Nothing gives me joy and fulfilment than writing. Anytime I feel the urge to write, it is like a huge burden placed on my shoulder, making me uncomfortable till I completely empty myself into books.When I am done writing, I feel completely drained both physically and emotionally, an indication that I have poured out my very soul.

When I write, time seems to come to a standstill, nothing else matters, every fibre of my being comes alive, all my worries disappear for that moment in time. That is how I know I have the calling of a writer.

Never get engrossed with who reads or does not read your work as a writer. Though some of your work has relevance today, most of your work will be for the benefit of the future generation.

People may look down you, mock you now, but don’t let their ignorance impede you. The universe is beckoning you to release that nugget you have hidden in your heart. Move them to the tip of your fingers and let it flow freely to the medium that the world can access.

That nugget is not yours, it has its unique place in keeping the balance of the universe, for it might be the singular trigger for an average man to become extraordinary, a weary soul finding hope, a lost son discovering his purpose and a weakling becoming a mighty warrior.

A writer will never know the full impact of her work during her lifetime.  Like a fine wine, a good writing gets better and more relevant with age. Like a chain reaction, every impact your writing makes on one soul will trigger even a bigger impact on other souls.

Good writing is timeless, powerful, seeping through the barriers of the mind and soul of its recipients, totalling transforming their lives

I feel lost when I don’t write. There is a missing part of me that I can only discover through writing.Writing gives me privileged access to the depths of my subconscious, drawing out depths of information I never knew I existed.

I can’t stop writing even if I want to. I have come foo far, I am too aware of my power and relevance in keeping the balance of things in this universe

I embrace who I am, I love who I am, I am a writer.


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It is that time of the season and there is excitement in the air. But have you ever paused to ask your self what Christmas  is all about? Christmas is not just about eating and drinking. I know that every household will be filled with the choicest of delicacies. This is the only time of the year where Kweku gets to eat whatever he likes, extra meat, extra drink, extra everything. I know you will gain some weight during this period, but only make sure you don’t lose the essence of Christmas.

For Christ is the reason for the season

Adwoa is in the mood for some shopping. Can you really blame her? I guess not!  Every item in the stores have been discounted, every vendor is offering some promotion here and there.Everyone is busy, shopping, shopping, and shopping buying stuff they may not even need because it is Christmas. I wonder if Adwoa has enough space to keep all her shopping items, but most importantly does she know the essence of Christmas?

Christ is the reason for the season.

Johnny is going crazy because it is that time of the year again.The parties will flow, the Chicks will come home to roost and the fun won’t stop. Last year, John attended every single programme at the National Theatre and Accra Conference Centre.On top of that, he left his mark in a couple of night clubs, beer bars and road trips.But I think  John’s excitement is misplaced.

For Christ is the reason for the season.

 Christmas is never about us or our selfish interests. It is about the birth of a phenomenon that changed the world forever.Jesus Christ, the author, and finisher of our souls, who redeemed us and translated us from the kingdom of darkness into the Kingdom of light.

Because of his birth, we are seated far above principalities and powers.We love him because he first loved us.Let us ` live our lives to glorify him  with our bodies.

Glorify Jesus during this Christmas and always remember that he is the only reason for the season.

God bless you


From the desk of ROL


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How to Commit Career Suicide – Part Two

We continue from our previous discussion on factors that can trigger career suicide in the corporate world.

The first factor mentioned was ” inability to control your emotions. If you missed it, find the link to the full article: HOW TO COMMIT CAREER SUICIDE- Part One




The next career derailer is ” Victim Mentality”. This refers to holding the notion that someone is deliberately after you at the workplace contrary to logical evidence.

It is said that” The victim stance is a powerful one. The victim is always morally right, neither responsible nor accountable and forever entitles to sympathy”

People normally fall prey to the victim mentality through negative self-talk. People talk to themselves all the time, but be very be careful what you say to yourself because you are likely to believe it. Self-talk etches itself to your subconscious and begins to dictate how you respond to situations and your environment in the long run. What you consistently say to yourself about your colleagues and especially your boss will determine the quality of relationships you will have with them.

For example, if you believe your boss is incompetent, you will start focusing on situations and incidents that justify your belief. Soon it will creep up in your communication and finally, your boss will get the vibe about your thoughts towards him/her. This will then trigger your boss to also reciprocate your gesture and you may soon end up the loser.

I know of a former employee who felt her functional director was a dimwit, she believed, contrary to every body’s opinion that this boss added no value to the department. She talked herself into this entrenched position till the point she started badmouthing her boss. She will blurt to everyone how incompetent her boss was and list endless instances to back her case. She took exceptional pride in openly challenging her boss’s ideas in a very antagonistic and disrespectful manner. She seemed to get high from the tirade of “emotional masturbation” she was indulged in with her boss.

Soon the straw broke the camels’ back when she had the audacity to badmouth her boss to his superiors. Her boss got wind of the distasteful remarks she made about him and the end was not good for her.

There are certain thought patterns that breed this victim mentality

  • “I always get looked over for the best assignments/promotion”
  • “I am never appreciated for the kind of work I do in this organization”
  • “I am under-compensated for the value I bring this business”

Occasionally throwing yourself a self-pity party can be a harmless indulgence according to Dr. Marie G. Macintyre, but if it becomes a daily routine, you are setting yourself on the highway for self-destruction

The victim mentality can be triggered by some unfair random event(s) which the said “victim” may read too much meaning into. Those with the victim mentality will always need to identify a “persecutor” to legitimize the fantasy of victimhood.

You can do yourself a big favor by seeking feedback from the “so-called persecutors” about your performance. You will be most of the time shocked to know that you are the least of their worries and they may rather appreciate the value you bring.




The third cause of career suicide is selfishness. Selfish people are those who want what they want when they want it without recourse to the common good. They are like spoilt kids who believe it is all about them, every other thing can wait!

Sometimes selfishness manifests itself in ignoring work one beliefs are below their pay grade. Once in a while, you may be dragged into some mundane administrative work due to staff shortage or other reasons, as much as you don’t want to be involved, you still have to swallow tour pride and get the work done for the greater good.

I have witnessed situations whereby potential sales mangers were denied promotion simply because they felt too big and refused to load up company products in their cars to sell when such calls were made to help meet business targets at certain times.

There are also line managers who don’t respect the private space of their employees and will gladly intrude on their privacy with work issues at the least chance. Such managers come off as selfish and insensitive at the very least.

Overzealous ‘martyrs’ at the workplace also believe in their own cause which they deem more important than the expectation of the wider business and will go at length to sabotage any counter- cause. These martyrs are more obsessed with proving that they are right than anything else.

selfish 3

I witnessed one such incident some years ago during our quarterly business review, a category manager who had a large portion of his budget cut due to business needs, was so peeved that he decided to focus his presentation how his brands were going to decline because of lack of budget, instead of showing how he intends to optimize the little budget left with fewer scalable choices. This infuriated the general manager and resulted in this manager being “blacklisted”



change reaction

The final contributor to career wreckage is foolish reaction to change. By default nobody likes change, but in the work environment, change is bound to happen. To succeed, you need the maturity to embrace the fluidity of change anytime it happens.

Unfortunately, some people lack a growth mindset, set in their ways they believe what has been will always be and will fight violently with their emaciated muscles to any semblance of change, usually to their detriment.

You can’t have control over most things that happen in a corporate environment, you may soon have a new boss, reporting lines may change, there will be a change in management due to mergers and acquisition, your company may undergo restructuring, colleagues may resign, etc. All these come with consequences that will impact the ways of doing things.

The truth is that you don’t get to choose these changes most of the time, you are just thrust into the wind of change and expected to adjust. If such changes are not handled with tact and an open mind, employees have the tendencies to develop adversarial relationships with their new leadership.

As mentioned earlier, flexibility and open-mindedness towards change is the key to your survival. The fact that your new boss has an entirely new priority or emphasis doesn’t make them necessarily wrong. New ways of doing things in many cases add value instead.

That said, not all changes will go down well with you, in that case, you can make any of the following choices:

  1. Leave and seek greener pastures elsewhere. This choice is made when you are absolutely convinced you don’t have what it takes to adapt to the change
  2. Adapt/ be flexible and come to the table with an open mind. This is the normally recommended option
  3. Be a pain in the neck of the new boss, resist the change, get into power struggle until you are completely obliterated. This option is toxic and only entertained by the politically ineptitude.



So in summary, if you want to succeed in your career, ensure you have control over your emotions, including romantic fantasies, avoid the victim mentality, do away with selfishness and have a growth mindset that is responsive to change.

I wish you all the best in your career journey


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This article was inspired by the book  “Secrets to Winning at Office Politics”, authored  by Marie G. Macintyre, Ph.D.












This gentleman had seen some very troubling times growing up.  He was self-aware that he was a “nobody”  within his own family. He’s come to appreciate that he belonged to the streets, a hustler, who chose to mind his own business and stay out of trouble.

As if that was not enough, his nation was under constant siege, facing a bully who would show up once in a while and take anything they please, because they could!

This bully of a nation evoked so much fear in the heart of this young man, but as a survivor, he had found clever means to stay alive and keep his little food from being looted by these savages.

The plan was was to thresh what remained of the little wheat at the winepress. After all, no one will come looking for wheat in the winery.

It worked perfectly, enabled him to support his dependents. In his mind, he had found a way around the enemy. He was like a dysfunctional car that could still get along and perform basic tasks.

Then out of the blue, an angel shows up and starts raining accolades on this young man. He is told he is a “strong warrior” and that the Lord is with him. Haha, he said to himself, “I am a scared man so afraid to be bullied of even my food. I hide all day, how can this angel show up and make fun of me?”

He mustered courage and argues with the angel. “Really, if God cares and is with me, how come my people and I are under constant hardship and been bullied by our enemies? In fact, growing up I have been told fascinating stories of the deliverance of this supposed God, at this point in my life, I want to believe they are all fairy tales.”

The most fascinating thing happens after he berated the messenger of God with his “legitimate” complaints. After all, the dude deserved some basic explanations, but guess what, he is totally ignored. God does not give a toss about his complaints and doubts of His might.

Instead, the Lord turns to him and gives Him an assignment “ Go in this might of yours and you shall save your people from the hands of your enemies. Have I not sent you?

The young man then resorts to spew his insecurities and his inferiority complex before the Lord, trying to make a point why He does not qualify for the mission at hand.Again he is ignored and told ” Surely I will be with and you shall defeat the Midianites as one man”

So the young man decides to get on with it, switches from complaining into taking the relevant instruction from God concerning the assignment, then he goes out there and defeats the Midianitesin the most embarrassing fashion. With only three hundred men with him, he defeated an army of a hundred and twenty thousand! The rest they say is history! The name of this young man is Gideon.

What therefore are some key lessons we can reflect from this fascinating story:

  1. God does not care about your excuses! He is not moved by your self-pity and the low opinion you have about yourself.
  2. When God shows up in your life, it is for an assignment that will transform your future. Your past is your past, you are the only one who likes to dwell on your past. God is interested in your future( Jeremiah 29:11)
  3. Your strength lies in the very inadequacies you harbor. God referred to a timid man Gideon, as a strong warrior. I have heard countless testimonies of mighty preachers who used to be chronic stammerers. His strength indeed is made perfect in our weakness (2 Cor 12:9)
  4. Many of us have become too comfortable in our dysfunctionality. Instead of taking the enemy on and retrieving what belongs to us, we prefer to make do with the little which is left ( if any) after we are raided. Meanwhile greater is He that is in us than any adversary that is in the world( 1 John 4:4)
  5. It is amazing how many of us don’t have the courage to face our enemies but find our voice to argue and even fight with the deliverers God brings in our way.
  6. Your insecurities and limitations are the figments of your imaginations. God never sanctioned them and does not share such an opinion.
  7. Your breakthrough lies in your willingness to listen to the voice of God and putting it to work!

I believe this would inspire you to wake up from the slumber of self-pity and excuses, empower you to escape from the victim mentality and rather focus on the sure promises of God.Let go of your past. Stop looking for explanations for your unfortunate past and rather allow the voice of God to guide you towards a glorious future.

“Now we have received not the spirit of the world, but the Spirit who is from God, that we might understand the things freely given us by God”.  1 Cor 2:12

Your testimony awaits you.

Stay blessed

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NB: You can find the Biblical account of Gideon in the book of Judges 6:8









There are many young talents who set out on the mission to become the best in their chosen field, only to hit a snag, which ends their career prospects. Many at times they are the architects of their own downfall. I want us to examine the common causes of career-limiting tendencies that engulf and truncate otherwise promising prospects in the work environment.

According to Marie G. Macintyre, Ph.D., author of Secrets to Winning at Office Politics, the following are the common causes of political suicide at the workplace


  1. Poorly controlled Emotions

Everybody has their own personal issues they deal with at the workplace, some may be battling depression, failed marriages, difficult kids, family, and social challenges, but the workplace is not the place to flair up at the least provocation.It is said that if everybody demonstrated their true feelings all the time at the office, very little will be accomplished and few colleagues will talk to one another at the end of the day

One guaranteed way to be seen as the “problem” in a work setting is to allow your emotions to run amok.You have no idea the opportunities you miss out because you are seen as an emotional volcano, ready to erupt at the least trigger.

Two key drivers of this emotional roller coaster according to Dr. Marie are anger and anxiety.

Anger is manifested via incessant Complaining, Rebellion, and  Confrontation.

Complaining: Don’t gain the infamous reputation of being the one person who sees every wrong in every situation. Chronic complainers know “what is wrong” with their employers and take pride in articulating the same to anyone willing to listen.

rebel 2

Rebellion: The rebels normally build a reputation of being selective of what to comply with and also encouraging others to bend the rules just to register their frustration. They won’t be involved with mundane work they perceive as below their pay grade. They tend to amuse their colleagues with their unfounded “boldness”. As much as they consider themselves to be admired, no one will bet on them for any opportunity.


Confrontation: Some employees also couch for themselves the unfortunate reputation of yelling at other team members, berating and mocking new ideas that don’t align with their set ways of thinking. They possess the dark gift of depleting the self-confidence of their colleagues and direct reports by the time they are done with them.

People avoid confrontational characters because they have a way of killing the office vibe. Unfortunatley they tend to believe people fear them because of their “strong personality”, what they don’t realize is that they are emotionally immature babies refusing to grow up to deal with their colleagues with tact and maturity.

A great working atmosphere is a key to the survival of any business and if you are seen as a hindrance to office morale because of your unproductively confrontational nature, you may be one step away from the exit.

Anxiety Problems, on the other hand, manifests itself via Timidity, Neediness and Hiding


Timidity shows itself when you are afraid to speak out for fear of opposition. Timid people are obsessed with not wanting to “offend” anyone. They will always kowtow to their superiors and their colleagues. Some in rare cases will not want to offend even their subordinates. People who exhibit timidity are written off as “non-leadership material” and have no bright prospects in any serious organization. My mentor Peter Ndegwa encouraged me to always have an opinion. He would say “Your opinion may not always be accepted, but you will be respected for having one”


Neediness: Needy souls at the workplace require assurance/affirmation at every bit of the way. They fear to make mistakes and therefore won’t take risks. They operate within the “safe zones” of what they have come to understand of their bosses. They need to be told they are doing well every second. They cannot take negative feedback and normally exhibit childish tendencies in the face of anything that is counter affirmative to them or their work.

The next category of the anxiety folks is the Hiders! They are normally not comfortable around people, loathe any form of collaboration or cross-functional projects, they prefer to work alone. They will do everything to avoid leadership. These are the folks who will quickly duck into the washroom when they see an executive coming in the hallway. They are comfortable to be in their silos and not known by even the people in their department.

The truth is that in a corporate setting, it is not enough to do a great job hiding in your corner, others must know your value and what you are capable of bringing to the table, especially key stakeholders who can decide your future in the business.

My current boss, Samori Gambrah is great at getting his team members facetime with key stakeholders within the business on any project. You cannot do anything on the quiet as long as he is concerned. The world must know! He will tell you” with every great work you do, you must leverage it to build advocates and true fans by showcasing it to them in the most compelling fashion”

The last type of uncontrolled emotion is Lust:the old vice by whom great men have been reduced to a piece of bread. There is a popular saying that “ don’t look for honey where you make your money”. In other worlds never mix business with pleasure!Politically astute folks direct their romantic fantasies outside the workplace.

flirt 2

Many young and promising guys often times have had a career nosedive because of office romance.Aside from the emotional baggage and political debris it leaves if things don’t work out well between the romantically involved parties, you will never know which “higher power” is interested in the “meat” you are playing with. It is said that if a dog and a lion fight over a prey, it is likely the dog becomes a prey itself in the long run.

So my guidance is that I don’t entertain the thoughts of “touch and go” within an office setting.  If you genuinely believe your office colleague is “the one true love” then perhaps it is worth taking the risk, otherwise, advise yourself.


To be continued…..


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This article was inspired by the amazing book ” Secrets to Winning at Office Politics” by Marie G. Macintyre, Ph.D.

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This old man had yet another battle on his hands. The destiny and very existence of his nation were at risk because of the Amalekites. These blood tasty hounds needed to be destroyed before they obliterate his people. The Amalekites were seasoned warriors and seemed more than capable to beat the Israelites.

The old man, after indulging in a quick SWOT analysis sought divine intervention. He knew he needed God to win this battle. God was sought, the Almighty was glad to come on board and support the Israelites into victory, but it came with strings attached!

God said to Moses, lift those two feeble hands up, as long as they are up, you will win. If you drop itm you lose! The enthusiastic old man felt he was up to the task, with both hands lifted, he could see the Amalekites being beaten to pulp, but as human, as he is, well advanced in age, he soon grew tired, those hands kept dipping under the sheer force of gravity… and it came with consequences. His people started losing the battle! The spirit was willing but indeed the body was too weak. His followers saw the struggle their leader was going through, so they quickly organized a rock for him to sit on and supported both hands until the Israelites defeated the Amalekites completely.

Praying Woman

This is such an inspirational story with many lessons to brood over.

  1. God is ever willing to partner with you on your quest for victory if you will allow Him.
  2. That said Gods’ partnership always comes with work! You don’t expect God to do all your bidding whilst you are out there chilling- remember that you are a partaker of his divine nature according to the book of  2 Peter 1:4.
  3. Your own strength will not see you through your assignment. You will fail on your own!
  4. In fulfilling the mandate God has given you, you need to depend on the rock for stability, who is Jesus Christ.
  5. Though God gives his mandate or vision to one person, it will require help from other people. No one is an island on their own. Even Jesus Christ needed twelve apostles and many other disciples and helpers to enable him to fulfill the assignment his father gave him on this earth.
  6. You can never give up on the mandate God has assigned you because it is linked to the survival and destinies of entire nations. The simple act of Moses raising or lowering his hands was directly linked to the victory or defeat of the Israelites.

I don’t know what you are going through today but I want to encourage you to keep those two hands up! Don’t give up on your dreams because of frustration or tiredness, seek help from the Holy Spirit and other like-minded progressive and spirit-filled people. Hang in there and persevere until the end because your victory is on the way.

So don’t give up on your prayer life, don’t give up fellowshipping with God, don’t give up believing in God’s promises and the men and women He has planted in your life. Don’t give up on your marriage, don’t give up on your children. Don’t give up on being kind, don’t give up on winning souls for the Kingdom. No matter what, never ever give up. For if you fall seven times, rise up on the eight-time.

Remember that it is not just about you, there are millions of destinies tied to your ability to keep those hands up. Don’t disappoint posterity, you can make it. Keep your hands up

This blog was inspired by the accounts in Exodus 17:101-13


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Jesus Christ! What Did You Say?

The experienced and well-respected fisherman was at crossroads. His family was waiting for the proceeds of his toil. The wife was ready to hit the market and sell the fishes in order to rake in some income and also replenish the very depleted stock of groceries at home.

The kids with their ever-growing appetite were anxious to munch on some of the fish delicacies they have become accustomed to seeing their father bring home. Extended families, in-laws were all dependent on this big benevolent fisherman.

But this day, nothing seemed to work. He had nothing but bads news for the people who had so much expectation of him. The honorable man, a firm believer in hard work has toiled all night and caught nothing.

How will he go home and face his family? The shame, embarrassment, and disappointment were so thick, he could literally taste in his mouth.

Whilst he sat mending his broken nets, here comes this young exuberant preacher. Peter might have heard about him, but at that moment he wasn’t in the mood for the so-called motivational messages this young preacher has become known for.

Nevertheless, when the preacher asked his permission to use his boat, the fisherman gave a shrug and said to himself, “this boat is of no use at the moment, he can use it as much as he can”

So the preacher jumped into the boat, asked the fisherman to push him into the sea, preached his motivational message and returned to the shores.

All that Peter expected was a big thank you and “God bless you” ., after all, he will have a bragging right to share with the wife,” I gave my boat to the young charismatic preacher”… as if that will comfort the wife in place of the much-needed fish.

But to his surprise, this young preacher, wouldn’t just walk away, in the midst of the crowd he confidently instructed the experienced fisherman to go and cast his net into the deep for a catch. The fisherman giggled and said to himself, “what has become of this young preacher? I am told he was a carpenter apprentice to his father, and now he wants to teach me how to fish? how interesting”

That said, the fisherman was quick to swallow his ego, how worse could his situation be? he had tried all night with all the skills he knew, had no luck, well he could afford to embarrass himself in front of this new preacher and the crowd. It will be a good laugh, which is good for the soul.

So the fisherman replied, ” Rabbi, we’ve toiled all night and caught nothing, nevertheless I will cast my net one more time if you say so”

So the fisherman cast his net, and the rest is history, he caught the most fish in his entire career to the point where his boat began to sink, he invited others to bring their boats and they were all adequately filled.

This particular incident changed the fisherman’s life and set him on a course that will etch his name in history forever.

So what is the catch here? The difference between a failure of a fisherman and extreme success within the same day was due to what the young preacher said to him.

This young preacher is Jesus Christ, and just as he instructed Peter, he is also doing the same to you at this moment, he is encouraging you to go back and confront your failures and fears. he is telling you that if you obey his voice you will stand tall at the very place you once slipped and fell.

There is always one sure outcome if you listen to him..Victory.

Today, put all your prejudice aside, swallow your ego, forget about what the crowd will say, humble yourself and listen to the voice of Jesus Christ in that particular situation you are contending with, and you will come out victorious if only you obey his voice.

Jesus Christ, what did you say?


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It is said that when you present a pessimist with a doughnut, the first thing he will see is the gaping hole in the doughnut!😊

The real deal however is what surrounds the gaping hole, the gaping hole should not stop you from enjoying the delicacy.

Around every challenge you face right now,there are countless opportunities which surrounds it, so don’t get fixated and discouraged by the gaping challenges you face now, look for the opportunity and focus on it.

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     …dedicated to Suntaa Konogini, the latest and proudest father in town

Little Abi  had somehow figured out  the world that surrounded her in her mother’s womb. At a point she was just a clot of blood, now she saw herself as a “big girl” knowing her way around the ever expansive womb which kept adjusting to her rapid growth. She was surrounded by a vast pool of fluid that that gave her flexibility to move around and indulge in all sorts of acrobatics. Besides she had endless supply of food through the permanent connection to her mum’s umbilical cord. Life  simply  couldn’t be better than this!

But soon, reality hit little Abi, she realized that her world had stopped expanding to accommodate her bigger size. She took much more effort to turn around and in very slow manner in order not to get “crashed.”

In her mind she thought ” maybe I have grown too big for this environment, but I like it here, I know my way around here. I have this world all to myself with amazing months of experience. She reflected” can I lose weight or get smaller in order to fit this space I so much loved? as she kept pondering on the best alternative to make her life comfortable, it dawned on her that she was no longer  welcomed in her cozy world. A voice then beckoned ” sweetie, it is time to move on”Just then she noticed that the walls of her world started crashing and contracting on her. She was been forced out! She protested with all her might, but the force of nature was far more superior. All of a sudden, she realized that the fluids which characterized her world was draining rapidly. “Now I am surely going to die, she thought to herself”

Maybe I need to come out, maybe I will stand a chance of survival in the world I am being pushed into. She had one consolation though” The umbilical cord which supplied her food was still intact. She figured out that as long as she was still attached to the cord, she will be fine in her new world.

So finally, little Abi surrendered   the resistance and with the help of the midwife, came out of her mother’s womb!

But it was not a great feeling, falling in the hands of these giants creatures, whose smiles and noise scared the hell out of her. She couldn’t help but to cry, so hard she never knew she was capable.

Her heart was broken when the only food supply she ever knew was cut off from her. She was now very sure that these giant creatures handling her were inhumane.

She was then washed and handed back to the mum. She feebly opened her eyes to have a gaze of her mum, she was surprised at the tenderness in the mum’s eyes. Little Abi couldn’t believe the mum could do all these “wicked ” acts to her and still smile, what a hypocrite!

Then something amazing happened, little Abi picked the scent of the nicest aroma ever, she turned her head to locate the source of this aroma and realized it was coming from two pouches hanging on the mother’s chest. Her mum realizing her curiosity directed Abi’s lips towards one of the pouches. Abi instinctively sucked from the outlets of this pouch and oh my, the taste was equally magical.

She helped herself as much as possible and fell asleep. Some few hours later, Abi woke up to realize she was still alive. After all she didn’t die. It appeared she was going to live, besides she had better tasting food supplies and a much bigger world for her to grow in. “Maybe I can become as big as mama and the other giants I see around me. I think this world is far better and allows me to become all I can ever be.Perhaps Mama was right for pushing me out of my previous limited and small world”

As Abi thought of these things, she couldn’t help but sport a big lovely smile.

Many of us can relate to the story of little Abi, whereby our comfort zones are the very places that limit our potential. Somehow we continue to find ways to discount our dreams and ambitions to fit into the “realities ” of these ever shrinking  spaces.

But a time is coming where series of  “unfortunate” circumstances orchestrated by God  will push you out of these comfort zones into bigger spaces where your talent, experience, skill and all that makes you unique is well respected and adequately rewarded and celebrated.

Be ready for that change, you cant fight it, it will happen soon!


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With so much happening around us, our hearts are bound to be afraid, but have you taken time to read God’s own manifesto regarding your personal protection? You will be amazed at its emphatic nature. God never second guessed His absolute commitment to preserving your life. It is clearly spelt out as follows:

He who dwells in the secret place of the Most High Shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty. I will say of the LORD, “He is my refuge and my fortress; My God, in Him I will trust.” Surely He shall deliver you from the snare of the fowler And from the perilous pestilence. He shall cover you with His feathers, And under His wings you shall take refuge; His truth shall be your shield and buckler. You shall not be afraid of the terror by night, Nor of the arrow that flies by day, Nor of the pestilence that walks in darkness, Nor of the destruction that lays waste at noonday. A thousand may fall at your side, And ten thousand at your right hand; But it shall not come near you. Only with your eyes shall you look, And see the reward of the wicked. Because you have made the LORD, who is my refuge, Even the Most High, your dwelling place, No evil shall befall you, Nor shall any plague come near your dwelling; For He shall give His angels charge over you, To keep you in all your ways. In their hands they shall bear you up, Lest you dash your foot against a stone. You shall tread upon the lion and the cobra, The young lion and the serpent you shall trample underfoot. “Because he has set his love upon Me, therefore I will deliver him; I will set him on high, because he has known My name. He shall call upon Me, and I will answer him; I will be with him in trouble; I will deliver him and honor him. With long life I will satisfy him, And show him My salvation.””

Psalms 91:1-16 NKJV

So be rest assured of your safety as long as you abide in Christ! And never allow the devil to overwhelm you with the fear of the unknown. You shall live a long and satisfying life to the Glory of the Lord!

Be blessed!