Real Life is Full of Shit – A Message to College Graduates


Students leave college with huge  expectations from the world. That because they have put in the discipline and hours to become the outstanding resources they think they are, they deserve food and fruits from the world.

Unfortunately the world hardly works that way. Instead of fruits you will  be given seeds and instead of food you will get shit.In fact lots of shit.

But you don’t give up,complaining to everybody and playing the victim because all you got is some seeds and lots of shit.




To succeed, you need to take the shit, convert it to manure and use the manure to plant the seeds. In due time, the seeds will blossom into plants and begin to bear the fruits you so desire.

You can now eat some of the fruits,sell some of the fruits to make enough money to buy any food of your choice.


From the desk of ROL


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