There was this brother who always talked about his ambition to travel overseas, where he will find a better future and greener pastures. He made such an impression about his travel ambitions to the point that , people started calling him “Borga” 

Borga acquired a passport but for some strange reasons felt he could easily arrange  a fake Visa with the help of a notorious dealer popularly known as ‘connection man’ at a small fee.After all it was just a small sheet of paper. Besides he was horrified by all the stories of mean officials who refused most applicants visas without justifiable  cause. He was also scared he didn’t have a healthy bank account to merit a Visa.

Borga even shared on social media on his countdown to the USA. He received a lot of likes and congratulations.

Borga then went ahead to purchase tge air ticket with the fake Visa and secured some dollars from the bank with same.

Soon, he was strongly deluded that because he was able to get the applause of the public, purchase a ticket and secure dollars with the fake Visa, he was good to go.

He felt so proud of his ability of being able to ‘beat the system’. 

On the due date of his departure, he had a whole lot of family and friends seeing him off. Borga made it to the departure hall and everyone then assumed he was definitely going to make it to the USA.

He started the boarding procedure and finally got to the immigration booth. Upon careful examination of the Visa, it was detected to be a fake. Borga was moved to a detention room and after a series of questioning he confessed to the crime of visa fraud. He was then arraigned before a court and jailed for five years with hard labour. 

Many of us Christians today are like Borga. We profess a religion without the power thereof.Our itchy ears draws us to charlatans who only care about their bellies. These have a specialty at truncating the gospel and providing us with junk philosophies which sounds and feels so good.The type of theories which makes us feel we can live in rot and yet get our spot in heaven.

We show off our charisma in churches and live for the ‘feel good’ image of “a good Christian” The christianity tag attracts a lot of goodwill towards us including trust and public acceptance.

But deep down in us , we know that our contradictory lifestyle practiced in secrecy is a blatant insult to the omnipresence of God.

We go on with a superficial form of godliness with a couple of self-aggrandizing ‘good works’here and there till we  die one day.

Everybody around us is totally convinced that we are going to heaven. We are sent off with the grandest of funeral ceremonies ,heart touching preaching and odes from loved ones.

And then we come face to face with our maker with our fake visa of shallow lives and vain glory. He immediately detects it and sends us off into utter darkness with the tag “UNFAITHFUL AND LAWLESS SERVANT, I DONT KNOW YOU”

Let us not be like Borga, taking the grace and salvation of Christ for granted and making light of His love towards us. Let us therefore work out our own salvation with fear and trembling ,knowing that He   who has called us is faithful to perfect every good thing that concerns us.

Looking unto Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith, so that when all is said and done, we can say like Apostle  Paul that we have fought the good fight , and run the race, only awaiting our crowns of Glory as good and faithful servants of our Lord Jeaus Christ. 

God richly bless you

From the desk of ROL



  1. This is indeed a great piece. I enjoyed reading every bit of it. Christians, lets continue continue to worship our God with all might and strength and we will be delivered.

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  2. Indeed the parable of a fake visa. Same way counterfeit can be detected on earth – for Heaven it is far easily identified even before you get to Heavenly “immigration “. I will go for the Original. Go for Original Heaven identification also. Thank you ROL.

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