If you carefully reflect on what leadership is all about; you will realize that a leader is like a match stick which can create its own light. His followers are like candle sticks with the potential to sustain light but without the ability to generate light on their own.

Unfortunately if the match stick chooses to keep its own light and refuses to pass it on to the candles, it will soon burn out! Hence the reasonable thing for the match stick to do is to pass on its light to the candles, to keep the light shining.

The light (vision) of every leader must outlive him. The flames must be kept alive long after he is gone by the candles he has lit up. A leader who does not light up his candles will soon be forgotten.

No wonder Jesus spent a greater part of his ministry training His disciplines with one aim in mind: which was to light up their candles for them to continue the gospel He brought to the world.

More than two thousand years has since gone, and the gospel continues to be preached as the candles of one generation ensure they light up the candles of the next generation.

A candle light is expected to outshine and outlast the light of the match stick. Yet  you don’t expect the match stick to be angry because of the candle light. It should rather take pride in the fact that it provided the means for the candles to shine, and that without the match stick; the candle could never light on its own.

Jesus promised His disciples greater works than he did in John 14:12.



Every true leader’s aim is not to prove to his common followers that he is great, but to make his common followers great.


It is all about creating possibilities and enabling environment for your followers to succeed.A leader should never compete with his followers for relevance. Instead he should prove his relevance by dialing up the competitive urge in his followers to desire to be the best they can be.

There is a lot of chaos in today’s world because of lack of understanding of this basic truth.Hence leaders are refusing to pass on their lights to their candles, choosing to rather to die with their vision. Followers who have also had the privilege of having the light passed on to them do all they can to discredit their leaders, making it seem as if they caught the light all by themselves.

But you and I have the opportunity to make this world a better place by respecting and playing our various roles as match sticks, who gracefully pass on their lights to their candles to keep the light shining and as candles who show gratitude to the trailblazers that brought relevance into their lives by passing on their light to them.

God bless you


From the desk of ROL



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