Many at times you find corporations, especially multinationals laying off workers on the basis of “they not being good enough” for the new direction the company wants to take.

Promising talents of yesterday all of a sudden become untrainable and not skilled enough. If they are lucky they are put on performance improvement  plans which eventually ends up “managing them out”

Such an experience can break your spirit and make you lose your confidence and self worth.

Let’s face the facts:There is nothing like a human being not good enough!Everybody is good enough and complete in their own rights.

The challenge has always been finding the field which matches up your skills, talents and passions.

Many of us settle in fields where we are able to do just enough as average performers. A couple of other however are never able to cope in fields which are not in synch with who they are. They are the ones who are tagged “non performers” and are kicked out by various means.

If you find yourself in such a situation, see yourself as very fortunate . Because you have been presented with a rare opportunity to go after what you rally love.

There is nothing wrong if you fail at your firstjob and even the next one.Keep searching until you find the job you are really good at!

The cocoa plant cannot grow on every soil. Rice thrives in waterlogged areas. Cotton requires dry environments. Every plant has a particular soil and climate it can thrive under.

On a soccer field, even an average football will be preferred to the best rugby ball.On a golf course, a golf ball, though very small will always be preferred to the best basketball.

It has got nothing to do with size or superiority. It all comes down to the right environments!

Man is no different ,you cannot thrive successfully in every environment.But there is a specific climate which will bring the best in you and move from a failure to a superstar.

So I challenge you that never give, keep walking, and with the guidance of mentors and the Holy Spirit,you will find the environment built just for you.

God richly bless you

From the desk of ROL



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