Zacchaeus was an amazing character by all standards. This was a guy who had everything going against him but yet managed to live a life of affluence and stamp his authority in his community.

You would expect a guy of his size to be bullied, intimidated and down trodden by his “normal size” neighbors. At best he should be a master of menial jobs and a clown who entertained the other privileged normal size colleagues.

But No! The dude was rich and powerful. So how did he build such wealth and affluence?

The narration about this peculiar character according to the book of Luke 19:2- 10 gives us glimpses of what made him such a success.

I must be quick to say that not all his methods were in line with the common moral good of humanity. It was clear from Luke 19: 8b that he might have cheated on some occasions to get what he had, but there ARE amazing positives about his life that legitimized his wealth and affluence.



Zacchaeus had one aim in mind, to see Jesus. He was prepared to do all it took to meet Jesus and was very successful at the end and even had more than what he anticipated; hosting Jesus in his home and receiving the gift of salvation.



The man Zacchaeus knew that height was not one of his strengths. Although he had a compelling desire to see the face of the wonder in town called Jesus, it was virtually impossible because he was too short. However Zacchaeus assessed his chances and knew that he could overcome his permanent height disadvantage by leveraging on his tree climbing prowess. So though on the ground he was the shortest, but on the tree he was the tallest and well positioned to see the face of the man he sought with all his heart.

So before you complain about your disadvantages and why you cannot achieve that dream of yours, look out for your tree and your start climbing now and you will be amazed how close and easy your breakthrough will come to your doorsteps!



Preparation is the singular most important ingredient in the food of champions. If you prepare, doors will open to you. Nobody can stop a man who is well prepared. Destiny favors the course of those who prepare well. Zacchaeus knew this too well and did exactly that to make it possible to meet Jesus.

Zacchaeus first of all surveyed and identified the route Jesus will be using on that fateful day. He then scouted and identified the tree what will aide him to gain height advantage. He also set off early way ahead of the crowd and Jesus’s entourage.

So whilst others, at the mercy of the sun and nostrils filled with dust were struggling and shoving each other to get a glimpse of the Messiah, Zacchaeus was patiently enjoying the breeze and the shade offered by the tree branches and humming joyfully “Today is my day”

And indeed it was his day. Jesus stopped right where Zacchaeus was hiding, obviously impressed by the sheer amount of work and preparation the little man has put into just catching a glimpse of him and decided to give him more than he could ever bargained for.

Jesus recognized him and called Zacchaeus by name, he spent the rest of his evening with him to the jealousy of the rich and mighty who couldn’t get Jesus attention.

Obviously Zacchaeus found all this love from Jesus overwhelming and was prepared to bless the poor and restore to his victims what he had ever extorted.

This is such a beautiful story that should inspire anyone with the desire to succeed.


From the desk of ROL



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