Reflections:Lessons of 2016 –Part 2

This is the concluding part of the blog “Reflections :Lessons of 2016”

If you haven’t already read the part one, you can access it via this link:


#Never Underestimate the Role of Family


This year I happened to be away from my family for a couple of months due to international assignments. It created such a void nothing else was good enough to fill whilst I was away. It dawned on me that I needed my family as much as they needed me. I dreaded weekends whilst I was away from them, because it compounded that sense of loneliness.

When my assignment was over, I hastily returned home with a revived sense of commitment towards my family.

It is rare to find meaning and purpose in the work we do, though our work gets the best part of our energies and talents. You will therefore need a balance with family. Devote more time to family and let every moment you spend with them count. You can always get a new job but not family, so don’t take them for granted. Never assume they would always be there. Create amazing memories which you can look back and smile one day.


 #Follow Your Passion



You are not complete until you find true expression for your passions. In many instances what we do for a living is entirely different from the things we are truly passionate about. It may not affect your effectiveness as a professional in any way. You may go on and become very successful in your career, but there will be a void left in you which no amount of appraisal and promotion can ever compensate.

It doesn’t necessarily mean you need to stop your job entirely (for the bills got to be paid), but rather make time to develop avenues for expressing what you are truly passionate about.

I have a passion for writing which I had shelved for years. This year I decided to apply some consistency to expressing my passion. I therefore took to blogging and it’s been an exciting journey so far with commendations from high level quarters of society I never envisaged ever getting their attention with my works. I have also successfully completed my first book which will be launched early 2017.The joy and satisfaction I derive from writing is inexplicable.

So what are you truly passionate about? Is it music? Teaching? Kids? Helping the vulnerable? Ministry? Higher Education? Becoming a media personality? Developing expertise in a field totally contrary to what you are currently doing? It is never too late. Put your mind and energies to it and see them come into fruition. It is then that you have truly started living.


#Find True Meaning in God


Life is meaningless without finding a place in God. He is the very foundation of our lives. For in Him we live and move and have our being. Don’t be deceived by all these people who put up appearance and pretend they have no need of God. All is not well with them, for such are slaves to all kinds of tendencies, with a sustained failed quest in finding solace in the creation instead of the creator.

Because that, when they knew God, they glorified him not as God, neither were thankful; but became vain in their imaginations, and their foolish heart was darkened. Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools,

Romans 1:21-22

They exchanged the truth of God for a lie, and worshiped and served created things rather than the Creator, who is forever worthy of praise! Romans 1:25

You can become very successful in life and still pursue the things of God. The likes of Daniel, who was found ten times better than his colleague governors, still served God very effectively in his days

So continue to serve God without any apology, use all your gifts, talents and substance to serve Him and advance the cause of the gospel, and He will bless you more than you can ever imagine.


#Self Discovery can Be Daunting


I had the opportunity to undergo an assessment by Young Samuel Chambers (YSC) as part my grooming for future leadership. This was to help me understand my strengths and development areas and to give me an idea of my natural tendencies as an individual

Overall my results were quite impressive and inspiring, but I was taken aback regarding some of the descriptions in line with my development areas. I felt scandalized and expressed my reservations to the assessor. After further deliberations I came to understand it was the true reflection of me.

Not so convinced, I gave the results to my wife for her independent assessment. It turns out that she also agreed at least 95% to what the assessment said about it.

As one of my directors puts it “The way you think you show up may be different from how people actually perceive you.

It is great to know others and build amazing relationships with them, but most importantly strive to know yourself. It can really be a daunting task.

This will involve getting feedback from all kinds of stakeholders (it should be a fair blend of those who like you and those who don’t like you much), having a mentor, undergoing psychometric tests (there are a couple of free ones on the internet if you can’t afford a paid service) and also seeing yourself in the mirror of God’s word.

Once you get all those feedbacks, do something about it, celebrate your strengths and improve on your development areas.

Most importantly be aware of your dark side and use wisdom to keep a lid on it. For it takes wisdom for the powerful Salt to avoid a swimming contest from the Shea butter.


#Nothing is Guaranteed, God is the Final Judge


2016 has been characterized by events which defy human expertise and predictions. Just to name a few, there was the Brexit, and then Donald Trump, the unlikeliest of candidates got elected as President of the United States over a “more qualified” Hillary Clinton. In fact the defeat of Hillary was sudden and humiliating to the point that it triggered mass protests from supporters who were too sure that Hillary’s presidency was a done deal.

Then in Africa, Yahya Jammeh, the President of Gambia for the past 22 years got the shock of his life when he was beaten to pulp in their recent election. The dude is still bathing in an acidic cocktail of shock and denial he may never recover.

Finally there was the Mahama Shock in Ghana. I have never seen a ruling party so sure of victory than the Mahama administration, In fact they launched Campaigns big Multinationals in Ghana will struggle to match, with the face of our honorable President littered all over the country.

Some traditional chiefs even put their chieftaincy on the line and promised to step down if Mahama doesn’t win the election.

To them it wasn’t the question of whether they would win or not, but rather by what margin they were going to win. I for once doubted the chances of the opposition, but the NDC had a rude awakening by the 8th of December, when it was clear that they had suffered their greatest election defeat ever.

Fast forward, Nana Addo, at age 72, is now President Elect after 8 years of pursuit.

The lesson in all these is that God is the final judge of all flesh. He chooses to lift up one and puts down another. He shows mercy to whom he would show mercy and shows compassion to who he would.

Thus says the LORD, “Let not a wise man boast of his wisdom, and let not the mighty man boast of his might, let not a rich man boast of his riches. – Jeremiah 9:23

So in conclusion don’t judge, don’t condemn, don’t write anybody off, and don’t undermine anyone. You are not God, You are only a man. Treat everyone with respect and dignity, irrespective of their position in life today.

God bless you for your wonderful support in 2016. I wish you the best of this festive season

See you in 2017.


From the desk of ROL


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4 thoughts on “Reflections:Lessons of 2016 –Part 2

  1. Drank in every piece of wisdom in here. I’ve always thought I’d have to quit the job I’m doing to pursue my passion. But I’m glad I can pursue career, calling and passion at the same time. God is indeed supreme over all. I look forward to reading your book.


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