Let me tell you the story of an incident which happened over a decade ago.
I had completed my high school education and seeking the productive use of the idle time I had till University admissions begin.

I started working as a pupil teacher in Kpobiman, a village in the outskirts of Accra and later moved to my alma mater in mainland Nsawam as a primary 2 school teacher.

The experience was great as I found the curious kinds exciting to be with. I wrote poems for them, organized all sorts of competition,ranging from quiz, music, football, beauty contest,etc. to make learning more fun.

All of a sudden those kids who never liked learning started taking their lessons seriously. The truants started becoming punctual.Parents often times came to personally thank me for the improvement they are seeing in their kids.

But in all these, there was a big problem on my hand;the sheer jealousy of a senior pupil teacher, who had about twenty years of experience under his belt. In fact, he had taught me at a point when I was in primary school back then.
His problem was that he couldn’t accept the fact that,someone he taught as a kid is now rubbing shoulders with him as a staff.

This man maligned me on a daily basis, concocted all sorts of theories about how I was negatively influencing the kids with my attitude,dressing etc. The headmaster began to get tired of the man’s incessant complaints and once called me to his office and said to me” Roland, I know you are a great chap, just ignore the old man and do your job”

The senior pupil teacher kept his barrage of lies about me until one day, when it was two days to vacation, he invited me to his desk. He said to me” let me be very blunt with you, your performance as a pupil teacher has been very abysmal, there have been lots of calls by the other staff and parents that you should be sacked, I am just coming from the headmaster’s office who sought my counsel on what to do with you.
The good news is that I have managed to plead on your behalf that you should be given another term as a teacher. Within this period I am personally going to coach, guide and mentor you and bring some sanity into you to enable you become an effective teacher” I smiled broadly, knowing that all what he was saying were lies and thanked him anyway for his”fatherly gesture of having my back”

Then the D day came, it was vacation time, after the kids were dispersed from assembly, I walked with swag to the man’s desk and said” ” can I have a quick word with you” he said” sure, I am there for you, little brother” .I then mentioned to him that I wasn’t coming back to the school the following term because I was leaving for the University the following week to pursue a BSc. in Engineering.

The man’s jaws dropped and couldn’t utter a word for a minute. I thanked him for ” all he had done” for me and left him to drool.

So you see, he was maligning me all these while because he thought I had the same ambitions as he. He wasn’t feeling comfortable because of all the attention I was getting, so thought it was his divine right to “pull me down”
What he didn’t get was that I wasn’t aiming for crumbs in life, I have my eyes on owning the bakery itself and having loaves of bread for myself and those who come my way.

You will meet such people at your workplace, who will try and malign you because of their insecurities. Their insecurities are borne out of their own incompetence. Instead of investing time to improve themselves, they will rather direct their attention to discredit you and make you look bad in front of key stakeholders.
What they don’t get is that, it is just a transition , you are like an aeroplane, after you taxi for a while, you will take off the ground and take your place in the skies.

So allow them to bark , for they are crumbs dogs.
Go for the loaf and don’t stop until you own the bakery itself.

From the desk of ROL
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The day that Kwame dreaded finally came. His boss ,Hayford called him to his office one Friday afternoon and after the usual pleasantries told him bluntly that he will be laid off due his non performance.
Kwame was dejected and stood speechless for over a minute. Of course he has given his all as a young sales executive in one of the FMCGs, just that the results haven’t favored him. He has failed to hit a single monthly target for the past one year. He was put on performance improvement plan 6 months ago, given the necessary coaching but to no avail. So per the company’s policy he had to go!

His boss put his hand around his shoulder and said to him” I am only freeing you up for greater things, you will thank me later for doing this”. The boss then invited Kwame to spend his Saturday with him. 

By 8am the next day, Kwame was at the house of his boss. They drove to the golf course to meet Hayford’s friends. Hayford then pulled out a tennis ball and asked his friends to use for the golfing that day. They all started ridiculing him and said that the work stress was getting to his head

One friend retorted, a tennis ball is completely useless in this environment. We will rather prefer an average golf ball to the best tennis ball here!Kwame couldn’t help but to also join in the giggling.

His boss later pulled out the golf balls and played a successful tournament with his friends.

After the tournament Hayford asked Kwame , “so what did you learn from my encounter with my friends this morning?”
Kwame replied, ” the best resource will still be seen as useless if it finds itself in the wrong environment”
Hayford grinned and said to Kwame, you are spot on, little brother. Now this is what I wanted to teach you. You have been laid off not because you don’t have the talents to be successful, but because this our environment is not suitable for you. Go out there keep searching till you discover the right environment for your talents.

Ten years down the line, Kwame is now a top investment banker in London, far richer than Hayford. The last time they met at a business forum, Kwame was full of gratitude to Hayford for getting rid of him at that stage of his life. He said to Hayford, “I am a superstar at my investment banking firm and handling multi billion deals across the world.

Kwame even booked a two-week all expense paid trip for Hayford and his family as a token of appreciation.


Never doubt yourself or your abilities for a second. There is nothing wrong with you. If you are not productive at this stage in your life, it is because you have not found the right environment to bring the best in you.

So don’t settle for an average life. Stop playing in shallow waters. Stop thriving in places where you are only tolerated .Keep searching for the right environment until you find yourself in circles where you are celebrated for the talents and gifts God has endowed you with.
Never give up on yourself. The world can’t wait to celebrate you. 

From the desk of ROL

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Hard Work vs. Prayer- Which is the Most Important?

One day a young man walked to a godly rich man and asked him? If I want to succeed in life,which one is more important: Prayer or hard work?
The rich man smiled and asked the young man to follow him to his backyard garden. There he pointed to a young unhealthy plant and then fetched a cup of fertilizer. He then asked the young man, which of the two must I focus on in order to get bumper harvest from this plant in the future? The young man replied that he will need both the plant  and the fertilizer. He continued to explain that the plant was looking unhealthy because it lacked some essential nutrients and if the old man nurtures the ailing plant with the fertilizer, it will recover and blossom into full strength.

The old man then said, my son, you are right! As much as a plant requires fertilizer to provide the essential nutrients it lacks for it to fully blossom, hard work will also require prayer for it to fully pay off.

So you cannot substitute one for the other. Prayer without hard work is just a self tickling exercise. It will make you feel good but you will be unproductive and poor.If you pack loads of fertilizers without ever applying them to the plants, it will only occupy space.

On the other hand,hard work without prayer opens you up for the negative elements of this world to annul your efforts and limit your potential, just like the young tree which was not looking healthy because it was trying to depend on the scanty nutrients in its surroundings to grow.

So work with all your might and pray with all your heart.

Unleash the power of prayer unto the soil of your efforts and see God make something beautiful with your life.

From the desk of ROL

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Imagine you just bought a new cab, went ahead and handed it over to a driver. Your expectation is that this cab will generate revenue and at least you will reap the investment you made in a couple of years .

So this cab driver starts working, all seems to be going on very well, he enjoys the bragging rights of having the latest cab in town and is making good money.

But then after a while the cab starts developing problems, the driver  in the spirit of ownership and responsibility, tries to solve the car problems on his own. After all he feels it is his own, he drives it anywhere he wants and takes care of it according to his own terms.

After a while, the taxi driver realizes that he does not have the capacity to deal with the problems the car keeps throwing at him. So he decides to end it all- set fire to the cab and burns it all to ashes. After all, No cab, no trouble.


How will you feel as the cab owner, when you get to know that the asset you invested in has been burnt to ashes by the person you hired to take care of it?

I guess you will be so much incensed and demand that the driver pay back your asset in full. The cab driver is likely to find himself behind bars for such unpardonable offense.

Bottom line is the fact that, though he drives and keeps the car most of the times, that doesn’t make it his own, so he has no right whatsoever to decide to destroy the car  no matter his “genuine” reasons.

In the same vein, our lives does not belong to us, we are mere stewards of the body and life God has bestowed unto us.  The good book is very emphatic about this:

You are not your own; You were bought at a price. Therefore glorify God with your body.… I Corinthians 6:19c-20

The least you could do if you encounter challenges is to go back to the one who gave you the privilege of life and admit that you don’t know what to do with the very gift he has given to you. I can assure you that He will help you and make something beautiful out of it.

So lets stop this pathetic illusion that we are in charge of our own lives. We are absolutely not.

 We are in the era of “Self” where you hear phrases like “self made”. This breeds a sense of pseudo control, craving to be able to make everything go our own way. But as you grow, you will discover that this is far from the truth.



There is nothing wrong for you to strive for a progressive, happy and perfect life, but if things don’t seem to work out and you feel you are overwhelmed with the cocktail of disappointments life throws at you, just run to the master for a bail out.

Even giant corporations often run to the Government for a bailout when they have hit rock bottom. Obama did same for the Auto Industry in the United States of America during the recent  economic recession.

Huge banks in Europe, who are supposed to be experts with money, end up falling flat on the canvas of economic uncertainties once in a while, and are only revived through bailouts from their Government.

Why would the Government be willing to sustain such industries who mess up? It is because the Government takes pride and glory in such entities- at least they provide jobs for the citizens and pay their taxes to Government.

Similarly, Gods greatest desire is for us to glorify Him with our lives and is always prepared to rescue us when we mess up it all up.

I remember that in my early 20’s I went through one of my darkest moments in life. I was depressed, hear-broken and suffered rejection when I needed those I called my friends the most. I couldn’t think straight. Thoughts of ending it all kept playing in my mind. I remember one time I was walking by the banks of the Volta ,I saw the river flowing with such gusto, and I thought to myself, just one jump and I would be free from my sorrows. But somehow, I just walked past it and returned to my closet. I even wanted to resort to alcohol and other vices to help ease my pain, but deep within me, I kept hearing a voice that I am more than these things.  I decided to turn my sleepless nights into prayer and meditating the word of God. It took longer than I thought, but I was completely healed, set free and had my right frame of mind back.


Looking back it would be the most stupid decision I could have taken. I just smile and wonder what was wrong with me at that time. It wasn’t worth me losing a hair, much more my life.

I would encourage anyone going through bouts of depression and mental instability to seek counsel, talk to someone experienced who can identify with your pain. Also use that pain to build a renewed stronger connection with God. Pour out your heart to Him. There is no need to pretend you are on top when you know you are sinking. It won’t be easy, but gradually you would come out of it.

May God strengthen and give you the understanding that the life he has given you is full of His glory, and that no matter what you are going through, He is your ever present help.

So don’t ever think of ending something that does not belong to you in the first place,  go to the owner of your life in prayer and gladly accept your bailout package.


From the desk of ROL



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TIME NO DEY: Eulogy to Eugene Arthur

“For He Himself knows our frame; He is mindful that we are but dust. As for man, his days are like grass; As a flower of the field, so he flourishes. When the wind has passed over it, it is no more”

Psalm 103:14-16

Events in the past days has made me gone blank, finding it extremely difficult to process it all. It is like trying to restart a faulty computer over and over without any success.

It doesn’t add up in any way, and I find it very difficult to attribute to it to God’s will, because I know that it is not his will for anyone to die in his or her prime.

It’ been just over seven years ago since we met as the proud finalists among many applicants for the Diageo Management Trainee programme in 2010. We instantly struck a chord of friendship, you being quite amazed at my choice of words in articulating my views, whilst I found your condor and “plain plain” approach to dealing with issues quite fascinating

We have all matured into playing key roles for our employer over the years. We got married around the same period and all have amazing kids we can’t stop talking about.

There is always a calmness in your approach to solving difficult issues. There have been several occasions I walked to your desk in my full elements, vividly agitated by some payment issues but you always made the problem look easier than I thought and always found a solution.

I, on the other hand have always been a culprit of the numerous POLO requirements. I am a regular receipient of those emails. You walked to my desk just a few days ago to resolve a particular outstanding issue when you realized I wasn’t forthcoming with its closure.

There are too much memories between us, which time won’t permit me to outline.

Friday 3rd March was the internal launch of “Osagyefo”. You were  so full of life and vibrant that you started your celebration way before you set off to the workplace. At the end of the day, there  was the usual “thank God for the long weekend” and “Chaley  we go crush next  week”, “Greetings to the family” chats.

Little did I know that it would be the last time we saw each other.

In all these I ask myself, so who bears the brunt of your demise most?

Your employer has lost a true gem, but the truth is that big multinationals are wired to survive irrespective of what happens, so I guess work will still go on without any visible interruption.

We your friends are devastated and totally broken, no words can describe how we feel, but we will try and move on as the weeks go by.

It is your family who will suffer the most, to some you were a true son, a big brother and an inspiration. Your name surfaced anytime the old men and women gathered, talking about their children who have brought honor to the Arthurs’ family name.

As for your wife and daughter, I can’t find words to describe what they are going through at this stage. The mere fact that your little princess will be patiently waiting every weekend by the windows to hear the screeching sound of Daddy’s car, the embrace of your warm hands and for her to tirelessly narrate all what she has done throughout the week to your patient ears, only to be told that Daddy is not coming is devastating enough.

I pray God give your wife the courage and strength needed  and protect your family, so that whatever you might have loved to do for them will come to pass in greater folds.

Your death has given me a renewed urge to question myself again about why I  am here, how I spend my time and the choices I make going forward. One thing is obvious, Time No Dey. Our lives are just too fragile to procrastinate on our dreams, hate or fight each other. We must let every moment count and love each other.

May your soul rest in Perfect Peace, Eugene Wiabo- Arthur and May the Good Lord keep you till we meet again.




From the desk of ROL 


You have to love your haters. When Jesus said this, he wasn’t messing around with his disciples but meant every word!

It took me a very long while to appreciate this phenomenal statement from our Lord and Master.

Now here s the catch:

Haters are only indicators of your blessings. They serve as the aroma of the blessings God has prepared for you.


Interestingly haters have the rare ability to sense your blessings before you do, and most of the times without any provocation; they will come at you with all they have.

But your job is not to fight back and start hating on them as well. After all what will you get trying to trap the aroma of a food?

Instead have a renewed sense of curiosity to search and locate the blessings coming your way.

So appreciate your haters, for they will always bring to your attention whatever blessing is happening in your blind side.


Remember the favourite Psalm?

Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies: Psalm 23:5a

Yeah! Your table will always attract your enemies. So don’t lose sleep over your enemies, don’t lose your appetite, for you’ve got some good food at your table to take care of.


What can I say? Bon appetite and see you at the top


God bless you.

From the desk of ROL




Its been a year since I took to blogging . Its been a awesome and fulfilling journey on a personal level. 2017 will bigger and better  as I continually seek to provoke and inspire people for their  personal development in every facet of their lives through my writings.


Before I share my first blog in 2017, I feel the need to acknowledge a few bloggers in whose work I have found inspiration in 2016.

#1  Josephine Amoako, a graduate of University of Ghana of  who in her own words is Born to Write, On a Mission to Inspire” I believe she fulfils her mission quite well. Thanks for being a blessing in so many ways to me in my blogging journey. You can access her blog via the link:

#2  Wilhemina Mawuenam Agbozo, an IT support engineer who enjoys reading, writing, singing and dancing. Mimi believes that you must “Love what you do”. Her passion can be felt though her works. Thanks for always finding the time to review my blogs and commenting. Just to let you know that you commented the most on my blogs in 2016. I really appreciate it. Check out Mimi’s blog  via:

#3 Ufuoma is a young professional, a social entrepreneur and founder/CEO of Fair Life Africa Foundation.  Motivated by her passion for God, she has chosen to give back to the less privileged, through social care initiatives run by Fair Life Africa. Thanks for your inspired blogs which are full of Godly insight and depth. Check out her beautiful blog via:

#4 Kim Sweeting, a  minister of the word and a professional coach ,resident at the Bahamas who love to communicate with people in ways that help them to grow spiritually, develop personally, and live effectively, i.e., according to God’s purpose, plans, and principles in all areas of their lives.Her concise posts are such a blessing to me. Visit her blog at

#5 My latest addition is Gleaning the Scriptures .A blog dedicated to bring the word of God to life in a practical and personal way in the lives of believers. You can check out the blog at

May you all receive greater insights and continue to be a blessing to myself and others  who will be fortunate to discover the treasures you have.

Have a prosperous 2017 and God richly bless you all


From the desk of ROL




You will hardly come across any employee who is content with his salary. It is generally accepted that never earning enough is a risk which comes with choosing to work for others instead of working for yourself.

The fact is that your employer may not know the expenses you have to incur in order to be an effective employee (the truth is that they are not interested in knowing).

A salary that looks good today will soon wane in the course of time simply because your expenses will always increase faster than the rate at which your salary is increased. This makes life nearly impossible without falling in debts for most of your corporate life.

So the question is “How then do you increase your earning power as an employee?

JETZT beraten lassen !


An extra job, whether formal or informal, will always guarantee extra income. The easiest options are to do something in line with the company you work for. For example if you work for an FMCG, starting a wholesale or retail business that deals in your products will not be out of place. If you are in the services industry, you can tailor your own services, targeting start ups and small & medium scale businesses. An extra two hours a day you will invest will go a long way to help sharpen your skills and make you better understand the needs of these clients. Above all you will be surprised how your earning power will take shape and provide you with financial freedom you never envisaged.

You can also sell home consumables to your colleagues at work. If you work for a corporation which has over 500 employees, you are sitting on a goldmine! There are basic amenities everyone needs in their homes- e.g. soap, diapers, dressed, perfumes etc.. Just invest your salary in purchasing them bulk and sell to your colleagues. There are a lot of applications like Whatsapp and Facebook you can employ to create awareness without being too overt and offending your employer.

If you can also secure an extra job over the weekends or in the nights, why not?

So start raking in the extra income now.


Business handshake



Promotion at work usually comes with increased earnings. You need to be clear with your boss if you work in a structured organization on what it takes for you to earn your next promotion. Once you are clear, work tirelessly with the support of your line manager, coaches and mentors and the promotion will come quicker than you envisaged.

Never assume that once you work hard, the promotion will come. Let your employers know that you have hunger and drive to take on bigger challenges and do well to back it up with diligence, stakeholder management and building the right relationships and I can assure you that the extra bucks will flow!




Gone were the days when loyalty was such a big deal to the corporate world. Sticking with one corporation till retirement came with huge incentives and guaranteed progression. Today it means very little, if any. Employees who change jobs are likely to earn way more than those who stick to one job. This is because; the new employers are always willing to pay a premium, above the market average in order to attract experienced talents. The new enhanced salary now serves as the basis for negotiation if another employer comes knocking on your doors.

On the other hand if you choose to stay in your current job, you will receive those minimal increments, normally at par with inflation, therefore producing a zero sum game. You can be the best employee, but your colleague whom you may describe as only average will end up earning far more than you by just changing a couple of jobs. The sad thing is that even if your colleague chooses to come back to his former employer, he will be paid a higher salary than what he was previously earning, Meaning that he will still earn far more than you do.

Lastly those who change jobs are viewed by employers as having a wider breadth of experiences which should always come in handy when the dynamics of the business changes. They are also regarded as bold, confident and risk takers. These are leadership traits employers will pay more for.

So look sharp and weigh your options. But if you are happy with your nokofio, please don’t bother. Enjoy your monthly peanuts and wait for that glorious retirement, if only your employers will deem you useful enough to accommodate you for over thirty years!





The good book admonishes us to ask and it shall be given to us. Sometimes the only thing that stands in your way to earning more is just asking.

Be confident and engage your employer in a polite way if you feel your salary is woefully inadequate. The worse that can happen is for your employer to say no. But trust me, if you are very good at what you do, they will think of it and meet you at least halfway. During the annual salary review, you are likely to be given the upper range of increase.

Always go into such “ASK” conversations with facts about colleagues doing similar work within the company or even outside that earn considerably higher amounts than you. Be polite, don’t be confrontational, ask the right questions and enjoy watching the discomfort and guilt of your employer.

Also note that once you start asking for your fair share of the pie, you are seen as someone who the corporation is at risk of losing. Trust me; corporations don’t like to lose their top employees to others, especially to their competition. It casts a snare on their image especially when they are market leaders and tout themselves as the employer of choice.

So why don’t you take advantage of the corporate world’s basic instincts of pride and jealousy and get what you want?

So you now know. Do well to let me know your personal experiences as you apply the above.


From the desk of ROL











Four Reasons Why Money is a Woman

Money is one of the most powerful elements in the lives of mankind.Have you ever wondered  what the gender of money might be? I am inclined to believe that money belongs to the feminine side of things. Below are my reasons:


1. If you don’t take time to know her, you will never have her?

Most of the times I am so amazed when I discover how a lot people want to be rich but yet have little knowledge about money. There are proven ways on how money operates, how it behaves and how it multiplies. Therefore anyone who wants to harness the power of money must make a conscious effort to study and understand it.

Money is like a decent woman, you don’t just see her on the roadside and ask her to follow you to your house.

You have to spend time to know her, understand her dos and don’ts and many at times even adjust your own life patterns and make some personal sacrifices in order to please her. When you do that, there is a greater chance that that woman will fall in love with you and be yours forever.

So in essence if you want to have money, learn how to woo it.


2. If you don’t treat her right, She will leave you

There a countless stories of rich young people who lost their wealth and have nothing to show forth in their old age.

Money is not a loyal slave  but a decent partner who will only stick with those who can treat her right.

One of the key reasons why women dump their men is because of the claim that those men don’t know how to treat a woman.

Agree or not, there is a way to treat a woman. The Bible even admonishes men to dwell with their wives according to knowledge.

The same can be said of money. Learn how to treat it right. Study the perspective of billionaires like Warren Buffet on money. It is entirely different from what Hollywood portrays.

I recommend you read the book “The Millionaire Next Door” and “The Jewish Phenomenon”


3. If you ignore her, she would lose value/ depreciate

Money will  depreciate with time if it is not invested.Therefore anyone with the slightest financial acumen will put his money in the banks, buy some treasury bills or invest in some instrument or asset which will increase the value of his money over time

Same can be said of women. Women are like tender flowers, which require the utmost attention, love and approval from in order to flourish and become the best they can be.

Your status and wellbeing should rub positively on the woman in your life. Invest in her wardrobe, social , intellectual and spiritual wellbeing each passing day and you will be surprised how her value shoots up and brings a breath of warmth into your heart anytime you think of her.


4. If you invests it , you will be rewarded generously

It appears to me that the gifts of multiplication was bequeathed to the woman by the Almighty himself.

I believe men add but women multiply. With the tiniest of seed a man plants into a woman, her womb incubates it and churns out a new beautiful life.

A little investment into the life of a woman never goes to waste. Though it may take time, the yield will be awesome.

In the same way as monies invested properly will yield positive returns so is a woman. learn to invest an amount on a consistent basics and see how the power of compound interest can amass wealth for you in the later stages of your life.


So if you want to be wealthy and prosperous, you must treat money like a beautiful decent woman and you will never be poor in your life.

God bless you

From the desk of ROL


Faith is the ultimate currency. It is the game changer for the lives of those who believe. It never depreciates and is accepted everywhere in the world. The beautiful thing about faith is that it also increases the value of any other currency and amazingly it is free.

Have you wondered why Jesus always rebuked those who showed lack of faith? Lack of faith was one of the few flaws of men that openly irritated Jesus. The reason is simple; divinity cannot help a suffering human without the connection of faith. It is like watching your house burn with fire and not able to call the fire fighters because your network is down!

Now back to my subject of the divine forex bureau.

I was amazed the first time I changed some dollars into CFA. Every dollar was worth 600CFA. So I pulled out just one $100 note and received 60,000CFA in return.

In the same way, there is a divine forex bureau God has instituted for those who dare to believe.

Once you access this forex bureau, your little resource is greatly magnified. Remember the story of the five loaves and two fishes? It was meant for one little boy and not for 5,000 grown men, besides women and children.

Yet Christ took this small pack of lunch and initiated a transaction with faith, resulting in abundant quantities with a leftover of twelve baskets full!

You might be comparing the dreams in your heart versus the scarce resources you have at your disposal and getting weary as a result! But you don’t have to, because you have the forex bureau of faith at your disposal. Initiate a transaction and see the amazing provisions God will bring your way.

I believe that one of the key reasons why many people live a life of underachievement and lack of fulfillment is because they think they don’t have enough resources to start.

You hear the stories of great Fortune 500 companies like Apple Inc. which started in a garage but today rake in billions of dollars in annual revenue.

The Bible encourages not to despise small beginnings (Zechariah 4:10). And that though your beginnings may be small, yet your end shall greatly increase.

Though your beginning was small, yet your latter end would greatly increase. (Job 8:7)

So build your faith now by reading and listening to sermons. For faith comes by hearing and hearing the word of God. Pray consistently and choose to believe what God says about your situation versus what the facts prove.


God bless you as you journey into your greatness through faith


From the desk of ROL