The mid eighties was extremely difficult period for my mum, a failing marriage stared in her face, she looked beaten down physically and psychologically, aside these she also bore the heavy scars of the trying economic challenges Ghana was facing at the time.

For her, the only way out of this ridicule was divorce, after all our elders say, “if you go and it doesn’t work out, come back home”

 By the stroke of a miracle, the family elders managed to reunite my mum and dad again, and then I was conceived, hell broke loose between my parents again and within some few months, each defaulted to their previous stance of divorce.

My mum was still young, and still had her life ahead of her; the only challenge was that she was pregnant. She knew how to take care of such “nuisance situations” so she decided to get rid of me and move on with her life. 

One evening her curiosity was drawn to a group of Pentecostals who were evangelizing on our streets, she listened to the program intently and then gave her life to Christ. That was how I missed the cruel appointment with the abortion specialist the following day.

My mum was now saved and with a renewed sense of hope she decided to keep her pregnancy, endure the ridicule, hardship and give birth to me that fateful Sunday on November.

At the end my parents finally got divorced a few years after I was born, each going on to pursue what they felt was the best use of their life on this earth.

But I was given a chance to life by a determined mother, something that gives me the assurance that I am here for a particular reason.  Today, mum sees me and she is proud of me, she is eternally grateful for not disposing me in her heightened peak of pain and inconvenience.

I just want to encourage you not to make “obvious and convenient decisions in your life” to fuel short term interests. It is not whether you feel it is your right, choice, etc., but whether it is in line with the word of God. What you consider today as inconvenience may be your only breakthrough tomorrow. So live by conviction, not by convenience.

Allow God to take the wheel of your life today, despite the struggles you are going through and you will be glad you did if you look back in the future.


 From the desk of ROL

God bless you

#rolandoforispeaks #366WisdomKeys




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