I once encountered a brother who was so irate about his work. He believed his employers didn’t have his interest at heart. After 10 years of doing the same role, there isn’t any clear indication of promotion happening for him any time soon. To make matters worse, he had a terrible boss, who does not care about the well being of his staff.

Those who seemed to progress according to him were the politicians and bootlickers, pouncing on the patronage nature of his working environment to advance their parochial interest, often to the detriment of the overall business.

This brother came across as one of the good guys, diligent and faithful at his job., except that recently he finds work meaningless and is getting increasingly frustrated as a result.

After listening to his narration, I just asked one question? “What is the most valuable thing in your life?” He quickly replied that it was his family, he then with the speed of lightning took out his phone out of his pocket and showed me a picture of his beautiful wife and two adorable daughters. It was obvious they meant a lot to him.

I went ahead to ask him, “what gives you the greatest joy?” He again answered gleefully that it was his ability to adequately provide for his family , support his local church and caring for the needy.

I replied, that is great. So does your work help  you in anyway to achieve these things that gives you joy?

He nodded in affirmation. Of course, I am well paid, and I can afford a comfortable life and care for the needy because I have a stable income from my workplace.


Beautiful woman resting on the grass in a park



I then said to him. I think you have been looking for fulfillment in the wrong places all these while, and that is why you feel frustrated and demoralized. You have  been expecting fulfillment to come from your workplace, but the truth is that it rarely happens, especially when you are employed by someone else.

But the truth is that in many instances, our jobs serve as means to enable us afford and maintain the most valuable things to us in life, in your case, it is your family. So see work as means to an end, and not an end itself.

He quickly wore a bright smile of relief and nodded  his bald head endlessly. He caught the revelation after all, that all this while, he had sought fulfillment in the wrong places.

I will urge you, my reader to reflect on this and ensure that going forward, you will see your work as something that enables you to pursue the things that truly matter in life.

Corporations come and go, some fold up, lay employees off  or gets acquired by fierce is great if you find joy and fulfilment at your workplace, but that is not the real deal.




The uncertainties and pressures at work is so unbearable that if you don’t guard your heart, it can get to you and steal your joy from you.

Never allow that to happen, whatever your hands find doing, do it with all your might , stop the murmur and complaining and make sure that you make time for the things that matters most to you in life.

Have a blessed day.
From the desk of ROL