. All these components of man have needs which must be met on a daily basis.

Money will take care of the physical, but can’t nourish your soul and your spiritual needs. Faith is the only currency which can meet the desires of all the three components of man.

Remember that a false balance is an abomination. Many of us have become like a tricycle with two of its wheels malfunctioned, barely scrapping through the journey of life with one wheel. No wonder we have money but lack fulfillment and peace of mind. In our delusion, we believe that increasing the size of the physical wheel of the tricycle by acquiring more money will make up for the rest of the other two defective wheels, but unfortunately we discover to our utmost surprise that it never works that way.

Many people learn this bitter lesson on their death-bed, when it is too late.

You and I, as long as we have breath, have the opportunity to change this vicious cycle of misplaced priorities in order to live a full, balanced and fulfill lives.

It is interesting to mention the fact that even when it comes to meeting our physical needs, money still has some limitations.

For example, money can provide you with quality medical care, but not all sicknesses and diseases have cures. Many rich folk still die of all sorts of diseases. Each passing day, new strange diseases are discovered, most of them without cure. If you are lucky, those diseases could be managed to buy you a little more time to stay on this earth. Faith on the other can cure every disease, whether curable or incurable.

So if you desire total health, invest more in your faith instead of investing in acquiring money. The irony of life is that we incur most of our diseases in our bid to make money. We risk our health, adapt unhealthy lifestyle and compromise our values just to make some money, and then later in life, we spend all the money we have acquired to restore our health. It appears we are only playing a zero sum game.




Faith is the universal medium of exchange; including money.All the men of faith in the scriptures did not lack money by any means. Men like Abraham, Isaac and David were very rich. They knew that if they built their faith, the money would come. Chasing after money will always remain elusive.

Faith encourages the act of giving, which contrasts the logic of those desiring to accumulate wealth. It is the blessings of the Lord which makes one rich, without sorrows. Unfortunately you cannot tap into these blessings without faith, because we understand that without faith, it is impossible to please God. So focus on building your faith and the byproduct which is money will be yours anyway.

Have you ever thought of the fact that someone by faith can receive the car and the house you have worked your entire life to acquire?



The value of the money you have today will depreciate over time. I just can’t believe that my local currency has devalued by over 300% just over six years. Governments don’t have gold to back the paper money they continue printing. Hence inflation keeps growing and the wealth you accumulate loses value over time.

Faith however never depreciates. Your faith at the size of a mustard seed can move mountains and bring you breakthroughs unimaginable.

“A man of great faith with little money will accomplish far more in life than a man of little faith with much money”

Interestingly, God has given every man a measure of faith to build on.  You may not have any money today, but you have the free gift of faith, by which you can change your life for the better.

How do you then build on your faith? The Bible clearly outlines that Faith come by hearing and hearing the word of God (Romans 10:17). As you expose yourself to more of God’s word, you acquire more faith.

We are also admonished to build up our most holy faith by speaking in tongues.(Jude 1:20).Let the speaking of tongues be a daily lifestyle, allowing your spirit to download mysteries from the throne room of God, which strengthens and gives assurance in the midst of troubles, knowing that no matter what you will come out victorious.

Begin that journey of faith today.

God bless you


From the desk of ROL



NB: Image credits to google images



  1. Great nuggets of wisdom. You’ve hit the nail right on the head. I saw a message today about not losing grip on my salvation, which made take a break to really check my life. I’m I chasing vanity or eternity? The line in between them has seemed to disappear and so we continue chasing all the things which have zero survival rate in eternity. I pray God helps us see what’s most needful.

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