There were four young men in a far distant land in the province of India, who had a common ambition, to become millionaires.

Clueless in what to do, they decided to seek the counsel of the most powerful Guru in their province.

After several weeks of search, they finally came into contact with the Guru.

They each took turns to see the Guru.

The first person was asked, young man, what can I do for you?

He replied, I want to become a millionaire.The Guru said,” that should be an easy fix, but there is only one problem with your request. There can only be one millionaire in the entire province at a time m. Until he dies , no one else can be a millionaire” The young man’s face dropped and with sorrow said” Guru I may never become a millionaire in my life time, because the current millionaire in the province is only 32 years. I am sure he will live longer than myself because of his good living, he has access to the best food and physicians,but I don’t . That said he stormed out of the Guru’s residence and headed back to his village, ready to embrace the fact he will be poor for the rest of his life.

The second young man met the Guru the following day, he also had the same request, for which the Guru gave the same reply as the previous one.

He was pensive for a moment and then his eyes lit up. He shouted to the Guru, ” I know exactly what to do” This 32 year old millionaire is a hindrance to my dreams, I will get rid of him and then become the next millionaire in this province. His plan was to apply for a job as a cook or wine bearer for the rich man and then poison him in the process.The Guru shook his head in disbelief and wished him well in his endeavors.

The third young man also met the Guru, with the same request to become a millionaire. He had the exact answer as the previous friends. He shrugged his shoulders and replied “Que sera sera” meaning what will happen, will happen. He said if God wills, I may become a millionaire one day, maybe the young millionaire may die and it will be my turn. Let me go back and live my life and keep my fingers crossed.

Soon It was the turn of the fourth young man to meet the Guru. His request was the same as the previous three guys, and the Guru had the same answer for him. The young man sat there scratching his head for a while and then started smiling. He then said to the Guru, “if there can only be one millionaire at a time in the entire province, then make me a billionaire” The Guru was startled at the young man’s audacity and sighed. After looking down on the floor intently for over five minutes, he finally lifted his eyes, shook the the hands of the daring young man and said ” son, we have a deal, I will make you a billionaire”

He then showed the young man some ancient business secrets and instructed him on exactly what to do.

The young man left the Guru’s residence, applied all the secrets religiously and within a year, he was a billionaire. Part of the secret was for him to sell all the cattle he inherited from his deceased father , and use the proceeds to buy a piece of land in one of the hinterlands at a very cheap price. Three months after securing that land, some geologists from Britain discoverd a huge deposit of diamond in the land, enough deposits to last at least 80 years, worth hundreds of billion dollars . The mining company , whom the geologists worked for entered into a deal with the young man, paid 10 billion dollars upfront plus a 20% shares in the company. This meant he and his descendants were never going to be poor again!

Soon he was the talk of the town, appearing on Television and in all the key functions.

His three other friends could not understand the sudden turn around of his fortunes so one afternoon, they mustered courage and asked him his secret to all the wealth. He told them he owed it all to the Guru.

They were thrown into fits of rage, cursing the Guru for betraying them.

After a couple of days, the three friends took it upon themselves to visit the Guru again. The moment they saw him, heaps of accusations were thrown at the Guru incessantly for his bias towards their other friend. The Guru allowed them to rant for over two hours and then signaled them to shut up!

He then asked them calmly” for what exactly are you angry at me for?”

They replied in unison, ” for deceiving us into thinking there could only be one millionaire in the entire province at a time.How come you helped our friend to have so much wealth also”

The Guru replied” I never deceived you. There is still only one millionaire in the entire province. You guys saw that as a hinderance to your own dreams, but your friend asked for something bigger, which is to become a billionaire and that is exactly what he has become.

My job is to help you realize your dreams, not to dream for you. The three of you didn’t see any opportunity beyond the millionaire, your friend saw better.

Isn’t it amazing that the obvious is normally not seen? And you have the nerves to be angry and question my integrity?

Fear immediately fell on the three friends who saw the visible anger on the face of the Guru. They laid prostrate and begged for forgiveness. The Guru discharged them from his residence and they left disappointed in themselves for having such a short vision.

In life there is so much room at the top, you don’t have to be discouraged and give up because of someone’s success. And surely it is completely detestable to wish the predicament of a successful person so that you can have a chance.You don’t need to step on someone in order to get to the top.

The most important thing is to have a positive mental attitude, believe in your dreams and abilities and put in the work and you will become who you want to be.

Leave nothing to chance. Rise up and take your place in the corridors of greatness today!

From the desk of ROL

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Adamu was a young promising footballer who dazzled his fans with the in-depth understanding of the game.
For some reason, the coach knew Adamu needed a bit of maturity before he broke into the first team; hence he never included Adamu in his first team.

Because of Adamu’s flair with the queens’ language, Adamu became a toast of the journalist and media personalities. He will be called upon to give his opinion about how his team had played, he was always apt in criticizing the strikers in his own team and the opposition as well, and how they failed to take begging chances and kept fluffing their lines. Adamu made it to the bench of the first team finally, and continued analyzing games and winning the admiration of the media.

Soon the journalists started questioning why Adamu was never given a chance to play but always sat at the bench. The coach, Atsu, a man of considerably fewer words explained that Adamu needed some maturity before he could get his chance to move from the bench to the field. This explanation was not received well by the media and they started piling pressure on coach Atsu to give Adamu the chance to play. Finally, Adamu had his chance, his role as a co striker in the 4-4-2 formation of his team.

The first 3 matches had passed without Adamu even hitting the post once.

Everyone started getting concerned except Adamu, who believed he had the perfect explanation for his poor display. According to him, it was more because of a stiffer display from tough opposition than ineptitude from his side.

Adamu though he could always explain away his non performance. After the seventh match, he could not even boast of a single shot on target. The patience of the coach and his supposed media allies had run out. He became the mockery on the front pages of the dailies, with all kinds of caricature making fun of him.

The was even one headline which read “Adamu’s mouth can play better than his legs”

He was eventually dropped from the first team and even lost his place on the bench.

Many of us may find ourselves in situations like Adamu at one point in our lives, where we will clamor for promotion and titles when it is still not time.

We will lobby and pull strings and when finally we land the supposed role of our dreams we come to the painful realization that we are still not yet ready for that job. In essence we get promoted into incompetency.

We see the same cycle in our politics, where a party in opposition seems to have the perfect binoculars in identifying what is wrong with the ruling government. They rant about the supposed incompetence’s of their opponents and promise sound practical solutions when given the opportunity, only to start churning out excuses when they get the chance to be in government.

As a nation, we are lopsided with more critics than doers, we have experts who know all our problems, but very few who can roll up their sleeves and provide real solutions.

At the work place, subordinates chastise the “incompetence” of management on a daily basis; some even go to the extent of mounting protests and petitioning that the management be removed. The subordinates may get their wish, but will discover their lot never improved in any way.

So to conclude I will say that make sure you develop yourself, hone your skills, and get the right level of mentorships and feedback till you became ready to provide solutions.

The fact that you can identify what is wrong, does not automatically make you a better than your leaders.

Providing solutions requires a much higher level of thinking and competence than just identifying problems and making noise.

Don’t become a casualty of your own impatience. Take your time and grow.
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Johnny worked so hard , shuffling between varied menial jobs including newspaper vending, gardening, working at the pantry and anything that could make him a few cedis.
Unlike other students, he needed to fend for himself and put himself through school after the demise of his parents through a road accident at a very tender age. His uncles and aunts deemed it their birth right to shamelessly take over the hard earned property of his parents without any sense of responsibility towards the kids.
So in the end, he being the eldest of 3 siblings at the age of 13, he took over the reins of family head and leader to cater for himself and the younger siblings.

He has combined the menial jobs and his education so well that he was among the top ten students in his class.
Johnny had one desire, knowing that resources were always far and wide, to own a good shoe. He had worn all kinds of makeshift sandals, the most popular being sandals made out of car tires, thereby earning his the nickname “Iron legs”

Finally at his final grade at the junior high school, he had saved enough money to buy a good shoe for himself. His key priority with the shoe was durability, so a Clarks shoe was an obvious choice. John’ shoe size was 39, yet he chose a size 42. He had estimated that the shoe would last him at least 5 yrs.
So every morning, John will pack some rags in his oversized shoes and wear it with pride, craftily polished to reflect the rays of the sun.
Just one year down the line, John realized he no longer needed the rags to fill his shoe. His legs were growing faster than he anticipated, the hormones of teenage years were in full gear. By the second year, John’s legs had outgrown the shoes, wearing it had become very uncomfortable by the day. He took it to a cobbler to expand it, things became comfortable for a while, but his legs started to hurt just after 3 months.
He went to see the cobbler again, this time round the cobbler informed him that there was nothing he could do about it. His feet were now size 44, the beautiful Clark shoes could no longer support Johnny.
The cobbler said to Johnny, “you just have to let go this time”, Johnny with tears in his eyes replied, “but I have worked so hard just to have this shoe, I love this shoe so much, I can’t let it go”.
The cobbler replied, “it is your choice Johnny, either to cause permanent damage to your feet or bear the temporary pain of letting the shoe you love dearly go”.

As much as you feel sorry for little Johnny, many of us go through same dilemma at one point in our lives, whereby things we have worked hard for so many years no longer fits our purpose. It could be a job, relationship, marriage, business partnership, etc. We may do all we could to keep it; cry, huff, puff, throw tantrums, pray, bind demons and blame everyone else, but deep down you can hear the voice of the cobbler saying “it is time to let go”

It may have cost you so much to get this far, and the sense of wasted years and efforts will be something you will dread and will haunt you for a while, but the temporary pain you are going through cannot be compared to the permanent damage to your life if you don’t let go.

From the desk of ROL


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The mid eighties was extremely difficult period for my mum, a failing marriage stared in her face, she looked beaten down physically and psychologically, aside these she also bore the heavy scars of the trying economic challenges Ghana was facing at the time.

For her, the only way out of this ridicule was divorce, after all our elders say, “if you go and it doesn’t work out, come back home”

 By the stroke of a miracle, the family elders managed to reunite my mum and dad again, and then I was conceived, hell broke loose between my parents again and within some few months, each defaulted to their previous stance of divorce.

My mum was still young, and still had her life ahead of her; the only challenge was that she was pregnant. She knew how to take care of such “nuisance situations” so she decided to get rid of me and move on with her life. 

One evening her curiosity was drawn to a group of Pentecostals who were evangelizing on our streets, she listened to the program intently and then gave her life to Christ. That was how I missed the cruel appointment with the abortion specialist the following day.

My mum was now saved and with a renewed sense of hope she decided to keep her pregnancy, endure the ridicule, hardship and give birth to me that fateful Sunday on November.

At the end my parents finally got divorced a few years after I was born, each going on to pursue what they felt was the best use of their life on this earth.

But I was given a chance to life by a determined mother, something that gives me the assurance that I am here for a particular reason.  Today, mum sees me and she is proud of me, she is eternally grateful for not disposing me in her heightened peak of pain and inconvenience.

I just want to encourage you not to make “obvious and convenient decisions in your life” to fuel short term interests. It is not whether you feel it is your right, choice, etc., but whether it is in line with the word of God. What you consider today as inconvenience may be your only breakthrough tomorrow. So live by conviction, not by convenience.

Allow God to take the wheel of your life today, despite the struggles you are going through and you will be glad you did if you look back in the future.


 From the desk of ROL

God bless you

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THERE IS ALWAYS A WAY OUT – How I accidentally became an Enterpreneur

It was in 2006, school had reopened and students were reluctantly trickling in at the University Campus.
By divine intervention, I had barely gotten my fees. I packed the few items I had in my bag, armed with 5 liters of shito; it was time for survival again.

The money that had been raised for me was just enough to pay for my accommodation and tuition fees. I would be left with GHs 50 and there was no hope of immediate imbursement from home. This amount would have barely sustained me for two weeks, leaving me broke for the subsequent 14 weeks. The thought of hunger sent shivers up my spine. It was also not in my DNA to beg, especially for food. As I kept pondering on what to do, “I thought to myself, “every student on campus will need exercise books to take lecture notes, why don’t I buy books and sell on campus?”

So I went to the Accra central market, and found a wholesaler who gave me a sweet deal for the exercise books. I loaded the medium size “Ghana Must Go” bag and continued to take Public transport to the university campus.

On getting to campus, I found it extremely embarrassing to go to my colleagues and sell exercise books. After two days of hesitation, I mustered courage, packed some of the books in my back pack and entered the first room, after the usual pleasantries, I mentioned to the occupants that I have exercise books to sell, the first comment from one of the guys, really broke my heart, he was like” eii Roland, has it gotten to that? What kind of poverty in your family will drive you to sell books?” I almost cried. This comment got all his friends bursting into uncontrollable laughter. I just kept me calm and then asked,” So boss, how many copies of the book will you buy?” he gleefully replied, “chale give me 10 books for now. All his roommates and their female friends also bought at least 10 books each. Moving into the subsequent rooms was much easier, before I could cover half of the first floor; all my books had been bought!

I counted my revenue and realized I had made 100% profit! Wow! I immediately phoned a friend who was to arrive on campus the following day to go to my wholesaler and buy me two more books.

 The books arrived the following day, and they all got finished in 24 hours.

Just then some colleagues came to my room to enquire if I also sold pen drives, I replied, I can get you pen drives, but you have to pay 50% upfront. I received the monies, sent it to another good friend in Accra who knew where to get the best pen drives for the lowest of prizes at the Kojo Thompson road.

Two days later, I supplied the pen drives and made more than 80% margins and my prizes were still competitive.

Before I realized, I had a thriving business in my hands, dealing in stationery, computers and accessories. I also bought a number of printers and gave it to other students to run printing services. We then shared the profit .That is how I accidentally stepped into the corridors of entrepreneurship. I registered my first company, Narolak Concepts. 

I made more than enough money to sustain my education for the rest of my University years. I continued the business after school and at a point felt the need to acquire some corporate experience before going back to entrepreneurship.

So you see, there is always a way out, you have so much in you to meet your current and future needs without begging! Go out there with that little idea, you will be despised, mocked but at the end you will make it. See you t the top.
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It was one Sunday afternoon when after returning from Church, i heared Chinedu,my next door neighbor violently banging the doors to his mansion, he looked frustrated and drained after hours of this fruitless endeavor. I got curious after a while and had to sneak into Chinedu’s compound. I approached him and asked, Chinese , but where are your keys? 
To my surprise, Chinese told me the keys are in his pocket! What!! I exclaimed! So why don’t you just open the door with the keys in your pocket? 

He sighed and replied “bros, this is my own house, I don’t see why I need keys to enter the room I built with my own hands” This answer took me aback ,I could guess instantly that all was not well with my neighbor. It took another hour of exchanges, convincing and pleas before Chinedu finally handed me his keys. I then slotted the keys into his door and ta, it opened. I later arranged for him to go see a psychiatrist because of this incident as it appeared work & marriage stress was taking a toll on him.

As you read this I guess your first reaction was ” that guy Chinedu is nuts”

But hey, don’t be too quick to judge, reflect on this in your own life:

Keys are meant to open doors, not man power, shoutings, brute force or even idle prayers.
You didn’t doubt for a second that Chinedu had his mental faculties messed up and needed immediate medical attention as you read this incident.In the same vein, God gets really surprised when we cut a frustrated pose and vent our disappointments about doors which won’t open for us, meanwhile we have not put the keys which will open the doors to use.
The keys are the talents and gifts God has deposited in each of us without fail. He expects us to hone these talents and put them to use and then the doors of our blessings will be triggered.
The good book says” A man’s gift will make room for him”

So before you accuse God of your stagnant life, look into your pockets, take out the keys and insert them into the lock of your doors and access the blessings God has already provided for you

Everything you need in life to make you fulfilled is attached to the talent God has deposited in you.

Go for that door now and make yourself comfortable in your room of blessings.

Like Chinedu, God is asking you this very moment “Where are your Keys”
God bless you.
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1. Nobody owes you anything in life, not even your family or spouse, hence appreciate everything anyone ever does for you.

2.You have no idea what people go through to do you a favor, so whether it meets your expectation or not, be grateful.

3. Don’t settle for less in life. You deserve what you think you deserve. Avoid those who try to downgrade your ambitions.

4. You always have a choice, either to build your capacity to pursue your dreams or cut down your ambition to the size of your current resources.

5. Things are hardly not as they seem to be. There is always more to it than it meets the eye.

6. Don’t waste your time with naysayers, cut them off your life, for they are diseases which can destroy your seeds of success.

7. People are always watching you from afar, they just want to be sure you know what you are doing, and that you are not fake, before they jump on board your vision. So don’t give up

8. Avoid friends and family who don’t want to pay for your services, it is an expression that they undermine what you have.

9. Sustainable success never happens by chance, you must be intentional. As for failure, it is by default, you don’t need any effort to fail.

10. Cut out useless friends from your life, they are occupying a spot which could have been filled by a more productive person.

11. Beware of free things, anything you enjoy for free, someone had to pay for it.

12.Dont be afraid to put your talent out there, you never know who and what it will attract into your life.

Please share your favorite principles in life with me in the comments box.

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Let me tell you the story of an incident which happened over a decade ago.
I had completed my high school education and seeking the productive use of the idle time I had till University admissions begin.

I started working as a pupil teacher in Kpobiman, a village in the outskirts of Accra and later moved to my alma mater in mainland Nsawam as a primary 2 school teacher.

The experience was great as I found the curious kinds exciting to be with. I wrote poems for them, organized all sorts of competition,ranging from quiz, music, football, beauty contest,etc. to make learning more fun.

All of a sudden those kids who never liked learning started taking their lessons seriously. The truants started becoming punctual.Parents often times came to personally thank me for the improvement they are seeing in their kids.

But in all these, there was a big problem on my hand;the sheer jealousy of a senior pupil teacher, who had about twenty years of experience under his belt. In fact, he had taught me at a point when I was in primary school back then.
His problem was that he couldn’t accept the fact that,someone he taught as a kid is now rubbing shoulders with him as a staff.

This man maligned me on a daily basis, concocted all sorts of theories about how I was negatively influencing the kids with my attitude,dressing etc. The headmaster began to get tired of the man’s incessant complaints and once called me to his office and said to me” Roland, I know you are a great chap, just ignore the old man and do your job”

The senior pupil teacher kept his barrage of lies about me until one day, when it was two days to vacation, he invited me to his desk. He said to me” let me be very blunt with you, your performance as a pupil teacher has been very abysmal, there have been lots of calls by the other staff and parents that you should be sacked, I am just coming from the headmaster’s office who sought my counsel on what to do with you.
The good news is that I have managed to plead on your behalf that you should be given another term as a teacher. Within this period I am personally going to coach, guide and mentor you and bring some sanity into you to enable you become an effective teacher” I smiled broadly, knowing that all what he was saying were lies and thanked him anyway for his”fatherly gesture of having my back”

Then the D day came, it was vacation time, after the kids were dispersed from assembly, I walked with swag to the man’s desk and said” ” can I have a quick word with you” he said” sure, I am there for you, little brother” .I then mentioned to him that I wasn’t coming back to the school the following term because I was leaving for the University the following week to pursue a BSc. in Engineering.

The man’s jaws dropped and couldn’t utter a word for a minute. I thanked him for ” all he had done” for me and left him to drool.

So you see, he was maligning me all these while because he thought I had the same ambitions as he. He wasn’t feeling comfortable because of all the attention I was getting, so thought it was his divine right to “pull me down”
What he didn’t get was that I wasn’t aiming for crumbs in life, I have my eyes on owning the bakery itself and having loaves of bread for myself and those who come my way.

You will meet such people at your workplace, who will try and malign you because of their insecurities. Their insecurities are borne out of their own incompetence. Instead of investing time to improve themselves, they will rather direct their attention to discredit you and make you look bad in front of key stakeholders.
What they don’t get is that, it is just a transition , you are like an aeroplane, after you taxi for a while, you will take off the ground and take your place in the skies.

So allow them to bark , for they are crumbs dogs.
Go for the loaf and don’t stop until you own the bakery itself.

From the desk of ROL
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Kobby was a graduate from Harvard with distinction, when returned to Ghana, landing a lucrative job with one of the Telco’s wasn’t difficult at all. Due to his depth of strategy and strong market insights, he quickly rose through the ranks and by his 5th year he was a director.

His father, popularly known as Uncle James, travelled to Accra to seek medical attention, so moved in to Kobby’s residence .In the three weeks he spent with his son, he noticed that Kobby always found an excuse not to go the church on Sundays. He would claim he had some key assignments to complete, a teleconference with some business partners or meeting the key industry players- of course on the golf pitches.

His father, knowing how Kobby had loved the Lord and was so committed to Jesus since his childhood days couldn’t help but confront Kobby.

It was one Saturday afternoon, Uncle James asked his son to have a quick word with him at the balcony.

The old man, who had chilled some fizzy drinks opened one for himself and did same for Kobby.

Just as Kobby was about to take a sip, Uncle James asked him to hold on. He took the bottle from his son and gave him another one. Kobby was quite curious and asked the father the reason for his action, the old man smiled and promised to explain in the evening at dinner. They had their usual father and son talks which included the ever unpopular subject of when Kobby will finally settle down with a wife.

Kobby went to town to take care of a few engagements and returned eagerly to his home to hear out the reasons behind James’s actions in the morning.

When he got home, he found his father at the balcony reading his bible. The moment the father saw him, he pulled a drink for himself and none for his son.

Kobby looking perplexed asked the old man to give him a bottle also. Uncle James giggled and told Kobby to look to the left corner of the balcony. There, Kobby realized the bottle his father opened for him but asked him not to drink was still sitting at the corner since morning. James then asked Kobby to rather drink the contents of opened bottle.

Kobby, who was visibly getting agitated, protested “No Way! I can’t drink from a bottle without a lid. This has been exposed to the elements since morning; it has lost its carbonation and will taste very bland. Who knows what the flies have deposited inside this dink?”

Uncle James couldn’t help but to laugh uncontrollably.

Kobby took the chance to grab a new bottle for him and then said to his father, can you stop this rude joke and tell me what is going on?

His father calmed down and with a sly look asked Kobby whether he could see any visible difference between the drink which had no lid and the ones which had lids?

Kobby replied, daddy, I am not a child, “you can’t see any difference but you can know they are not the same when you taste them”

The father replied, “good one there son. Now watch this” He pulled out another bottle with the lid on and placed it by the side of the opened bottle. He then shook the table and both drinks fell down.

Immediately the one without the lid spilled out all its contents, messing up the floor, but the one with a lid was still intact, with all its content.

The father said to his son, I just wanted to teach you a little lesson in life.

At this stage in your life, Christ may not seem as very important to you. You have all your networks, connections and very good at the job you do. I know you keep asking yourself, what do I need Christ for? Though you don’t say it with your lips, it is evident from the way you frequently neglect church service for golfing on Sundays. But one thing you must know is that Christ is just the lid that keeps all our contents together, protecting as from the evil elements in the world and most importantly, ensuring that when we fall down, we don’t lose who we are, but rather come back stronger. Do you remember how one of your friends committed suicide recently because he had lost huge money in some bad investments? It was because he didn’t have the lid on in his dark moments.

In conclusion, the father said, don’t take the lid of the bottle for granted. Though it is hardly recognized, without it, the contents of the bottle are useless.

Kobby couldn’t help the tears coming from his eyes, as he realized how he was slowly been separated from the things of God because of the success he was enjoying.

He knelt down and asked God to forgive me for taking him for granted.

The following day, he was the first to dress up for church. Kobby and his dad enjoyed a good service. When they returned, it was time to say good bye to his old man, who was due to return to the village.

Uncle James entered the bus to Kumasi, knowing that his son, Kobby will never take the lid for granted. 

That lid is Jesus Christ. Give your life to him now, and if you’ve already given your life to him, take your relationship with him serious.


God richly bless you

From the desk of ROL


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The day that Kwame dreaded finally came. His boss ,Hayford called him to his office one Friday afternoon and after the usual pleasantries told him bluntly that he will be laid off due his non performance.
Kwame was dejected and stood speechless for over a minute. Of course he has given his all as a young sales executive in one of the FMCGs, just that the results haven’t favored him. He has failed to hit a single monthly target for the past one year. He was put on performance improvement plan 6 months ago, given the necessary coaching but to no avail. So per the company’s policy he had to go!

His boss put his hand around his shoulder and said to him” I am only freeing you up for greater things, you will thank me later for doing this”. The boss then invited Kwame to spend his Saturday with him. 

By 8am the next day, Kwame was at the house of his boss. They drove to the golf course to meet Hayford’s friends. Hayford then pulled out a tennis ball and asked his friends to use for the golfing that day. They all started ridiculing him and said that the work stress was getting to his head

One friend retorted, a tennis ball is completely useless in this environment. We will rather prefer an average golf ball to the best tennis ball here!Kwame couldn’t help but to also join in the giggling.

His boss later pulled out the golf balls and played a successful tournament with his friends.

After the tournament Hayford asked Kwame , “so what did you learn from my encounter with my friends this morning?”
Kwame replied, ” the best resource will still be seen as useless if it finds itself in the wrong environment”
Hayford grinned and said to Kwame, you are spot on, little brother. Now this is what I wanted to teach you. You have been laid off not because you don’t have the talents to be successful, but because this our environment is not suitable for you. Go out there keep searching till you discover the right environment for your talents.

Ten years down the line, Kwame is now a top investment banker in London, far richer than Hayford. The last time they met at a business forum, Kwame was full of gratitude to Hayford for getting rid of him at that stage of his life. He said to Hayford, “I am a superstar at my investment banking firm and handling multi billion deals across the world.

Kwame even booked a two-week all expense paid trip for Hayford and his family as a token of appreciation.


Never doubt yourself or your abilities for a second. There is nothing wrong with you. If you are not productive at this stage in your life, it is because you have not found the right environment to bring the best in you.

So don’t settle for an average life. Stop playing in shallow waters. Stop thriving in places where you are only tolerated .Keep searching for the right environment until you find yourself in circles where you are celebrated for the talents and gifts God has endowed you with.
Never give up on yourself. The world can’t wait to celebrate you. 

From the desk of ROL

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