Four Reasons Why Money is a Woman

Money is one of the most powerful elements in the lives of mankind.Have you ever wondered  what the gender of money might be? I am inclined to believe that money belongs to the feminine side of things. Below are my reasons:


1. If you don’t take time to know her, you will never have her?

Most of the times I am so amazed when I discover how a lot people want to be rich but yet have little knowledge about money. There are proven ways on how money operates, how it behaves and how it multiplies. Therefore anyone who wants to harness the power of money must make a conscious effort to study and understand it.

Money is like a decent woman, you don’t just see her on the roadside and ask her to follow you to your house.

You have to spend time to know her, understand her dos and don’ts and many at times even adjust your own life patterns and make some personal sacrifices in order to please her. When you do that, there is a greater chance that that woman will fall in love with you and be yours forever.

So in essence if you want to have money, learn how to woo it.


2. If you don’t treat her right, She will leave you

There a countless stories of rich young people who lost their wealth and have nothing to show forth in their old age.

Money is not a loyal slave  but a decent partner who will only stick with those who can treat her right.

One of the key reasons why women dump their men is because of the claim that those men don’t know how to treat a woman.

Agree or not, there is a way to treat a woman. The Bible even admonishes men to dwell with their wives according to knowledge.

The same can be said of money. Learn how to treat it right. Study the perspective of billionaires like Warren Buffet on money. It is entirely different from what Hollywood portrays.

I recommend you read the book “The Millionaire Next Door” and “The Jewish Phenomenon”


3. If you ignore her, she would lose value/ depreciate

Money will  depreciate with time if it is not invested.Therefore anyone with the slightest financial acumen will put his money in the banks, buy some treasury bills or invest in some instrument or asset which will increase the value of his money over time

Same can be said of women. Women are like tender flowers, which require the utmost attention, love and approval from in order to flourish and become the best they can be.

Your status and wellbeing should rub positively on the woman in your life. Invest in her wardrobe, social , intellectual and spiritual wellbeing each passing day and you will be surprised how her value shoots up and brings a breath of warmth into your heart anytime you think of her.


4. If you invests it , you will be rewarded generously

It appears to me that the gifts of multiplication was bequeathed to the woman by the Almighty himself.

I believe men add but women multiply. With the tiniest of seed a man plants into a woman, her womb incubates it and churns out a new beautiful life.

A little investment into the life of a woman never goes to waste. Though it may take time, the yield will be awesome.

In the same way as monies invested properly will yield positive returns so is a woman. learn to invest an amount on a consistent basics and see how the power of compound interest can amass wealth for you in the later stages of your life.


So if you want to be wealthy and prosperous, you must treat money like a beautiful decent woman and you will never be poor in your life.

God bless you

From the desk of ROL


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