Let me tell you the story of an incident which happened over a decade ago.
I had completed my high school education and seeking the productive use of the idle time I had till University admissions begin.

I started working as a pupil teacher in Kpobiman, a village in the outskirts of Accra and later moved to my alma mater in mainland Nsawam as a primary 2 school teacher.

The experience was great as I found the curious kinds exciting to be with. I wrote poems for them, organized all sorts of competition,ranging from quiz, music, football, beauty contest,etc. to make learning more fun.

All of a sudden those kids who never liked learning started taking their lessons seriously. The truants started becoming punctual.Parents often times came to personally thank me for the improvement they are seeing in their kids.

But in all these, there was a big problem on my hand;the sheer jealousy of a senior pupil teacher, who had about twenty years of experience under his belt. In fact, he had taught me at a point when I was in primary school back then.
His problem was that he couldn’t accept the fact that,someone he taught as a kid is now rubbing shoulders with him as a staff.

This man maligned me on a daily basis, concocted all sorts of theories about how I was negatively influencing the kids with my attitude,dressing etc. The headmaster began to get tired of the man’s incessant complaints and once called me to his office and said to me” Roland, I know you are a great chap, just ignore the old man and do your job”

The senior pupil teacher kept his barrage of lies about me until one day, when it was two days to vacation, he invited me to his desk. He said to me” let me be very blunt with you, your performance as a pupil teacher has been very abysmal, there have been lots of calls by the other staff and parents that you should be sacked, I am just coming from the headmaster’s office who sought my counsel on what to do with you.
The good news is that I have managed to plead on your behalf that you should be given another term as a teacher. Within this period I am personally going to coach, guide and mentor you and bring some sanity into you to enable you become an effective teacher” I smiled broadly, knowing that all what he was saying were lies and thanked him anyway for his”fatherly gesture of having my back”

Then the D day came, it was vacation time, after the kids were dispersed from assembly, I walked with swag to the man’s desk and said” ” can I have a quick word with you” he said” sure, I am there for you, little brother” .I then mentioned to him that I wasn’t coming back to the school the following term because I was leaving for the University the following week to pursue a BSc. in Engineering.

The man’s jaws dropped and couldn’t utter a word for a minute. I thanked him for ” all he had done” for me and left him to drool.

So you see, he was maligning me all these while because he thought I had the same ambitions as he. He wasn’t feeling comfortable because of all the attention I was getting, so thought it was his divine right to “pull me down”
What he didn’t get was that I wasn’t aiming for crumbs in life, I have my eyes on owning the bakery itself and having loaves of bread for myself and those who come my way.

You will meet such people at your workplace, who will try and malign you because of their insecurities. Their insecurities are borne out of their own incompetence. Instead of investing time to improve themselves, they will rather direct their attention to discredit you and make you look bad in front of key stakeholders.
What they don’t get is that, it is just a transition , you are like an aeroplane, after you taxi for a while, you will take off the ground and take your place in the skies.

So allow them to bark , for they are crumbs dogs.
Go for the loaf and don’t stop until you own the bakery itself.

From the desk of ROL
#rolandoforispeaks #366WisdomKeys


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