Imagine you just bought a new cab, went ahead and handed it over to a driver. Your expectation is that this cab will generate revenue and at least you will reap the investment you made in a couple of years .

So this cab driver starts working, all seems to be going on very well, he enjoys the bragging rights of having the latest cab in town and is making good money.

But then after a while the cab starts developing problems, the driver  in the spirit of ownership and responsibility, tries to solve the car problems on his own. After all he feels it is his own, he drives it anywhere he wants and takes care of it according to his own terms.

After a while, the taxi driver realizes that he does not have the capacity to deal with the problems the car keeps throwing at him. So he decides to end it all- set fire to the cab and burns it all to ashes. After all, No cab, no trouble.


How will you feel as the cab owner, when you get to know that the asset you invested in has been burnt to ashes by the person you hired to take care of it?

I guess you will be so much incensed and demand that the driver pay back your asset in full. The cab driver is likely to find himself behind bars for such unpardonable offense.

Bottom line is the fact that, though he drives and keeps the car most of the times, that doesn’t make it his own, so he has no right whatsoever to decide to destroy the car  no matter his “genuine” reasons.

In the same vein, our lives does not belong to us, we are mere stewards of the body and life God has bestowed unto us.  The good book is very emphatic about this:

You are not your own; You were bought at a price. Therefore glorify God with your body.… I Corinthians 6:19c-20

The least you could do if you encounter challenges is to go back to the one who gave you the privilege of life and admit that you don’t know what to do with the very gift he has given to you. I can assure you that He will help you and make something beautiful out of it.

So lets stop this pathetic illusion that we are in charge of our own lives. We are absolutely not.

 We are in the era of “Self” where you hear phrases like “self made”. This breeds a sense of pseudo control, craving to be able to make everything go our own way. But as you grow, you will discover that this is far from the truth.



There is nothing wrong for you to strive for a progressive, happy and perfect life, but if things don’t seem to work out and you feel you are overwhelmed with the cocktail of disappointments life throws at you, just run to the master for a bail out.

Even giant corporations often run to the Government for a bailout when they have hit rock bottom. Obama did same for the Auto Industry in the United States of America during the recent  economic recession.

Huge banks in Europe, who are supposed to be experts with money, end up falling flat on the canvas of economic uncertainties once in a while, and are only revived through bailouts from their Government.

Why would the Government be willing to sustain such industries who mess up? It is because the Government takes pride and glory in such entities- at least they provide jobs for the citizens and pay their taxes to Government.

Similarly, Gods greatest desire is for us to glorify Him with our lives and is always prepared to rescue us when we mess up it all up.

I remember that in my early 20’s I went through one of my darkest moments in life. I was depressed, hear-broken and suffered rejection when I needed those I called my friends the most. I couldn’t think straight. Thoughts of ending it all kept playing in my mind. I remember one time I was walking by the banks of the Volta ,I saw the river flowing with such gusto, and I thought to myself, just one jump and I would be free from my sorrows. But somehow, I just walked past it and returned to my closet. I even wanted to resort to alcohol and other vices to help ease my pain, but deep within me, I kept hearing a voice that I am more than these things.  I decided to turn my sleepless nights into prayer and meditating the word of God. It took longer than I thought, but I was completely healed, set free and had my right frame of mind back.


Looking back it would be the most stupid decision I could have taken. I just smile and wonder what was wrong with me at that time. It wasn’t worth me losing a hair, much more my life.

I would encourage anyone going through bouts of depression and mental instability to seek counsel, talk to someone experienced who can identify with your pain. Also use that pain to build a renewed stronger connection with God. Pour out your heart to Him. There is no need to pretend you are on top when you know you are sinking. It won’t be easy, but gradually you would come out of it.

May God strengthen and give you the understanding that the life he has given you is full of His glory, and that no matter what you are going through, He is your ever present help.

So don’t ever think of ending something that does not belong to you in the first place,  go to the owner of your life in prayer and gladly accept your bailout package.


From the desk of ROL



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